Make it rain with our latest Throwable

January 25, 2021inPoker

There’s a new Throwable to announce, and which you can get your hands on it from today.

What is this newest addition to the realm of things you can throw at your opponents?

Read on to find out.

Because while you might not have a say on the weather, you can at least make it rain.

And not in a bad way. But a good way.

In a way that allows the strong of ego to show off a little at the tables, splashing the cash all over the place.

So what do you have to do to become this alternative version of the weatherman?


All you need to do is play 25 hands of pot-limit Omaha at any cash table on PokerStars.

Once you play those 25 hands, win, or lose, you’ll find the make it rain throwable appears in your throwables selection.

Use it with irony turned up to 11, or in moments of outright celebration. It’s up to you.

And if you prefer not to have these animated agitators flying all over the place, then you can switch them off in your settings page. That’s easy too.

Over to you.



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