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August 05, 2020inPoker

Last updated: Monday 3 August 2020

This is where you’ll find the latest product news from PokerStars. Everything from updates on new games, new features and everything else. As you’ll see most of it is inspired by player feedback, so if you have idea of how to improve games, or anything along those lines we’d love to hear from you. Email us at ideas@pokerstars.com. There’s actually a real human being at the other end who checks their emails a lot, so drop them a line. 

Table themes

You might not give much thought to how the poker table appears when you take a seat. You either have a favourite, or whatever the default setting is.

It’s not that the appearance of the table is why you log in – you have other things to take care of. But there are several new designs you might be interested in trying. They range from the minimalist Carbon design, all the way to a western themed set up complete with interactive elements.

One of our favourites is Carbon. Take a look.

The new Carbon theme (Beta version) available now

It’s not just about how the theme looks either.

The carbon theme, which is still in the Beta phase, is the result of completely redesigning things from the ground up. As you’ll see it’s properly minimalist, down to the resources you need to run it. You don’t need the capability on your laptop of home computer to run super-powered graphics. This works on a much more basic level.

There are some cool features too.

Like the chips. When you bet, you’ll see just one chip appears in front of you, with the value next to it. No unwieldy multicoloured pile of chips in every denomination.

The player timer is different too. It’s inside the player pod (where your name and avatar appear) rather than a separate countdown bar.

Then there’s the dealer chat in the bottom left corner, right where you would expect it but in black not white, which makes it less of a distraction.

The cards are new too, using a unique design in a 4-colour style.

If you think of cards has having pips and numbers, those differ between the flop and your hole cards.

So when you see a flop where you’d expect to see “pips” you’ll see a number (or a letter). While the top corner will show the pips – or suit.

For the whole cards it’s the other way around.

It’s a cognitive thing. You might not realise why, but the chances are you’ll find it easier and quicker to recognise.

The Carbon theme is available now in Beta. To check it out just right click on the table you’re playing on, click table themes and select it from the list. Or select it from the drop down in the top left of your screen.

If you prefer a little more activity at your table then you’ll love the saloon theme.

The new saloon theme on PokerStars has various hidden features to click on…

It might sound a bit clichéd but it’s a fun new place to play with hidden features all over the place.

We don’t want to ruin things. Let’s just say that next time you take a seat try clicking a few things on screen. See what happens.

The Rail

By now you might have become familiar with features on The Rail – if you haven’t you can find it in the PokerStars Client in the top right corner of the home screen.

Click the rail icon to see your own dashboard, featuring tweets from PokerStars, as well as links to new articles on the PokerStars Blog and on PokerStars Schools.

You’ll also see the latest results from the tables, and at the top the latest live streams from our Twitch channel.

Links will take you to each if you want to know more, and you can click out of it any time to go back to the usual lobby screen.

Right now it’s only available in certain countries, and it will be rolled out further in the coming weeks and months. But it’s a new way to get a little more from your time playing on PokerStars.

Dark Mode

It’s something we introduced earlier this year – a simple way to change the look of the PokerStars software to suit your preference.

Dark mode does exactly that. It switched everything to black with white text, rather than the other way around.

It’s easy to do, although you’ll need to restart after selecting it.

To change from one to the other go Settings >> Lobby >> then tick the box next to Enable Dark Mode for List Layouts (the second option on the list) >> then click Apply Changes.

You’ll be prompted to restart which will reset the look of the software, or you have the option to restart later so the changes come into effect the next time you log in. To change back just untick the box.

Take a look and see what you think.

Home Games

The Home Games revamp rolled out a few weeks ago. But while the new look version had a lot of changes to it, we’re still adapting the game based on what players have been telling us.

(We want to hear more by the way, so if you have thoughts on any PokerStars products get in touch. You can email us at ideas@pokerstars.com)

One of those new changes relates to how you can configure late registration.

We’ve added the ability for you to change that – between zero and six levels. It was something players asked for, and something we were happy to incorporate.

You can check out Home Games via the PokerStars lobby or read about how to set up your own PokerStars Home Game here.

Grand Tour

Another game we’ve adapted thanks to player feedback is Grand Tour.

A few new tweaks have made parts of the game easier to interpret. For instance we’ve made it easier to work out how many bounties you’ve won and added features like personal bests.

Find the Grand Tour homepage by clicking the tab in the PokerStars lobby

You can also check out your winnings in the summary area, so you can keep on top of your performance.

Thanks to all those players who suggested this.



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