Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez follows Sunday Million win w/Super Tuesday title (4/19/16)

April 20, 2016

When Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez won the Sunday Million just a week-and-a-half ago, we noted then how he’d done that once before many years back. The wait for his next six-figure score on PokerStars wasn’t nearly as long, as the player from Finland took down tonight’s Super Tuesday, earning a cool $103,930 for doing so.


Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez
By the time late registration closed, 547 players had decided to Join the Gang participating in this week’s Super Tuesday, creating a $547,000 prize pool that well exceeded the tournament’s $425K guarantee.

It took a little under six hours for the money bubble to burst, and with 63 players left it was david owie — think Mr. Space Oddity minus the “b” — floating high above the world of other players as the chip leader.

A half-hour later they were down to 40, with david owie still leading The Supermen at the top of the leaderboard and sitting just ahead of Rodriguez in second position.

Also hanging on then was Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody with a short stack. Alas for Cody, upward Changes in the blinds and antes forced him to move all-in for his last couple of BBs with pocket sixes versus Mike “munchenHB” Telker’s pocket queens. It Ain’t Easy to win in such a spot, and five cards later Cody was out in 35th ($3,008.50).


Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody
Time marched onward with Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez still in front and david owie still in the top five. And from the Shapes of Things those two were comfortable as frontrunners as they still were up top with Rodriguez leading a little later when just 18 were left.

afonso r. (18th) was the next Candidate for elimination, followed by davidas75 (17th) and Nicolás “salta44” Velarde (16th), which meant those three would each Win $4,376. The final 15 were all able to Stay in a while longer, then clancywigam (15th), Whoohoo32 (14th), and ForzaVaxholm (13th) were each knocked out, earning $5,470 apiece.

What in the World happened next? 07Papi (12th) and Mike “munchenHB” Telker (11th) were eliminated, then fontainerot — after surviving multiple all-ins — was knocked out in 10th, like the last two out earning $6,564.

After more than eight-and-a-half hours of poker the final table was set, with a short-stacked david owie and a chip-leading Tomás “T 54 T 97s” Paiva among the nine remaining “Heroes,” so to speak.


Seat 1: José Manuel “nadalon” Nadal (Mexico) — 422,345
Seat 2: Andreas “Hoegh93” Høgh (Denmark) — 307,435
Seat 3: Damianos “damourinio” Aslanidis (Fmr Yugoslav Repub of Macedonia) — 137,095
Seat 4: david owie (United Kingdom) — 161,036
Seat 5: Tomás “T 54 T 97s” Paiva (Hungary) — 459,045
Seat 6: Kasra84 (Germany) — 237,201
Seat 7: Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress (Canada) — 434,121
Seat 8: Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez (Finland) — 241,914
Seat 9: pczxmg (Belgium) — 334,808

The Fantastic Voyage continued on through the tournament’s nine-hour mark with all nine remaining players still with chips.

About 10 minutes later the blinds were 4,000/8,000 when Damianos “damourinio” Aslanidis opened for 16,400 from early position. Then david owie — who’d been battling Up the Hill Backwards as the short stack for a while — three-bet all-in for 127,966. Kasra84 then reshoved over the top from a couple of seats over forcing folds all around, including from Aslanidis.

david owie had 6♦6♠ while Kasra84 showed A♥K♥, and david owie continued to lead after the 10♦3♥10♥ flop and 8♠ turn. But the 8♥ river put a second pair on board to counterfeit david owie and cause the advantage to Ricochet over to Kasra84, and david owie was knocked out in ninth.

That was nearly a 300,000-chip pot for Kasra84, but that still wasn’t enough to be Dancing with the Big Boys as Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez had retaken the chip lead by then with more than 600,000.

About 15 minutes later, José Manuel “nadalon” Nadal opened from UTG for 19,877 (a little over 2x) and a super-short Damianos “damourinio” Aslanidis called all-in from middle position for 19,270 total. It folded to Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez in the small blind who three-bet to 63,000, and both the big blind and Nadal got out.

Rodriguez had 9♦9♣ and was way ahead of the 7♥5♥ of Aslanidis. The flop came 2♣3♥3♠ and turn 8♥, and Bang Bang Aslanidis was already drawing dead to finish in eighth.

Following a pay Jump They Say the short stacks are often encouraged to get their chips in, and that’s just what a short-stacked Andreas “Hoegh93” Høgh did a few minutes later by open-pushing all-in from middle position for 33,069 (a little over three BBs).

Both Kasra84 (button) and Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez called, and after the 7♠8♥7♣ flop Rodriguez checked and Kasra84 fired 30,000. Rodriguez responded with a check-raise all-in, and after Kasra84 folded, Rodriguez turned over A♠A♥ — much better than Høgh’s K♥J♦. The turn was the Q♦, making the river no matter and stopping Høgh’s Super Tuesday run just Outside the final six.

Not long after that a hand arose that saw chip leader Rodriguez raise 2.5x to 25,000 from the small blind and pczxmg call from the big. The flop came 7♥8♦10♠ and Rodriguez continued for 30,000, getting another call from pczxmg. The 4♣ turn then elicited a 75,000 bet from Rodriguez, and when pczxmg raised all-in for 283,774, Rodriguez made the call.

pczxmg showed K♠10♥ for tens, but Rodriguez had the same pair with a better kicker with A♣10♣. The river was the 4♥, and pczxmg was free to go Looking for Satellites to another tournament or do anything else, having hit the rail in sixth.

The final five made it to the 10-hour mark, with Rodriguez in command with about 1.07 million, then nearly twice the stack of nearest competitor Daniel “Oxata” Dvoress.

The players’ Brilliant Adventure continued for another 25 minutes, then it was José Manuel “nadalon” Nadal open-pushing from UTG for 58,666 (not quite four BBs), Kasra84 three-betting from the button and the blinds getting out. Nadal had A♣J♣ and Kasra84 5♦5♠, and while the flop brought a jack it also brought a five, coming J♦6♠5♥. That meant the K♦ turn sealed it, and Nadal was done in fifth.


José Manuel “nadalon” Nadal
A few minutes later the blinds were 8,000/16,000 when Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez opened for 34,400 from under the gun, then Daniel “Oxata” Dvoress shoved all-in for 311,659 over the big blind and Rodriguez called in a flash.

Dvoress had K♥J♥ and was hoping to improve against the Q♣Q♥ of Rodriguez. The 10♦A♥7♣ flop did give Dvoress a gutshot to Broadway, and the J♠ turn gave him a pair. But Dvoress saw his chance at the pot Slip Away when the 3♣ fell on fifth street, and he was knocked out fourth.


Daniel “Oxata” Dvoress
The 11-hour mark came and went with Rodriguez again out in front and widening his lead versus the other two. Then with the blinds up to 10,000/20,000, Rodriguez open-shoved from the button and Kasra84 called all-in with the 260,365 left after posting the big blind.

Kasra84 had A♣J♦ and Rodriguez 5♦5♣ — a reverse of the Nadal-Kasra84 all-in just a little while before. Then came the flop, which also uncannily echoed that earlier hand, arriving J♠5♥8♥ to make a pair for Kasra84 but a set for Rodriguez. Kasra84 was still barely drawing live, but in Reality had little hope, and the Q♠ removed that as well, making the river inconsequential and eliminating Kasra84 in third.

Tuesday seemed long ago. It was The Next Day, and the 547 who’d began the tournament were down to just two with Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez leading to start heads-up play with 2,150,460 to Tomás “T 54 T 97s” Paiva’s 584,540.

After 16 hands Paiva had chipped up to nearly 850,000, then with the blinds 25,000/50,000 would raise to 51,250 from the button, getting a call from Rodriguez. The flop came J♣6♣9♠, Rodriguez checked, Paiva bet 74,045, Rodriguez check-raised to 212,500, and Paiva called. The turn then brought the 8♠ and another check from Rodriguez. Paiva bet 188,750 this time, Rodriguez pushed all-in, and Paiva called with the 393,390 he had left.

Turko_man: 10♦7♣
T 54 T 97s: A♥A♣

Paiva’s aces had already been well and duly cracked, as Rodriguez had turned an unbeatable straight to make the 2♦ river meaningless.

Congratulations to Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez whose Dollar Days continue as he follows up his Sunday Million win earlier this month (worth $183,708.88) with another six-figure score in this week’s Super Tuesday. You’ve really made the grade!


Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez
4/19/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 547
Prize pool: $547,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. Luis “Turko_man” Rodriguez (Finland) $103,930.00
2. Tomás “T 54 T 97s” Paiva (Hungary) $76,580.00
3. Kasra84 (Germany) $56,067.50
4. Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress (Canada) $42,666.00
5. José Manuel “nadalon” Nadal (Mexico) $30,085.00
6. pczxmg (Belgium) $23,247.50
7. Andreas “Hoegh93” Høgh (Denmark) $17,777.50
8. Damianos “damourinio” Aslanidis (Fmr Yugoslav Repub of Macedonia) $12,307.50
9. david owie (United Kingdom) $9,080.20

(Inspired by the username of this week’s ninth-place finisher, one track from each of David Bowie’s 25 studio albums appear above in italics.)

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