Lex Veldhuis returns to Twitch. Crushing ensues.

August 17, 2018

After a lengthy break from streaming on Twitch, PokerStars Team Pro Online’s Lex Veldhuis made a quite a comeback yesterday.

Lex, who has been travelling and doing poker commentary for the past few weeks, logged on for his first stream in what he billed as the ‘Road to WCOOP’. Ten hours and 45 minutes later, he’d cashed for more than $17,000.

His day got going with a deep run in the $1,050 Thursday Thrill. Alas, that run would come to an end just shy of the money, but with $1,812.50 already locked up in bounties, Lex still made a profit. The final hand could also be considered a cooler – check it out below:

But things went better from there for Lex.

In the Big $109, he found himself heads-up having outlasted the vast majority of the 392-player field. Ultimately he’d have to settle for a runner-up finish, but with $5,208.84 as a consolation prize, this was already an amazing return to the Twitch streets.

The day wasn’t done yet though.

Deep in the Big $33, things weren’t looking good as Lex found himself 16 out of 17 remaining. But sometimes, ask and you shall receive:

“Sprinkle a little TEAM PRO on top!”

From there things went from good to great. Take this big pot five-handed:

And another bounty claimed to take it heads-up:

Despite having a huge heads-up chip lead, Lex was stunned that the tournament didn’t come to an end during this hand (credit to his opponent P.Wernbloom7):

Lex would of course come out on top, with pocket aces yet again:

For his victory in the Big $33, Lex banked $10,164.30 ($5,953.69 for 1st + $4,210.61 bounties). That means total cashes of $17,185.64 for the day.

Not only that, Lex notched up 1,318 subscribers throughout his almost 11-hour stream, and at one point peaked with more than 8,000 viewers.

Welcome back Mr. Veldhuis. Let the crushing continue.

Want to watch Lex on Twitch? Follow his channel here: LEX VELDHUIS TWITCH

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