Manila Megastack 4: Main Event Final Day Battle and Chip Counts

December 06, 2015

This is it! The final day of the Manila Megastack 4 Main Event is upon us with 48 players returning to the felt. There were a total of 375 entries, combined total of the day one flights, and only 36 will see a profit. With such a great turnout, the 2M guaranteed prize pool ballooned to 3.2M with the eventual winner receiving a nice big chunk, a total of P752,500 in cold hard cash.

Coming into the day as the overall chip leader is day 1b top dog Filipino player Anacleto Quijano with 692k chips. Quijano earned his towering stacks when he turned the nuts and got paid for every chip. Right on his heels in second rank is Filipino poker pro John Tech with 682k chips. Tech was the overwhelming chip leader at the end of day 1a.

Action should be fast and fierce today with many short stacks trying to double up and get back in the game or at least make a profit. There are also a few women in the field, most notably Regie Ann Delos Reyes who has a knack for giving the men a hard time. She sits in the upper part of the chip ladder with 316k chips.

Due to the success and popularity of the series, players will be pleased to hear that the next Manila Megastack series will be held in the City of Dreams Manila Ballroom. That means lots of space to accommodate everyone. This is slated for May 2-8, 2016. The guarantee will most certainly see a big increase, possibly in the realm of 6M. More information on that coming soon.

Cards will be in the air soon here at the Main Event. We will be posting random updates throughout the day to keep you informed on what’s happening at the felt. You can read up on the action in the Manila Megastack 4: Final Day Updates.

Good luck to all the qualifiers!

Day 2 Qualifiers: 48 players
Anacleto Quijano – Philippines – 692k
John Tech – Philippines – 681K
Renato Pacayra – Philippines – 466k
Lee Chung Yeh – Chinese Taipei – 466k
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – 405k
Jae Wook Shin – Korea – 382K
Sebastian Benz – Germany – 377K
Edilberto Gopez – Philippines – 363k
Aldrien David Villanueva – Philippines – 331k
Kunal Shetty – India – 330k
Regie Ann Delos Reyes – Philippines – 316k
Ronald Dimaano – Philippines – 309K
Linh Tran – Canada – 309K
Zhen Xiong Ly – Malaysia – 294k
Stevie Moon – UK – 269k
Kok Hong Fo – Singapore – 266K
Roden Munoz – Philippines – 263K
Ricardo Camapanario – UK – 258k
Joven Huerto – Philippines – 254K
Joe Mark Vasay – Philippines – 252k
Franklin Nuguid – Philippines – 248k
Trifie Montebon – Philippines – 225K
Anthony Gabitan – Philippines – 224K
Moses Saquing – Philippines – 211k
Justin Worth – Australia – 202K
Pang Kwon Yuen – Malaysia – 198K
Stefano de Caro – Taiwan – 190k
Kejie Ye – China – 187k
Jean G. Issa – UK – 185k
Peter Roy Stevens – UK – 170k
Brice Augustyn – France – 169K
Ben Ong – Philippines – 163K
Jae Kyung Sim – South Korea – 157k
Darshan Sami – UK – 154K
Digno Camacho – Philippines – 146K
Chanhee Yea – Korea – 136k
Wzardioline Lazier – Philippines – 130k
Soo Jo Kim – Korea – 127K
Mary Joy Ocampo – Philippines – 124k
Noel Araniel – Philippines – 121k
Eugene Co – Philippines – 113K
Semen Barabash – Russia – 103k
George Salud – Philippines – 90k
Franklin Acfalle – United States – 84K
Tran Hong Hai – Vietnam – 82K
Nominel Maturan – Philippines – 82K
Anna Clarisse Bajas – Philippines – 27k


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