Leaders, qualifiers and both

February 11, 2006

Ole Busborg Jensen (Denmark): hours under the studio lights but the qualifier remains

(From left to right) Ram Vaswani, Ken Johnson, Greg Raymer: Hendon’s Crazy Horse, Eagle Mountain’s finest, feature table caller

Janne Airaksinen: Finnish qualifier aiming to hang around to the end

Theo Jorgensen (Denmark): lucky hat

Isabelle Mercier and Malcolm Gorse: Team PokerStars and FPP qualifier, respectively

Lex Veldhuis (Holland): another battling qualifier

Mike Pollack (Austria): qualifier eliminated shortly after this photo taken

Danny Ticer (USA): Texas gent, left, who crashed out four short of the money but who continues to charm Deauville

Don’t forget, tournament payouts are here. We’re down to 26 players, with the latest update describing the demise of John Hewston. He’s gone.


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