Manila Megastack 3: Final Day updates

September 27, 2015

The Manila Megastack 3 Main Event took off at 12:15pm, and after two levels, the bubble burst. Five hours later, it was all over! Read up on some of the action at the felt, the bust outs, the final table, the heads up action, and see how your poker mates fared the throughout the day.

6:25pm: Euryd Rivera wins the Main Event

Euryd Rivera eliminated Felix Weis and was crowned the champion of the Manila Megastack 3 Main Event. Rivera takes home P520,000 plus the ACOP 2M Spadie event package. Congratulations to Euryd Rivera!!

6:40pm: Weis eliminated in 2nd place

Both Felix Weis and Euryd Rivera were all in preflop with Weis holding A♦5♦ and Rivera with A♠Q♥. The board bricked and it was all over. Weis was eliminated in 2nd place and earned himself P474,000.

6:25pm: Weis lands a boat

Blinds went up to 150k-300k ante 50k. Euryd Rivera with a good lead in chips over Felix Weis but Weis gained some back in a hand that started with a limp by Rivera and a check by Weis. At the flop of 10♣9♠9♣, both players checked. At the turn of 2♦, Weis bet 350k and Rivera called. On the river of 2♠, Weis bet again, this time 700k, and Rivera obliged. Weis had 9♥8♦ for a full house.

6:20pm: Rivera taking control

Euryd Rivera is in full control denying Felix Weis any big pots. In this hand Rivera limped in and Weis checked. The dealer spread the flop of 8♦9♣5♦ and both players checked. At the turn of K♣, Weis checked to Rivera who bet 300k. Weis smooth-called. Then on the river of J♠, Weis checked again, Rivera bet 1.525M chips. Weis eventually folded and Rivera was awarded the pot. Rivera climbed to 7.4M chips.

6:15pm: Rivera wins a big pot

Euryd Rivera limped in from the button and Felix Weis raised it up an additional 500k. Rivera called. At the flop of 5♣9♦4♣, both checked. At the turn of 3♦, Weis led out for 515k and Rivera called. Then on the river of 7♦, Weis checked and Rivera banged out 1.5M chips. This was too much for Weis and folded giving Rivera a big pot.

6:10pm: Rivera wins the first pot

Action began with Felix Weis raising to 620k from the button and Rivera called. At the flop of qh]3♣K♥, Rivera checked to Weis who bet 550k only to be answered with a check-raise all-in. Weis folded.

6:05pm: Heads up between Rivera and Weis

Two players left, Felix Weis with 6.4M chips and Euryd Rivera with 4M chips.

6:00pm: Su bows out in 3rd place

Shih Chieh Su had a fantastic run all day but after losing almost all his chips to Felix Weis in the previous hand, he was all in with 6♣3♦ against Euryd Rivera with A♥7♦. No improvement for Su on the board and he bowed out in 3rd place. With the deal made, Su will receive P490,000 for his finish.

5:55pm: Su chunked down by Weis

Blinds are up, 120k-240k ante 40k. Action was slow with no flops for over two orbits. And then, Felix Weis dealt Shih Chieh Su a very painful blow. Action began with Weis going all in and Su calling. Weis had A♥9♠ and Su had A♣J♥. Weis needed to connect on the board to avoid elimination, and sure enough, it did. The board was 4♣3♦2♣2♦9♦ giving Weis a pair and a massive double up to 6.8M chips while Su was left with 265k chips.

5:40pm: Break time and deal made

Three players remain at the final table. The players take a short break and discuss a deal based on their stacks. A deal was made and the players will battle it out for the ACOP 2M Spadie event package.

5:35pm: Enriquez takes 4th place

Mike Kim Enriquez once had a stack with towers flooding his side of the table but not anymore as Felix Weis wiped it out with his A♣Q♦ besting Enriquez’s K♦J♠. The board paired Weis’s ace and with that Enriquez ended his run in 4th place. Enriquez collects P232,000 for his finish.

Euryd Rivera 4,165,000
Shih Chieh Su 3,300,000
Felix Weis 3,000,000

5:30pm: Rivera vs Su

In a battle of the blinds, Euryd Rivera raised to 450k and big blind player Shih Chieh Su shoved his 1.84M. Rivera folded.

One orbit later, it was the exact the same scenario and Su added more to his growing arsenal. Su is now at 3.5M chips.

5:15pm: Intia runs into aces

With blinds up once again, now at 100k-200k ante 30k, Jester Intia moved all in with ace-king off suit but ran into Mike Kim Enriquez’s pocket aces. Intia exited in 5th place and earned P170,000 for his finish.

5:15pm: Corpuz eliminated in 6th place

Martin Corpuz played his last hand of the main event holding pocket eights. Shih Chieh Su called with two overcards, A♣10♦. The window card revealed a ten to give Su the lead. With nothing to help improve Corpuz’s hand, he was eliminated in 6th place. Corpuz earns P139,000 for his finish.

5:10pm: Marquez halted in 7th by Rivera

Richard Marquez is the next casualty at the final table. It began with Mike Kim Enriquez raising to 355k and was called by both Euryd Rivera and Marquez on the big blind. At the flop of 8♥9♣9♦, Marquez checked to Enriquez who also passed, and Rivera bet 250k. Action returned to Marquez who was all in getting Enriquez to fold but a quick call by Rivera. Rivera had 8♦8♠ for a full house and Marquez had 4♣4♦. With the turn of K♦, Marquez was drawing dead and bowed out in 7th place. Marquez takes home P108,000 for his finish.

5:00pm: Intia with another double up

This must be the double up level because this will be the fourth on in the level. The lucky recipient was big blind player Jester Intia who called small blind player Felix Weis’s all in. Weis was ahead with A♣3♣ while Intia had Q♣9♠. Intia would turn that into a gorgeous winning hand when the board ran K♣Q♦2♣2♥Q♥ giving him a full house. Intia is now in fine shape with 960k chips.

4:55pm: Over 1.6M for Su

Shih Chieh Su was glad to have shoved with his pocket sevens after Mike Kim Enriquez raised to 350k. Enriquez called. The board bricked and Su was awarded a big double up to 1,680,000 chips.

4:50pm: Short stacks double up

Action folded to small blind player Jester Intia who shoved in his remaining 195k chips. Richard Marquez on the big blind called. Intia had 3♥4♠ connectors against Marquez’s higher connectors 10♦9♣. The board would be kind to Intia who landed a four on the flop and eventually won the hand when Marquez missed.

Several hands after, Martin Corpuz doubled up his short stack when he shoved with A♦8♣ and was called by big blind player Shih Chieh Su with 10♥9♠. Both players paired their higher card on the board with Corpuz clearly ahead for the win.

4:45pm: Lucky break for Corpuz

Blinds just went up to 80k-160k ante 20k and Martin Corpuz jumped in with a shove that was called by Felix Weis. When the hole cards were revealed, Corpuz had A♣8♣ against Weis’s A♠Q♥. Hoping to catch a pair to avoid elimination, Corpuz watched the board run 5♣K♦4♥4♦A♦, not giving him his pair but a second chance as they both split the pot.
4:40pm: Enriquez climbs to 3M chips

Mike Kim Enriquez tangled in a pot against Felix Weis and won himself a nice chunk to see his stack rise to 3M. During the hand Weis raised to 255k and was flat-called by Enriquez on the button. At the flop of K♦10♠5♣, Weis bet 355k and Enriquez quickly raised to 710k. Weis gave it up and Enriquez took it down.

4:35pm: Enriquez doubles up Su

Ailing in chips, Shih Chieh Su went all in preflop and was called by Mike Kim Enriquez. Su had Q♠J♣ and was behind Enriquez’s A♠8♥. With the board felting Q♦8♣10♥7♦K♣, Su found a pair and doubled up to 990k chips.

4:25pm: Jeon settles for 8th place

Seung Soo Jeon’s run for the title ended short and he had to settle for 8th place. During the hand, Euryd Rivera raised to 250k only to be answered with an all in by Felix Weis on the small blind. Acting next was Jeon who moved all in for his tournament life. Rivera got out of the way and it was a showdown. Jeon had Q♣J♣ and Weis had 6♥6♣ The board offered no help to Jeon and he was the next to fall. Jeon ended his day in 8th place and earned P91,132.

4:20pm: Marquez ousts Lee in 9th place

Richard Marquez has got some guts. He kicked off the hand with a raise to 265k and then called Yi Won Lee’s all in for an additional 230k. Marquez had 2♣2♠ against Lee’s A♣Q♥. Nervous as to the outcome, Marquez opted not to look as the board ran 6♣8♠10♦K♠2♥. Marquez connected with a set and Lee finished in 9th place. Lee earned P74,200 for his finish.

4:15pm: Pelayo crippled by Corpuz then railed

With blinds up to 60k-120k ante 20k, both short stacks, Teofisto Pelayo and Martin Corpuz faced off in this hand with Pelayo all in with K♠8♠ and Corpuz with Q♣10♣. The board ran 7♥10♠4♣J♣Q♠, giving Corpuz two pair and a much needed double up. Pelayo’s stack was crippled down to 40k.

On the next hand, Pelayo dropped his remaining chips in the middle and Felix Weis raised it up to 240k which no one opted to call. Weis had A♠10♠ and Pelayo had Q♣7♠. The flop gave Pelayo some hope when it paired his seven, but an ace showed up on the river and Weis took the lead. Pelayo is the first casualty of the final table and exits in 10th place. He collects P60,200 for his finish.

4:10pm: Straight denies Jeon a double up


Seung Soo Jeon was not happy to have missed an opportunity to double up through Richard Marquez, especially that he had a much stronger hand at the shove. Jeon was all in with ace-queen and Marquez also asked for the all in triangle while holding ace-four. The board rivered a straight and they split the pot.

4:05pm: Lee fights back and triples up

After losing majority of his chips to Felix Weis, Yi Won Lee dumped his remaining 130k in the middle and had two callers looking to seize his chips. It was not to be however as Lee’s K♦J♠ paired the board giving him a sweet triple up.

4:00pm: Weis bags an early double up

We are at level 22 with blinds at 40k-80k ante of 10k. Felix Weis was all in on the second hand of the final table and Yi Won Lee matched him. Weis revealed his dominating K♣K♥ way ahead of Lee’s J♠J♦. The board stayed low and Weis was shipped a massive double up. Weis now has 1.6M chips while Lee plunged down to 140k.

3:55pm: Final table


Seat 1 – Martin Corpuz – 335,000
Seat 2 – Euryd Rivera – 2,820,000 chip leader
Seat 3 – Teofisto Pelayo – 490,000
Seat 4 – Shih Chieh Su – 985,000
Seat 5- Felix Michel Weis – 710,000
Seat 6 – Seung Soo Jeon – 650,000
Seat 7 – Jester Intia – 755,000
Seat 8 – Richard Marquez – 570,000
Seat 9 – Yi Won Lee – 850,000
Seat 10 – Mike Kim Enriquez – 2,615,000

3:50pm: Eliminations 11th-18th place

11 – Kunal Shetty – India – P51,000
12 – Oliver Duran -France – P51,000
13 – Jae Wook Shin – Philippines – P41,700
14 – Maria Cristina Argao – Philippines – P41,700
15 – John Riad – Denmark – P41,700
16 – Kwangyeop Choi – South Korea – 34,000
17 – Nicolas Arceo – Philippines – 34,000
18 – Sebastian Jonsson – Spain – 34,000

3:45: Shetty falls hard against Rivera

Kunal Shetty had a massive stack of around 1.3M but could not hold on to it to get to the final table. Shetty initiated the action with a raise to 175k then from the big blind Euryd Rivera three-bet to make it 425k total. Wasting no time, Shetty shoved and Rivera immediately called and he covered Shetty ‘s stack by just a bit. Shetty had A♣J♠ and Rivera had Q♥Q♠. The board ran J♣3♦8♣K♥3♣ giving Rivera the sweet win and around 2.8M chips. With Shetty’s bust in 11th place, it was time for the final table.

3:40pm: Enriquez zooms to 2.7M; rails Duran

Mike Kim Enriquez did not bat an eyelash when he quickly called Oliver Duran’s big all in shove. Duran had ace-queen and Enriquez had pocket fours. Though seemingly nervous, Enriquez managed to dodge the high cards and celebrated his win while Duran made for the cage. Duran settles for 12th place and Enriquez soars to 2.7M chips.

3:35pm: Shetty takes another one down

Kunal Shetty snap-called Jae Wook Shin’s all in preflop and it was a showdown with Shetty holding Q♥Q♦ looking very pretty against Shin’s K♦9♠. No help came for Shin and he was gone in 13th place. Shetty’s stack rose to 1.39M.

3:30pm: Lone lady Argao out-flopped and busts

Maria Cristina Argao was all in with A♣Q♠ and Oliver Duran shoved as well covering Argao in chips. The board was kind to Duran who paired up his lower card ousting Argao in 14th place.

3:25pm: Riad eliminated in 15th place

Felix Weis moved all in with his 350k chips and John Riad joined him after tanking for a bit. Weis had A♠7♣ and Riad had K♣Q♣. The board ran low giving Weis the win while eliminating Ria
d in the process.

3:20pm: Shetty gives Choi the boot

After Nicolas Arceo busted in 17th place, Kwangyeop Choi was the next one to fall. Choi shoved his remaining 140k chips, Kuna Shetty followed suit, and massive stacked Shih Chieh Su called from the big blind. Choi had 10♦9♦, Shetty with A♠Q♣, and Su with A♦10♥. No one improved and Shetty was the next one to reach the 1M chip mark.

3:15pm: Rivera rails Jonsson

Euryd Rivera did not hesitate to call Sebastian Jonsson’s three-bet all in with his K♥J♠. It was a good call since Jonsson had K♦10♦. The board bricked and Rivera won the pot bringing him up to 1.1M chips.

3:10pm: Players over the 1M chip mark; 18 remaining

Shih Chieh Su 1,400,000
Mike Kim Enriquez 1,280,000
Yi Won Lee 1,125,000

1:20pm-3:00pm Eliminations 19th-36th

19- Hyun Jin Chun – Canada – P27,800
20- Ardie Mariano – Philippines – P27,800
21- John King – USA – P27,800
22- Yang Zhang – China – P24,700
23- Marion Ivan Jericho – Philippines – P24,700
24- Danny Jolipa – Philippines – P24.700
25- Bernardo Angeles – Philippines – P21,600
26- Takahiro Abe – Japan- P21,600
27- Grogorii Kavin – Russia – P21,600
28- Srinivas Polishetty – India – P20,000
29- Christian Mabalot – Philippines – P20,000
30- Mark Rirod De la Cruz – Philippines – P20,000
31- Nicolas Noguera – France – P20,000
32- Wei Chieh Chang – Taiwan – P20,000
33- Anton Chernykh – Russia – P20,000
34- Mary Joy Ocampo – Philippines – P20,000
35- Jean G. Issa – UK- P20,000
36- In sin – South Korea – P20,000

1:15pm: Bubble bursts!

Hyung Jin Chun.jpg
After a slew of eliminations, we reached the bubble stage with Nickolai Alexandrov putting his tournament life on the line holding K♦Q♥. He was snap-called by Hyung Jin Chun who held a dominating A♥K♣. Word spread that the bubble may burst and immediately, a crowd formed around the table. In dramatic fashion, the board ran Q♠4♦9♦ giving Alexandrov the pair he needed to avoid the rail, however it was short-lived as the dealer turned an A♣ on fourth street giving Chun the higher pair. Alexandrov figured that was his end, and slowly walked away as the river card was revealed, 3♥. With that bust out, the remaining players celebrated their profit.


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