Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon: Day 1c Updates

August 16, 2013

2:50am: Day 1c is done

It’s been a whirlwind end to the day, but after eleven levels, the players have now bagged and tagged. Gary Chen will hang on to the chip lead with a stack of 215,600 while Raiden Kan’s late surge got him to 187,200 which is good for second place. Fang-Kai Yang is also well-placed with 124,200.

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang also survived, after going a little quiet in the second half of the day. Huang will return on Day 2 with 43,500 as around 70 players survived the day.

We’ll have a wrap of all today’s action and confirmation of chip counts for the field for you shortly.

2:45am: Raiden ends with a fatality!

What a way to end the day for Raiden Kan. On a flop of K♠9♣9♦, Kan led out with a bet of 4,000 before an opponent moved all in. Kan defiantly slammed his chips into the middle and, as we’ve seen several times today, we had a stalemate as to who would open their cards first.

Kan’s opponent showed 6♣9♥ and only then would Kan reveal his monstrous K♥K♣!
The 3♣ turn and 3♥ completed the board to see Kan end the day with around 190,000.


Raiden Kan will end the day as one of the chip leaders

2:40am: Four more hands

On the first two flights, with ten minutes to go, the chip leader drew a card to decide if we would play three or four more hands on each table. Of course, the beauty of choosing the chip leader is that they are probably running hot, so it was no surprise that they drew the three card both times.

Today, Danny McDonagh gave the honour to Jessica, one of the PokerStars Live Macau staff members. Jessica drew a four. Sorry Jessica, but let’s leave it to the chip leaders from now on!

2:30am: Paulsen takes care of Hong

Kai Paulsen has landed a big double up, again at the expense of Nan Hong. We’re not sure when the chips went into the middle, but we suspect it was preflop, with Hong’s 9♥9♠ failing to hold against Paulsen’s A♦10♠ on the board of 10♦3♥J♦K♠8♦.

Paulsen doubled to over 50,000 while Hong was crippled and eliminated moments later.

2:20am: Running into rockets

Nan Hong has taken a hit in the last level of the day, committing his chips with K♣8♥ on a board of A♦K♦4♥K♠. Trip kings seemed strong until Hong’s opponent revealed A♠A♣ for aces full!

The river landed the 2♦ to see Hong double up his opponent to slip to 37,000 chips.

2:10am: Level 11, blinds 800-1,600, ante 200

2:00am: Dropping like flies

They are dropping away quickly this evening with only around 80 players remaining as we approach the last level of the day. Some of the recent casualties include Julian Hasse, Nick Wong and Jay Tan.

1:50am: One, two, three!

It’s getting a little crazy here tonight. We’ve just seen another four-way all-in preflop that has resulted in not one, not two, but three players been sent home early.

We arrived at the frenzied table where the dealer had run out of all-in triangles to place in front of the players to signal they had committed their last chips. Of course, once the action was complete, no one wanted to show.

“Don’t be shy!” announced Danny McDonagh on the microphone and eventually we got to see some hands.

Q♠Q♦ hit the table first, then we saw A♦J♥. 6♣6♦ was in trouble and then, there it was, the A♥A♠. You could smell a bad beat was in the air as the dealer spread a board of 4♦Q♣9♦10♠5♥ giving Jason Cheng a set of set of queens for the triple knockout! He’s now up to 80,000.

1:30am: Play resumes: Level 10, blinds 600-1,200, ante 200

1:20am: Ten-minute break

It’s time for the final break of the evening. When our players return, we’ll have two more levels to play until we call it a night. There are currently 108 players remaining.

1:05am: Oh my!

An enormous pot has just unfolded on one of the outer tables in a ridiculous three-way cooler. There’s not much that any of the players could do as the poker Gods smiled kindly on Guan-Yu “Gary” Chen.

When we got to the table, there was already a huge pot in the middle with two players all in on a board of 7♠8♠5♠5♣. The action was then with Chen who really set the table buzzing when he also announced himself all in!

As is customary here in Macau, the players took their turns at showing their cards to grab a few valuable seconds of attention. The first player opened J♠3♠ for a flush – a nice hand. The middle player threw his head back before tabling 9♦6♦ for the flopped straight. He was a goner. Meanwhile Chen glanced left, then glanced right, before opening 7♣7♦ for the full house!

The river was the 4♠ and after counting down the chips, it was deemed that Chen had them both covered for the double knockout. It took Chen several minutes to stack up his new empire but when the structures were complete, we would count a stack of 250,000 for a clear chip lead over the field. Wow!


Gary Chen is waaaaaaaaay out in front

12:50am: Double for Mayumi

Mayumi Kaneko has secured a handy double up to stay alive. Kaneko’s last 10,100 chips were in preflop with A♣Q♠ and in great shape against her opponent’s K♥Q♣.

The board ran out 8♥6♦2♥3♠7♠ to see Kaneko double to over 22,000 chips.

12:40am: Level 9, blinds 500-1,000, ante 100

12:25am: No joy for Jin

Nicky Tao Jin is the latest casualty as our list of previous champions is withering away by the minute. Jin lost most of his chips with a river call on a board of 4♦6♦Q♥8♣J♣ when his opponent showed Q♣J♦.

Jin’s last 1,100 were then in the middle next hand from the big blind with 3♣3♥ as two live players checked down the board of Q♠10♥Q♦8♣7♦. Unfortunately for Jin, he had the third best hand as one player showed 4♥4♦ with Nan Hong tabling 7♠6♠ for the rivered pair of sevens.

Jin is out while Hong is now well placed with 85,000 in chips.

12:10am: Prize pool information

The official prize pool and payout information has been released for the 19th edition of the Macau Poker Cup Main Event. Our field of 645 runners have created a prize pool of HK$6,331,578 which will be dispersed to the top 77 players. A min-cash is worth HK$15,800 while reaching the final ten will net HK$101,000. However the prize they are all gunning for is that of Red Dragon champion who is set to take home HK$1,340,000 in prize money.

Full breakdown of the payouts can be found on our Prize pool information page.

12:00am: Level 8, blinds 400-800, ante 100

11:50pm: No more Fan

The defending champion Terry Fan won’t be making it back-to-back MPC titles after his recent elimination. We didn’t catch the action, but Fan took to Facebook to vent his frustration.

Apparently it was a limped pot with Fan dragged into the action in the big blind with the old 2-7. The flop landed A-2-2 and Fan went for the check-raise only to find his opponent snap-call with A♥10♥. Fan was in great shape to double until another dreaded ace landed to abruptly end his tournament.


No back-to-back MPC titles for Terry Fan

11:45pm: Ding for Dong

We have a new chip leader with Liao Dong becoming the first to crack the century here on Day 1c. Dong got most of his chips thanks to a drawing hand after committing himself with A♦8♦ on a flop of Q♦4♠7♦. His opponent was slow to show, and in Macau that only means one thing as he revealed Q♠Q♥ for top set and the nuts.

There was 80,000 in the middle and Dong was looking for a diamond for the knockout blow. The K♠ turn card missed but the 10♦ river nailed it to see Dong send his opponent home to climb to a stack of 100,000.

11:35pm: Raiden’s boat

Picking up the action on a flop of 2♠A♠J♣, Raiden Kan led out with a bet of 2,500 and his opponent on the button made the call as the 2♦ hit the turn. Kan fired again for 5,000 and again his bet was matched.

That brought us to the 2♣ river and Kan thought for a moment before tapping the table. His opponent reached for chips and methodically counted out 10,000 and slid them into the middle. Kan re-checked his hole cards before making a quick call and opening A♦J♠. That was good as his opponent returned his cards to the muck.

With that pot, Kan is now up to 50,000 in chips and going strong.

11:20pm: Play resumes: Level 7, blinds 300-600, ante 75

11:10pm: Ten-minute break

The players are off to take another break with around 190 players still alive on Day 1c. Recent casualties include Patrick Lee and Kenny Wong.

11:00pm: Only in Macau

We arrived to the table in the aftermath of a four-way all-in hand, and one of the players kindly recalled to us what went down.

It started with the player under the gun, who picked the wrong time to go all in without even looking at his cards. He was a big stack trying to be a big bully, but it backfired when three other players went all in behind him. First there was Wayne Hen who held pocket aces, a short stack in the middle liked the value with A♦10♦ while the player in the big blind woke up with pocket kings and came along for the ride! And the big stack? He found the old 9♣6♠.

It would be a bad beat for the ages if the big stack could knockout three players, including pocket aces and kings, holding that particular hand, but an ace on the turn was good for Hen to virtually quadruple up while two players were bundled to the rail. Gamboool!

10:50pm: Tan lets one go

Jay Tan opened with a raise to 900 and found a caller out of the small blind to see a flop of 5♥10♦6♣. Both players checked and the turn brought the 4♠. The small blind led for 1,200 and Tan made the call as the 6♦ paired the board on the river.

The small blind fired again, this time for 2,100 which was too much for Tan as she gave it up to slip back to 16,000 chips.

10:40pm: Hasse hurting

2010 MPCC champion Julian Hasse is on the ropes after taking a hit in a recent pot. With a raise to 800 from the cutoff player, Hasse three-bet to 2,100 in the big blind. His opponent called and they took a flop of 9♣3♦7♦.

Hasse led out for 1,800 but his opponent clicked it back to 3,600. Hasse gave it some thought and made the call as the Q♠ landed on the turn.

Hasse tapped the table but his opponent quickly announced himself all in. With around 7,000 behind, Hasse gave it some thought before eventually giving it up.


Julian Hasse has some work ahead of him on Day 1c

10:30pm: Level 6, blinds 200-400, ante 50

10:20pm: Numbers by country

The official numbers have come in at 280 for today’s flight which puts the total number of entries for the 19th Macau Poker Cup at 645 which is a great result. Players have come far and wide to be part of this fantastic event with an incredible 39 countries represented in the Main Event.

Top 5 Countries Represented
China – 159 players (24.7%)
Japan – 93 players (14.4%)
Hong Kong – 81 players (12.6%)
Chinese Taipei – 58 players (9.0%)
Australia – 42 players (6.5%)

10:05pm: Huang on the move

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang is the big mover in recent times and we wandered over to find out how he increased his stack.

There were a few hands that did the damage. First, Huang was able to “suck out” with ace-jack against ace-queen, before winning a race with ace-king against pocket fives. However the big hand saw Huang flop a set of sixes out of the big blind to bust an opponent who held pocket aces.

Huang is now sitting pretty with 55,000 chips.

9:50pm: Level 5, blinds 150-300, ante 25

9:40pm: Goodbye Kitty

Daren Yoon has eliminated Kitty Kuo with all the chips in preflop. Kuo had opened the button to 500, Wang Li called in the small blind before Yoon raised to 1,600 in the big blind. Kuo moved all in for around 5,500 to force a fold from Li, but Yoon called with ace-queen to be racing with Kuo’s pocket tens.

Yoon caught a queen on the flop and an ace on the river for good measure to send Kuo to the rail and climb to 22,000 in chips.


Kitty Kuo is out of the Macau Poker Cup

9:35pm: Chip Count Update

Terry Fan – 23,000
Kai Paulsen – 23,000
Will Cheong – 22,000
Jay Tan – 17,000
Mayumi Kaneko – 16,000
Daren Yoon – 16,000
Julian Hasse – 14,000
Raiden Kan -13,000
Nicky Jin – 13,000
Bryan Huang – 13,000
Kenny Wong – 6,500
Patrick Lee – 5,200
Juicy Li – 0

9:25pm: Two outs not enough for Chen

Victor Chen’s tournament is over after being crippled and then eliminated at the start of the fourth level of the day. We didn’t catch the full details of the first hand, but we’re guessing the chips went in on the flop with Chen drawing holding A♠5♠ against an opponent’s 10♣10♦ with the final board spread 8♠7♣6♦3♦Q♣.

Chen was left with just 425 which he committed a few moments later against three opponents. The flop landed 2♣Q♦9♦ and Mayumi Kaneko led out with a bet of 1,000 into the side pot from the small blind. One player made the call as the third player folded.

The turn brought the Q♥ and Kaneko checked to her opponent who bet 2,200. Keneko came back with a check-raise to 5,300 to send her opponent into the tank. By this stage Chen was packing up his iPod and headphone in anticipation of his elimination. He was sharing some friendly banter with other members of the table, and although we couldn’t understand his language, we knew exactly what he was saying.

In fact, Chen stood and started to walk away from the table, but a tournament director made him hang around long enough to watch the hand play out. However he did hand over a friendly wager to Raiden Kan on the adjacent table, seemingly in resignation of a last longer bet.

Meanwhile the player eventually folded and Kaneko opened Q♠10♠ for trips.

“Two outs,” yelled Chen as he opened 4♦4♠. It wasn’t to be as the A♠ landed to see Chen sent to the rail, all with a smile on his face.


Victor Chen eliminated with a smile on his face

9:10pm: Play resumes: Level 4, blinds 100-200, ante 25

9:00pm: Ten-minute break

8:45pm: Second largest Red Dragon in history!

We’ve just received word that with today’s field currently sitting at 276 entrants, the total number of 641 is officially the second largest Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event in history. That’s a remarkable achievement when you consider there was a Level 8 typhoon in this region just two days ago. And registration is still open, so that number is likely to increase even further! Congratulations to Danny McDonagh, Fred Leung and all of the PokerStars LIVE Macau staff on their efforts here at this event.

Top 5 largest Red Dragon Main Events
MPC 18: Apr 2013 – 891 players (Winner: Terry Fan, Chinese Taipei)
MPC 19: Aug 2013 – ? (Winner: TBD)
MPC 15: Feb 2012 – 635 players (Winner: Nicky Jin, China)
MPC 17: Jan 2013 – 532 players (Winner: Yoshitaka Okawa, Japan)
MPC 12: Feb 2011 – 509 players (Winner: Mark Benasa, Philippines)

8:35pm: A little one for Kaneko

Four players limped into the middle to see a flop of 4♣10♦A♠ and action checked to a player in late position who tossed out 450. Mayumi Kaneko made the call as the other two stepped aside before the 5♣ hit the turn.

Both players checked and the river brought the K♥. Kaneko reached for chips and tossed out 1,300 but her opponent wasn’t interested as he slid his cards to the dealer. Kaneko chips up to 17,000.

8:20pm: Level 3, blinds 100-200

8:10pm: Top pair for Jay

Jay Tan opened with an early position raise to 250 and picked up two callers to see a flop of 5♦7♦J♥. Action checked to Tan who bet 450 into the pot. One opponent folded but the other called to see the 6♣ hit the turn.

Check, check, as the 10♠ completed the board. The player in the blinds checked again to Tan who quickly bet 850. Her opponent insta-called but was forced to muck when Tan opened A♣J♠ for top pair, top kicker. Tan chips up to 16,000 in the early goings.

8:05pm: Logical bluff from Jin

Nicky Tao Jin is a former MPC champion having claimed the Red Dragon title back in February 2012, and he just showed us why with a nice bluff in just the second level of the day.

With the board reading Q♣J♥8♣6♠9♦, there was a hefty bet of 7,100 in front of Jin as his opponent was in the think tank. After a few minutes he folded and Jin kindly showed the bluff with 5♦5♠.

“Five plus five is ten, and ten is a straight,” explained Jin. Can’t argue with that math as Jin moves up to 18,000.


Nicky Tao Jin, clearly a maths-based player

7:55pm: Small hit for Kenny

Picking up the action on a flop of 7♥3♦J♠ in what we suspect was a three-bet pot, Kenny Wong checked the action from the big blind to Linjie Feng on the button who checked behind to see the K♦ hit the turn.

Wong this time led out with a bet of 1,700. Feng put his head in his hands, apparently dismayed, but perhaps there was a touch of Hollywood about it, as he then raised to 3,525. Wong didn’t wait to find out as he folded to drop to 11,000.

7:50pm: They keep coming!

Registration is still open as the players keep filing into the poker room. We’re currently over 260 runners for Day 1c of the MPC Red Dragon Main Event.

Some more notable players include Tsugunari Toma, Yabuuchi Nobuhiro, Yosuke Sekiya, Patrick Healy, high roller specialist Nick Wong and poker glamour couple Jay Tan and Kenny Wong.

7:45pm: So close to another trophy for Celina

Speaking of success for the ladies, we should mention the results of the HK$1,500 No Limit Holdem Turbo side event which just wrapped up here in the PokerStars LIVE poker room. Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin successfully navigated her way through a field of around 180 players to reach the heads-up stage before eventually bowing out in 2nd place. Lin’s final hand saw her push with queen-nine but her opponent tabled pocket fives with the pair holding true.

It’s another strong result for Lin, and yet another APOY final table, after she won the Opening Event of this series.


7:40pm: Level 2, blinds 50-100

7:30pm: A few more names

A few more notables we’ve spotted include former Macau Poker Cup champions Victor Chen and Raiden Kan, former MPCC winner Julian Hasse, and strong female players Sixiao “Juicy” Li and Mayumi Kaneko who both made deep runs in the Ladies Event at this year’s World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Li cashed in 73rd place while Kaneko made it as far as 22nd place.

7:20pm: Notables in the field

It’s a big field here today so please bare with us as we try to do the rounds and spot all of your favourite players. On our first orbit we’ve found a few familiar faces with Kitty Kuo, Patrick Lee, Kenny Shih, Brice Renaud, Will Cheong, Nicky Tao Jin, Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang and the defending MPC Red Dragon champion Terry Fan all in action this evening.

7:10pm: No worries about the guarantee

Fred has also explained to the players that the original prize pool guarantee was removed due to the typhoon, but as it turns out, the event is still going to easily surpass the $5,000,000 promise. We already have over 250 registrations today, with five overflow tables in action out on the main gaming floor. The prize pool will be well over $6,000,000 and may even push $7,000,000.

7:00pm: One more time!

Fred Leung has got his lucky green tie on, so he expects big things today Day 1c of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event. Fred has welcomed the players and uttered the immortal words, “Shuffle up and deal!”

Players will start with a 15,000-chip start bank with the blinds at 25/50.

Buckle up…this is going to be big!

The PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams poker room in Macau is gearing up for what will no doubt be the biggest day of this series. Back in April, the final flight of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event produced a staggering 394 entrants.The poker room was literally overflowing and if that happens again today then, well, I’m in for a busy evening.

You would think we would be a little down on that mark simply because of the threatening weather in Macau and the surrounding regions over the past few days, but we will likely see the biggest field of the three flights to push our total number of entrants above 600 and perhaps even as high as 700, which is a remarkable result.

The field will be highlighted by Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang who will be looking to go a little deeper than his team mates from yesterday after Celina Lin, Raymond Wu and Vivian Im failed to progress to Day 2. Defending champion Terry Fan is also expected to be in action.

We’ll keep an eye on Huang’s progress along with a few hundred others here on Day 1c with the live action kicking off at 7:00pm (GMT+8). Stay tuned!


Photos by Kenneth Lim Photography courtesy of PokerStars LIVE Macau

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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