Manila Megastack 4: Day 1b Main Event Updates

December 05, 2015

Cards are in the air for the final day one flight of the Manila Megastack 4 series Main Event. We will post random updates throughout the day. Tournament play will run for eight hours, a total of 16 levels. Late registration is now closed. There was a whopping total of 211 entries recorded bringing the prize pool to well over 3M.

9:00PM: Quijano takes the lead at end of day 1b

Anacleto Quijano had a last second hand that sent him skyrocketing to the chip leader’s seat. During the hand, he raised to 26k preflop and was called by chip leader Kejie Ye on the big blind. At the flop of 2♥3♦Q♣, Ye bet 46k and Quijano called. At the turn of 4♠, Ye jumped to an all in and Quijano snap-called while revealing his 6♠5♣ nuts straight. Ye had 10♥6♣, and with the river 3♣, Ye was shipped a massive double up to end his day with 692k chips.

8:45PM: Pacayra chunks Campomanes

Rene Pacayra called Flo Campomanes’s raise preflop and saw the dealer lay out 9♠4♥10♠. Pacayra led out for 36k but then faced an all in by Campomanes. Although was covered, Pacayra called and it was a good one as he was ahead with K♥10♥ top pair against Campomanes with K♦Q♠ gut shot draw. The turn of 6♥ and river of 8♠ kept his pair on top and he doubled up to over 400k chips. He proceeded to eliminate Campomanes with his pocket eights.

8:30PM: Issa’s aces rule the table

With blinds high, short stacks are looking for spots to shove. One of them did so with ace-king but ran into Jean Issa’s pocket aces. The field is now down to 31 players.

8:15PM: Gopez vs Lye, big stack battle

Two big stacks are at it, this time it was Edilberto Gopez and Zhen Xiong Lye aka Jeff. Action began with a preflop min raise by Gopez and Lye on the big blind called. At the flop of 5♥3♦2♥, Lye bet 32k and Gopez called to head to the turn of 10♠. Lye opted to check this time giving Gopez the go ahead to take charge. Gopez took the opportunity to bet out 52k which was good enough to win the pot as Lye folded.

8:00PM: Shetty ousts Brion

Kunal Shetty did not want to lose his big blind against an all in player, Ian Brion. Since he had the stack to call it, he did with 8♣7♣ and was successful in defending his blinds when the board paired him up defeating Brion’s A♦10♠.

7:45PM: Simba loses some but gains it back

Sim Jae Kyung shoved with A♠10♦ and faced Anacleto Quijano who held A♥K♥. The board kept Quijano on top and Simba was crippled down. He shoved again on the next hand holding the same cards and this time he doubled up courtesy of Emman Segismundo.

7:15PM: All in extravaganza

Several all ins are happening around the room. Steve Moon was shoved and so did Tae Kon Kim. Moon had A♣K♠ and Kim with 8♦8♠. The board landed a king and Moon doubled up.

Right after at the same table, Jessie Leonarez went all in pocket nines and was called by Yau Loong Low aka Peter. Leonarez doubled up when the board bricked.

Another all in fest at that table saw four players shove. In the end, Kim won the hand and since he had the shortest stack due to losing against Moon two hands prior, he won the hand and surprisingly no one busted.

7:00PM: Lye cripples Reyes; Lye 400k

Zhen Xiong Lye seems to be Gie Angelo Reyes’s doom because earlier he won a big pot against Reyes when he called the bully shove on the river. This time, Lye was sure Reyes was going to make the same move and when he did, it paid off big. During the hand, Reyes raised preflop and five players joined him to see the flop of 9♣4♠5♦. On the big blind, Lye bet 33,500 and got one caller, Reyes. At the turn of K♦ Lye continued and bet out 48,500. Reyes called. Then on the river of Q♥, Lye changed it up and checked to Reyes who, like previous, moved all in. Lye snap-called and won the massive pot with his Q♦9♥ two pairs. Lye escalated to 400k while Reyes fell to 4500. Reyes bowed out on the next hand, again at the hands of Lye.

6:45PM: Barabash avoids the rail, doubled up by Delos Reyes

Semen Barabash was all in with pocket jacks on a board of 7♦8♠10♦ and was called by Regie Ann Delos Reyes who had A♦8♦. The turn of 2♠ and river of 5♥ were no help to Delos Reyes who was looking for a flush or a higher pair. Instead she doubled up Barabash.

6:30PM: Reyes called out

As the big stack, Gie Angelo Reyes assumed control at his table, raising and betting big enough to push players out of a pot. In a recent hand however, he made a massive raise on the river that was still called and he lost the pot with his ace-jack bluff against Zhen Xion Lye’s queen-ten that had a pair on the board.

6:15PM: Gopez loses some to Chang

Jae Chul Chang shoved on top of Edilberto Gopez’s raise and was happy to get the call when he saw he was ahead with K♣Q♦ against Gopez’s Q♥J♠. Though not needed, the board landed a king on the river and Chang doubled up.

6:00PM: Simba continues to dominate

Sim Jae Kyung aka Simba has amassed himself a nice tower of chips at one of the outer tables. He recently scooped up another pot when he eliminated a player with his pocket aces against pocket eights.

5:45PM: Beveridge falls to Lazier

John Beveridge lasted as long as he could but in the end his A♣10♥ would not hold up against Wzardioline Lazier’s J♠6♠ on a board that gave Lazier a pair. The all in was at the turn of 9♥Q♠6♥2♠. With the river of 7♣, Beveridge was eliminated.

5:30PM: Colclough goes up and out

Dave Colclough was happy to stay in the game when his pocket kings doubled him up but shortly after, he faced Lee Chung Yeh in a hand that got the better of him. With betting happening at every stage, the full board showed A♣5♣9♠3♦9♥ with Colclough holding ace-jack sorely behind Yeh’s ace-queen. Colclough exited the Main Event.

5:15PM: Campanario’s queens keep him alive

With two players all in, Mike Takayama folded his hand to leave Hong Ik Jun and Ricardo Campanario to fight it out for the pot. Campanario had Q♥Q♣, Jun had A♥10♦, and the board showed 2♠4♥7♦. The turn of 10♣ helped Jun a bit, but with the river of 3♣, Campanario stayed ahead and doubled up.

5:15PM: Battle of the big stacks – Reyes vs Gopez

Gie Angelo Reyes seemed to be the biggest stack in the field with well over 200k chips but Edilberto Gopez also had a big stack to challenge him with in a hand. These two did butt heads with action beginning with Gopez raising to 3500 preflop, Reyes three-betting to 6300, and Gopez calling. At the flop of 6♥J♠J♥, Gopez checked to Reyes who laid out an 8500 bet, Gopez responded with a check-raise to 18k, Reyes fired back to 41k, and Gopez shoved his 85k chips. Despite having enough to call him, Reyes folded and Gopez was awarded a big pot to bring him close to 200k chips.

5:00PM: King doubles up Kim

Similar to what we saw yesterday when John King busted out at the hands of Sebastian Benz with suited connectors, King once again called a player’s all in while holding 8♥7♥. All in player Tae Kon Kim held A♣J♠. The board ran 10♥8♦6♣5♠J♥, and with that, Kim doubled up.

4:45PM: 211 entries for day 1b

Late registration is now closed. There were a total of 212 entries for today. 146 players remaining.

4:30PM: Huge takedown for Felix

Edgar Angelo Felix was just shipped a sweet sweet pot in a hand that had a board showing 6♦8♦8♥ and both Felix and another player were all in leaving third player Ben Abrahams to act. Abrahams tanked for sometime, and after spectators had gathered around, Abrahams decided to call and it was a three-way showdown. One all in player had 4♥7♠, Felix had A♥A♠, and Abrahams had A♦7♦. The turn of 3♥ and river of 10♣ were no help to the drawing players and Felix rejoiced at his big takedown.

4:15PM: Over 200 players

This is the biggest turnout for the Manila Megastack this year. Tables were spread outside of the poker room to accommodate a large number of players looking to participate.

4:00PM: Shetty lands a happy double up

Kunal Shetty faced a tough opponent, Alex Chong in a hand that saw some intense betting. At the flop of Q♣2♥6♣, Shetty led out for 3225 but Chong raised it up to 12k. After a minute or so, Shetty called and the dealer turned 4♣. Checking to Chong, Chong immediately moved all in. Shetty again took some time but soon called. It was a good one as he was ahead with Q♠10♠ against Chong’s kc]6♠. The river of 4♦ was good for Shetty and he happiliy doubled up. Shortly after, Chong was eliminated.

3:45PM: No callers for Du Val

Jean Claude Du Val limped in from the utg seat but action landed back on his lap when a raise was put in play and two others called. Du Val took the chance to shove it all in and won the pot without a caller.

3:30PM: Quick pot for late-comer Moon

Steve Moon just took a seat at the table and immediately claimed himself a nice pot. On a board of 9♥A♣6♥, Do Kwuen Kim bet 1700 and Moon quick-called. At the turn of 4♣, action was the same with a higher bet of 4250. On the river of K♣, Kim bet 7k and this time Moon raised it up to 17k. Kim folded and Moon won the pot.

3:15PM: A sweet set for Espinoza

Generosa Espinoza had all her chips in the middle on a board of A♣7♣4♠. Gie Angelo Reyes called and it was a showdown. Espinoza had pocket sevens way ahead of ace-jack. The turn and river kept her on top and she doubled up to around 45k chips.

3:00PM: Delos Reyes doubles up Gopez

Edilberto Gopez and Regie Ann Delos Reyes faced a board filled with diamonds J♦3♦2♦K♣5♦ and both all in. Both players didn’t have a diamond so Gopez’s ace-jack was good for a double up against Delos Reyes with jack-nine.

2:45PM: King eliminates Eng

John King finished off short stacked Edmund Eng with 7♥5♥ besting jack-ten on a board that produced a pair for King and a busted straight draw for Eng.

2:30PM: 147 entries

There are 147 entries so far and we are at the start of level 5. The 2M guarantee has been surpassed and we are looking at a cool million already added to the pot. Late registration and re-entries still available.

2:15PM: Carmona hurts Boone with a boat

The buzz around table 1 is that full houses seem to be making an appearance. We were glad to have caught one. The hand began with a raise by Randall Boone which was called by both Dominic Siew and Don Carmona. At the flop of 10♣K♥J♠, Boone kicked off with a bet of 3500 and Carmona called but Siew folded. At the turn of 9♥, Boone continued and laid out 6k, and still Carmona was right there with him calling. Then on the river of 10♥, Boone checked to Carmona who slid out 8k. Boone called and mucked when he saw Carmona’s K♣10♠ full house.

2:00PM: Medina vs Sequite

It’s getting pretty hairy out there with players being tested for all their chips. At one table Jav Medina was in a hand against Rodrigo Sequite with the flop already dealt Q♦2♥7♥. Medina bet 2k and Sequite called. At the turn of 9♦, Sequite led for 4k and Medina flat-called. Then on the river of 5♣, Sequite moved all in giving Medina something to think about. Not willing to get crippled, Medina eventually folded.

1:45PM: Guo bests Du Val

In a three-way pot and a board of 6♣3♣Q♥, Jean Claude Du Val laid out a 1500 bet and was called by Jiarong Guo while the last player got out of the way. At the turn of 7♣, Du Val led again, this time for 3500 and like previous, Guo called. Then on the river of A♦, Du Val fired once more, this time 7k, and Guo called. Guo won the hand with his 6♦3♦ two pairs besting Du Val’s pocket jacks.

1:30PM: Two pairs, set, and set

Sometimes the board can deceive everyone into having the best hand. At the outer table, that’s exactly what happened. The board was 4-k-3-6-j and Lester Edoc had 3-4 for two pairs, In Sin had pocket jack for a set, and Wzardioline Lazier had pocket kings for a higher set.

1:00PM: Early bust outs

Despite the depth of the starting stack, a couple of players have already been eliminated from the field. At table 1, Wei Pin Yang and Dominic Siew engaged in a preflop raise war that ended with both going all in. Yang had K♦K♥ and Siew had A♥K♠. With the board running 4♥A♣2♣2♥10♥, Siew connected with a higher pair and Yang was eliminated.

At table 9, Ireneo Javalera went all in on a board of 4♠5♠2♥10♥7♣ and Marquez Pagsuyuin snap-called announcing he had the nuts with his 6♥8♥. Javalera was eliminated with his 4♣2♣ way behind.

12:30PM: Day 1a re-entries and Notables

Action has begun and already there are quite a number of players from day 1a back for another stab at qualifying. Sparrow Cheung, John King, Dave Colclough, Annie Bordallo, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, and Anton Chernykh are just some of the few getting an early start.


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