Live stream* added to EPT Open Madrid

June 14, 2019inPoker

We’ll provide the alternative style of live stream. You explain to friends watching back home that no, those chips you have are not worth real money. At least not yet…

If you’re about the prestige, not the money. If you’d play anywhere, not just with a glorious backdrop of the Spanish capital, then what else can we offer to get you to play the EPT Open Madrid mega-satellite this Sunday?

How about making you internet-famous?

And now this

The webcast we’ve added to the final three days of the festival might be enough to tempt any immortality-seeking waverers, not stirred by cold hard cash.

*Not a live stream as you might expect at a full EPT. It’ll be something a little different.

Call it the Twitch-Plus version, complete with commentary in various languages, and a close-up view of what’s going on in Madrid.

They’ll be familiar Team Pro faces providing analysis of what’s going on.

Our commentators, pursued by a camera operator, will be roaming the tournament room talking to players. So even if you’re not drawn on the feature table, that internet fame thing can still apply.

Ask yourself who doesn’t beam at the thought of being texted relentlessly by everyone who knows you, probably in capital letters, saying they can see you on the internet, and asking if all those chips in front of you are worth real money.

That’s the experience available to the 20 winners of this Sunday’s mega-satellite.

They’ll each get a main event seat, and expenses package (including six nights at a five-star hotel), and a shot at the above.

And if you miss out, you can enjoy watching the stream from around the world.

Coverage will be in multiple languages, with some familiar internet-famous faces behind the cameras, which is where some of them should remain.

The mega-satellite starts this Sunday at 14:35 ET. The buy-in is €162, but you can satellite your way into that for as little as a Euro.

As for the live stream, that will cost you nothing.

To learn more about what to expect at EPT Open Barcelona, including the player party, VIP experiences, and free stuff, click here. For everything about the festival, go to the Madrid homepage.


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