Make a splash with the new water balloon throwable

January 11, 2021inPoker

Are you the kind of poker player who needs something to do between hands?

You know, the type of player who expects to be able to throw animated things at opponents, whether used to relieve stress, or deliver maximum irony. And regardless of whether any of it can be seen by your intended target?

Well today is another good day for you, with the release of the latest Throwable on PokerStars.

This one comes flying at you in the shape of a water balloon.

The new water balloon throwable

Delivery times vary. By that we mean when you might want to use it, not in getting your hands on it. That parts easy.

To do so simply unlock the first Cardex Card of the Cardex promotion.

“How do you do that?”, you might be asking. And “what’s Cardex all about?”

Cardex is a new promotion on PokerStars in which you can win up to $5,000 every day.

To take part first opt in. You do this in the Challenges window in the PokerStars lobby when you log in to play.

That will reveal your first red or black card on the spinning device known as the Cardex.

(If you’re curious, it looks a bit like that thing Tom Hanks chased around Europe in The Da Vinci Code.)

Then play any NL hold’em cash game (including zoom) and if you’re dealt your selected card and win the hand you progress to the next step.

Then the Cardex machine will automatically reveal the next card. The aim is to do the same again with all five cards on the Cardex machine. Once you do that, you’ll win a cash prize.

You can do that every day until 24 January.

Of course, to get hold of a water balloon, which as objects go is a long way from a Cardex machine, you only need to reveal one card. Then you can lob balloons as much as you like.

To get started get yourself opted in either by going to the Challenge window, or clicking this link, and then the Opt-In button. That link will also take you to all the details on the Cardex promotion not listed here.

Oh, and if you prefer not to use throwables, thanks for reading this far in any case, and you can switch them off in your account settings. No one need ever know.

Good luck.


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