LAPT9 Chile: Main Event Day 1B live updates

March 05, 2016



12:20am: The wrap

You can now find a full report of the day’s action. –JS

12am: Day 1B is in the books
Level 10 – Blinds 500/1,000 (100 ante)

It’s officially over here on Day 1B. Francisco Benitez led the way at the dinner break and he’s held on to be our end of day chip leader. We’ll have a full report on the day, including all the big stacks and bust outs, in just a few minutes. Don’t go anywhere. –JS

11:51pm: Two more hands
Level 10 – Blinds 500/1,000 (100 ante)

The clock has been paused and we’ll be playing only two more hands tonight. –JS

11:41pm: Whole lot of getting ready going on…
Level 10 – Blinds 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Two tables have broke through the first half of Level 10, meaning that we’re just over the 100 player mark as this 1B flight heads toward the home stretch. To say that the action over the last half hour has been slow would be an understatement, as the majority of the action is occurring between players on opposite ends of the leaderboard.

The big stacks are sitting, waiting for the bags and for the short stacks to attempt to make their moves to double. Most of those short stacks have fallen and the deeper players are playing bully and more or less shooting those metaphorical fish in the barrel.

Aside from those short stack all-in encounters, it looks like this entire field is ready for the bags to come out. Just fifteen more minutes until they do… –WOC

11:21pm: Forget value, Venegas goes for it all on the river
Level 10 – Blinds 500/1,000 (100 ante)

The pace of play has slowed slightly heading through the first portion of Level 10 but a few bigger pots are being played, with the most recent seeing Javier Venegas move himself up the leaderboard. Action was picked up with a player opening to 2,300 from under the gun and after a few folds, Venegas called in middle position.

It got to Sergio San Martin and he didn’t call, instead pumping it up to 6,500. The blinds and original opener folded, leading Venegas to call and see the 8♠6♠3♦ flop. He check-called 6,500 and then both players quickly checked after the 9♥ fell on the turn.

The 5♥ completed the board and completed a few potential draws that either player could have picked up on the flop and turn. We’re not sure but we think Venegas was representing one of those draws, as he bet out a powerful 21,000. It was enough to put San Martin to the decision for a majority of his stack and eventually, the short stack conceded the pot.

When the dust settled, Javier Venegas was working just shy of 125,000, with that stack certainly weighing in as a end of Day 1B flight chip lead with 45 minutes left in Level 10. –WOC

11:04pm: Last level of the day
Level 10 – Blinds 500/1,000 (100 ante)

We’re now in Level 10 – the last of Day 1B. –JS

10:48pm: Feature table broken but not forgotten…
Level 9 – Blinds 400/800 (100 ante)

With a heavy heart, we must report that the ‘feature table’ lineup on Table 13 is no longer. Those nine players have broken and are now scattered throughout the tournament area, thus ending our ‘two-time LAPT champion’ love affair that has played out on media row over the last few hours.

Those were some great moments and even better updates but while they’re gone, they’re not forgotten. Thankfully, multiple trophy winners Mario Lopez and Fabian Ortiz are still alive and just need to survive one more hour of play before they punch their tickets to Day 2. –WOC

10:38pm: Champ on champ crime, Felicio leads ‘feature table’
Level 9 – Blinds 400/800 (100 ante)

A decent amount of updates have focused on our current Table 13 line up and rightfully so, as two two-time LAPT champions are seated across from each other there. They just got involved in a pre flop encounter, with Mario Lopez moving all-in for just over 10,000 from middle position. Fabian Ortiz called a few seats over and they were flipping for Lopez’ tournament life as the short stack held 10♦10♣.

Ortiz held A♦K♠ and after the Q♠10♠3♥A♠10♦ runout, Lopez scooped the double with all the fours. When the dust settled, Lopez was playing just over 23,000 and Ortiz is behind exactly two starting stacks.

Let’s not let those past LAPT champions get all the credit though, as Roberly Felicio could be headlining this ‘feature table’ into Day 2. The Brazilian is currently playing just shy of 105,000 and could very well contend for the overall 1B chip lead if he’s able to continue to climb against a tough lineup. –WOC

10:28pm: Alache’s title defense turned to the door
Level 9 – Blinds 400/800 (100 ante)

The only thing harder than winning one title might be defending that title and unfortunately for Oscar Alache, his run towards a second consecutive LAPT Chile victory has just come to an end. Alache, who was one of the last re-entries prior to the start of Level 7, never seemed to get any traction post-dinner and eventually, was in a flip for his tournament life.

The action was missed but Alache held A♠10♣ and was up against another player’s 9♥9♦. That flip went his way on the A♣8♠3♦ flop but after the 9♣ spiked on the turn, the Chilean was drawing dead and eliminated.

While he’ll fail to defend his title here in Vina del Mar, Alache didn’t have a bad day at the office, as he was officially crowned the Season 8 LAPT Player of the Year earlier today. He’ll now have to wait until May’s Panama stop to try to claim his third career LAPT title and while we can’t predict the future, there are likely going to be many more title defenses in Alache’s poker career. — WOC

10:15pm: Denghel dangles an offer which Lopez can definitely refuse
Level 9 – Blinds 400/800 (100 ante)

This stage of a tournament is great – if you have actually have a stack to play with. For Mario Lopez (or should I say ‘two-time LAPT champ Mario Lopez’) that isn’t an option. He’s short with about 7,000, and needs to get something going before the end of the day.

His trouble right now is that the other players with chips are taking their time and slowing down his opportunity to pick up a potential double-up. Take this hand for example:

It folded round to Fabian Ortiz and he min-opened to 1,600 on the button. Dan Denghel then three-bet to 3,400, the big blind folded and Ortiz made the call. The flop came 6♠7♣9♠ and both players checked, taking us to the K♠ turn. Now Denghal bet 5,000, and Ortiz matched it once more.

The river was the 10♣ and Denghel checked, resulting in a 12,000 bet from Ortiz. Denghel would make the call, and when he did Ortiz instantly mucked. Ortiz certainly wasn’t the one getting Mario Lopez worked up.

It was Denghel – who realising he now didn’t have to show his cards dangled the opportunity for Ortiz to pick one. “I’ll show you one,” he told him. “You can choose!”

He then started moving the cards in the middle of the table, trying to tantalize Ortiz into making an action. But this was just wasting time that Mario Lopez doesn’t have right now. He asked the dealer to end the madness and crack on with getting the deck ready for the next hand. –JS

10:04pm: Last two levels
Level 9 – Blinds 400/800 (100 ante)

Play has restarted and we’re now in Level 9 – the penultimate level of the day. –JS

9:48pm: Chip counts

Here’s how the biggest stacks and biggest names stack up:

Player Country Chips
Francisco Benitez Uruguay 130000
Fabian Ortiz Argentina 105000
Carlos Polna 93000
Bruno Severino Brazil 85000
Rodrigo Caprioli Brazil 85000
Francisco Belaustegui Argentina 73000
Amos Ben Chile 73000
Lewis Osvaldo Argentina 48000
Irina Petrova Russia 33000
Bruno Kawauti Brazil 32000
Jorge Cantos Argentina 26000
Renata Teixeira Brazil 13000
Leo Fernandez Argentina 10500
Mario Lopez Argentina 10000

9:45pm: Break time
Level 8 – Blinds 300/600 (75 ante)

Players have gone on their final 15-minute break of the day. –JS

9:36pm: Benitez biggest, handful contending into final break
Level 8 – Blinds 300/600 (75 ante)

During yesterday’s Day 1A flight, we regrettably missed the lightning fast ascent of Sergio Palma, who ended that first session with the chip lead. We’re not going to let that happen tonight, as the bigger stacks are going to be the main focus over the final two hours of this 1B session.

Right now, with just a few minutes remaining in Level 8, Francisco Benitez looks to be pacing this flight into that final break. The Uruguayan is playing 130,000 and his nearest competitor is two-time LAPT champion Fabian Ortiz with 105,000.

They appear to be the only players working six-figure stacks but there are a handful of players making up the ‘second wave’. Carlos Polna is playing 90,000 and Bruno Oliveira is working 85,000. Rodrigo “Zidane” Caprioli is right behind them and Amos Ben rounds out the top five with 75,000.

The funny thing about those big stacks, they’re also some of the biggest names in this 1B field as well, with each boasting lengthy tournament resumes. Safe to say the creme has risen to the top throng the first eight levels of this final flight and we’ll see if they can stay at the top until the bags come out after Level 10. –WOC

9:25pm: Are my eyes deceiving me?
Level 8 – Blinds 300/600 (75 ante)

Wait…hold on a sec…it can’t be…IT IS!! Mario Lopez and Fabian Ortiz – two of the ‘two-time LAPT champ’ club – are now sat opposite each other on the same table.

We’ve been saying ‘two-time LAPT champ’ so much over Day 1A and 1B that it’s become a little in-joke here on the PokerStars Blog team. Humour us as we continue to say it (hopefully) over the rest of this tournament.

Right now, Ortiz is one of the biggest stacks in the room with 105,000, while Lopez is at the other end of the table with just 10,000. –JS


Two-time LAPT champ Mario Lopez
9:15pm: Carmona boats up on river, beats nut flush
Level 8 – Blinds 300/600 (75 ante)

Gabriel Carmona just doubled up with a rivered full house but for a second, his now eliminated opponent thought he scored a knockout, as his nut flush was completed on fifth street as well.

Action was picked up pre flop, with a player opening to 1,300 only to see Carmona three-bet shove for just over 7,000. The table folded around to the small blind, who then re-shoved for just shy of 7,500. The original opener showed the A♣ before he tossed his hand into the muck and it was a flip for Carmona’s tournament life, as he held 9♣9♥ to his opponent’s A♦J♦.

The 10♦8♦6♣ flop gave Carmona a sweat, as his opponent added flush and back door straight outs. The 8♠ paired the board and on the turn and after the 9♦ completed the board, there was a brief celebration from the player in the small blind. That was, until he reexamined the board and saw that the river that gave him his flush, also gave Carmona a full house.

When the dust settled, the losing nut flush left the small blind less than one big blind to play with and even though he made it through the next hand, with Carmona getting a shove through from early position and showing pocket nines again, he was eliminated shortly there after. Carmona is still alive though and playing just under a starting stack midway through Level 8. –WOC

9:05pm: Official numbers are in
Level 8 – Blinds 300/600 (75 ante)

As this field moves into Level 8, the tournament staff has finalized the numbers for this LAPT9 Chile Main Event. In total, 564 players registered, with 306 of those entries coming in today’s Day 1B flight. Of those 564 players, 79 will officially make the money, with that bubble bursting during tomorrow’s Day 2 session.

What’s up for grabs tomorrow? First, a minimum cash of $2,500 for the first wave of in the money payouts but as this field progresses, over $735,000 will be for the taking. The lion’s share of that prize pool will go to the eventual winner, as first place sits at a cool $141,320.

A complete list of the entire payout structure will be published shortly. –WOC

8:55pm: The silent table
Level 8 – Blinds 300/600 (75 ante)

I can’t tell you in words how vibrant and joyous the atmosphere in this room has been over the past two days (which is kind of a problem as it’s meant to be my job). The players are chatting, joking, hugging, shouting – it’s a scene, man.

So when you notice a completely silent table, it’s a little startling.

Plonked right in the centre of the room was the table in question. Almost all the players were wearing headphones, which goes someway to explaining the lack of hubbub.

Anyway, I caught a hand in which Jorge Teodoulou doubled up. Jean Pierre Eracarret had opened to 1,500 and Teodoulou jammed for around 6,500. It folded back around to Eracarret, who was under the gun, and he thought for a moment before making the call with 9♣9♦. Teodoulou flipped over A♠Q♦ and we were off to the races.

It was a pretty short race though as the flop came Q♠Q♥4♣. Teodoulou gave an approving nod while Eracarret let out a sigh. The 4♠ and 2♣ completed the board and Teodoulou now sits with around 15,000, while Eracarret has 26,000. –JS

8:48pm: Blinds up again
Level 8 – Blinds 300/600 (75 ante)

We’re now on Level 8 – 300/600 with a 75 ante. –JS

8:45pm: Ladies crown Cavieres champion, Salas goes for split pot title
Level 7 – Blinds 250/500 (50 ante)

LAPT stops are dubbed ‘festivals’ and we’d have to say that that categorization is 100% spot on. Over the next few days over a dozen LAPT trophies are going to be awarded and one was claimed by Lesli Cavieres right after the Day 1B dinner break. Cavieres outlasted the ‘Ladies NLH’ field to take home her first piece of poker hardware.

Someone that is a little more experienced in the winner’s circle is also going for a PokerStar’s spade. Damian Salas, who bagged yesterday’s Day 1A flight, is the chip leader with three players remaining in the $200 Omaha H/L event. Salas will now try to close out a third career LAPT side event before getting back to the Main Event tomorrow.

As we mentioned earlier, the PokerStars blog will keep it’s focus on the LAPT9 Chile Main Event but we’ll keep our eye on the rest of the schedule and bring you developing stories as they play out. –WOC


Lesli Cavieres
8:35pm: Closing time, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here…
Level 7 – Blinds 250/500 (50 ante)

We’re not sure if Semisonic’s hit ‘Closing Time’ gets much play in Chile, we’re not even sure if we can call it a ‘hit’, but what we do know, is that song should be playing on the loud speakers for one unfortunate player.

The player was felted in what he later described as a “disgusting beat” and then, without a single chip in front of him, just stayed in his seat. The entire table seemed to understand the his pain and the dealer didn’t seem to mind, so the next hand play out around the newly busted player.

Once the hand finished, with the player that scored the knockout on the previous hand taking in another small pot, the dealer politely asked if he could step away from the table. The player did but he wasn’t ready to leave just yet, just standing over the table watching the action while bemoaning his own luck, or lack thereof, for the next few minutes.

Eventually, he had officially gone through the complete grieving process and he exited the tournament area. Late registration closed after the dinner break, so unfortunately for this player, his LAPT9 Chile Main Event dream is over. –WOC

8:30pm: And his good run continues
Level 7 – Blinds 250/500 (50 ante)

Man of the moment Oscar Alache has just doubled up. He had K♣J♥ and was up against an opponent’s pocket aces, and the board read Q♠[4♠K♥J♠. Alache had taken the lead on the turn and that’s when all his money got in; he kept the lead too after the 3♣ fell on the river, boosting his stack to around 30,000. –JS

8:15pm: Player of the Year
Level 7 – Blinds 250/500 (50 ante)

Before play kicked off again after the dinner break, there was a little award ceremony we need to tell you about. Find out why Chile’s own Oscar Alache was named LAPT Player of the Year. –JS

8pm: Ben building back from break
Level 7 – Blinds 250/500 (50 ante)

With a sizable Day 1B field coming together through the last six levels, a few big stacks were bound to fall through the pre-dinner cracks. We’re mending those omissions and Amos Ben is making it easy to recognize follow his action, as Ben just scored a sizable pot and now looks like he’s one of the bigger stacks in the room.

Action was picked up on a board of 10♣9♠3♠ and after Ben checked, a player in middle position moved all-in for 9,375. Cristian Aceiton was on the button and he looked pained by his position, thinking for close to two minutes before he agonizingly called. He wasn’t in the pot for long though, as Ben quickly moved himself all-in, isolating the short stack and bringing a quick fold from Aceiton.

Ben held 9♥9♣ and his opponent was drawing thin, as the short stack held A♥10♥ and was officially drawing dead after the J♣ fell on the turn. The 6♣ meaninglessly fell to complete the board and Ben was shipped the pot, with the Chilean shooting a questioning look across the table to Aceiton.

We don’t know exactly what was said but both players quickly started laughing and Aceiton gave a shrug of his shoulders to more or less say, “You had me beat.” We imagine Ben did and he’s now playing just shy of 75,000, good for a top-five chip stack. –WOC

7:45pm: Let the last four Levels commence
Level 7 – Blinds 250/500 (50 ante)

We’re back from dinner and ready to get Level 7 off and running. Dealers – shuffle up and deal. –JS

6:33pm: Back soon!

We’ll be back in action at 7:45pm Chile-time. –JS

6:30pm: Dinner time chip counts – Ortiz out in front

Players have gone on a 75-minute dinner break. The chip leader is both a big stack and a notable name – Mr Fabian Ortiz. The two-time LAPT winner has 94,000 on the break – here are some other notables. –JS

Player Country Chips
Fabian Ortiz Argentina 94000
Francisco Belaustegui Argentina 84000
Francisco Benitez Uruguay 80000
Lewis Osvaldo Argentina 70000
Irina Petrova Russia 50000
Mario Lopez Argentina 28000
Renata Teixeira Brazil 26000
Bruno Kawauti Brazil 20400
Leo Fernandez Argentina 20000
Jorge Cantos Argentina 19000


Ortiz leads at dinner
6:24pm: Two horse race into dinner
Level 6 – Blinds 200/400 (50 ante)

Through six levels, it looks like a two horse race at the top of the Day 1B leaderboard, as Fabian Ortiz and Fransisco de Belaustegui are out in front with each trending towards the 100,000 chip mark. Ortiz shot up to his 94,000 mark just a few minutes ago, picking off a ill-timed bluff from his opponent on the river and while the two-time champ quickly ascended the leaderboard, Belaustegui’s climb as much much slower.

He’s taken in small pot after small pot and done so against some of the tougher players in today’s field. He’s making a tough lineup look easy though, as he’s playing just shy of 85,000 heading to dinner, with the first half of his 1B session headlined by sending defending champion Oscar Alache to the rail right before dinner.

It remains to be seen if the Season 8 LAPT Player of the Year will late register and return on the other side of dinner but, as it stands, Ortiz and Belaustegui will be leading when play resumes around 7:45pm. A list of notable counts will be provided shortly. –WOC

6:16pm: Fabian Ortiz gets handed the chip lead
Level 6 – Blinds 200/400 (50 ante)

We’ll get some visual counts shortly but it looks like 15 minutes from the dinner break, two-time LAPT champion Fabian Ortiz is holding the Day 1B chip lead. The Argentinian was just handed over a full starting stack on the river, as his opponent made an ill-timed bluff into Ortiz’s top two pair.

Action was picked up on the turn, with Ortiz betting 5,000 on a board of J♦7♠6♣10♣. His opponent, who was in middle position, check-called and then saw the 5♣ complete the board. It was an interesting card, as both flush and straight draws got there, and Ortiz’s nameless opponent took his time working out that interesting card.

He hen kept taking his time, leading a few players that weren’t involved in the hand to motion to the dealer to keep the game going. That player was in the tank though and while he didn’t say anything, it seems as though Ortiz was relatively bored. He leaned back in his chair and had to wait another minute and a half for his opponent to act, as he eventually bet 27,000, leaving himself just under 5,000 behind.

Ortiz didn’t waste any time though, looking at the board and then his stack before quickly flicking a chip across the line for a call. The dealer then motioned to the river aggressor to table his hand but all he could muster was A♠Q♦ for ace-high. Ortiz then tabled J♣10♠ and his turned two pair was more than enough to win the pot.

When the dust settled, Ortiz was stacking up just shy of 100,000, while his still nameless opponent hit the rail a few hands. –WOC

6:06pm: Fernandez has vanished
Level 6 – Blinds 200/400 (50 ante)

It looks like Leo Fernandez has busted this event. His chair is now empty, and I couldn’t spot him at another table. He has 30 minutes plus the dinner break to re-enter. –JS

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5:58pm: Hilaire hits the river, Caiaffa hits the rail
Level 6 – Blinds 200/400 (50 ante)

A poker hand isn’t over until the river and a timely river card just gave Mac Hilaire two pair and sent Rafael Caiaffa to the rail. Action was picked up on a board of 10♦6♦2♥ with Caiaffa checking from the blinds and Hilaire betting 1,500. The Brazilian check-raised to 3,200 and after some thought, Hilaire pushed his entire 30,000 chip stack forward.

Caiaffa snap called and suddenly, a sizable pot was up for grabs and Hilaire needed his top pair, A♠6♠ to hold. He had his opponent slightly covered but he’d need to fade Caiffa’s flush draw and overs, as he tabled J♦8♦.

The 8♣ shot the Brazilian into the lead and Hilaire was the left searching on the river and he got what he need, as the A♠ spiked to complete the board and give Hilaire the pot. He threw a fist in the air to celebrate the elimination but quickly after, he and Caiaffa sportingly shook hands and wished each other good luck.

Hilaire seems to have some of that through the first half of this Day 1B flight, as he’s trending near 60,000 heading into the final half hour before the dinner break. –WOC

5:48pm: Belaustegui building towards century mark
Level 6 – Blinds 200/400 (50 ante)

There are a handful of big stacks throughout the tournament area but the biggest of those might be Fransisco de Belaustegui, who is trending towards 100,000 after winning a decent pot against Oscar Alache. Action was picked up on a board of 6♥4♣2♥ with Belaustegui checking from the blinds and Alache tapping the felt as well. A player in middle position then bet 2,025, only otsee Belaustegui check-raise to 6,000.

Alache quickly called and after a minute of thought, the initial bettor folded, sending just two players to the turn. The 2♣ fell, pairing the board, and almost immediately Belaustegui pushed his higher denomination chips forward. There were plenty of them and the wager was enough to put the defending LAPT Chile champion at risk.

He eventually folded, conceding the pot to the now well stacked Argentinian. When the dust settled, Belaustegui was playing just over 85,000, likely good for the current Day 1B chip lead. –WOC

5:42pm: Fernandez staying alive
Level 6 – Blinds 200/400 (50 ante)

The sole representative of Team PokerStars Pro here in Chile is Leo Fernandez, and he’s ticking along just fine in this Main Event.

We just caught the end of a hand in which he eliminated a player with A♣Q♥ vs A♥J♣. Both paired an ace on the A♦10♠3♦ flop and got it in, and the 3♥ turn and 2♥ river secured the win for Leo.

After he stacked up his 26,000 in chips, Fernandez had time for a quick chat. “I’m still surviving!” he told me. “Only one bullet!”

He then showed me his empty pockets – so it looks like he’s going to have to make this bullet work or head to an ATM. –JS

5:31pm: Price of poker is going up
Level 6 – Blinds 200/400 (50 ante)

The blinds are now 200/400 with a 50 ante. It’s the last level for re-entries and the players will go on a 75-minute dinner break afterwards. –JS

5:17pm: Royalty has arrived with a sick run out
Level 5 – Blinds 150/300 (25 ante)

There were roars coming from a corner table so I rushed over to see what all the fuss was about.

Those roars were justified. Here’s what I found.

Q♣Q♠ vs A♦K♠ and a J♥Q♥K♥K♦K♣ board.

It wasn’t the biggest pot in the world, but the board made it spectacular. The money got in pre-flop and the man who had three kings show up to help him was Silvio Assefh, who now has around 40,000. His opponent was eliminated and dashed out the room before we could find out who he was. –JS

5:05pm: Teixeira’s been hiding
Level 5 – Blinds 150/300 (25 ante)

For a while there I thought Brazil’s Renata Teixeira, who finished second in this event last year, had been eliminated. There was just an empty seat where she was sat before.

However, I’ve just spotted her at a new table with a fresh starting stack of 20,000. Looks like she’s giving this game one more shot. –JS


Found her! Renata Teixeira on Day 1B
4:53pm: Lopez making moves
Level 5 – Blinds 150/300 (25 ante)

As you’ve probably guessed, there are four players in particular we have our eyes on today. Leo Fernandez is a Team PokerStars Pro, so obviously he’s one of them. But the other names you’ll notice time and time again areLAPT Player of the Year Oscar Aleche, Fabian Ortiz, and Mario Lopez. All three are racing to become the first player to win three LAPT titles.

Mario Lopez is setting himself up for a solid Day 1B – he’s up to around 40,000 now. In the hand I just caught, potential chip leader Lewis Osvaldo opened to 625 and faced a three-bet to 1,375 from Cesar Soto. That wasn’t enough for Lopez though; he bumped it up to 3,150 and it folded back around to Osvaldo. Both players called.

The flop came K♣3♠8♣ and Osvaldo checked, allowing Soto to continue for 8,500. Now Lopez jammed all-in for 22,300 and Osvaldo got out of the way. Soto went in the tank – not all the way, just enough that it was clear he had a tough decision. He eventually gave it up and dropped back to his starting stack of 20,000. –JS

4:40pm: Cantos gets a much-needed double
Level 5 – Blinds 150/300 (25 ante)

He was only playing 3,200, but Jorge Cantos has just given his tournament life a new lease.

He was all-in pre-flop with A♣K♥ against a player’s Q♥10♥. The board ran out 5♠A♦5♦4♥J♠ and that meant Cantos doubled up. He’s now playing around 6,800.

Cantos came 7th at LAPT8 Uruguay last year, good for $26,660. –JS

4:30pm: Back to work
Level 5 – Blinds 150/300 (25 ante)

Cards are back in the air as we enter Level 5. According to our screens here, we’ve (unofficially) had 225 entries, and around 200 players remain. Entry is open for another two hours plus the 75-minute dinner break. –JS

4:15pm: Have a break. Have some chip counts.

Players are on a quick 15-minute break.

Player Country Chips
Lewis Osvaldo Argentina 95000
Fabian Ortiz Argentina 64000
Irina Petrova Russia 55000
Francisco Benitez Uruguay 55000
Bruno Kawauti Brazil 31000
Oscar Alache Chile 31000
Mario Lopez Argentina 20000
Leo Fernandez Argentina 17500
Jorge Cantos Argentina 10000

4:08pm: Aceiton’s aces move him over 50,000
Level 4 – Blinds 100/200 (25 ante)

While the headlining player at Table 18 is PokerStars Team Pro Leo Fernandez the biggest stack in that lineup belongs to Chile’s Cristian Aceiton. He’s now working close to 54,000 after an all-in encounter with pocket aces, against a player that held pocket kings.

Action was picked up pre flop with a player in middle position opening to 1,000 and after a fold, a player in the cutoff called. Aceiton was on the button and after some thought, he three-bet to 2,600. The blinds folded, only to see the original opener four-bet to 6,675. That was enough to push out the caller but Aceiton seemed very interested, asking to see his opponent’s remaining stack before he made his next move.

His opponent had just over 15,000 behind and while we’re unsure if he would have been held to this aciton, instead of showing Aceiton his remaining chips in the normal way, he threw them into the pot. Aceiton’s opponent was more or less signaling that he was ready to play for stacks and after a few moments of thought, Aceiton verbalized “all-in” and his opponent snap called to see the bad news.

Aceiton held A♠A♥ and his opponent could only roll his eyes and flip over K♥K♠. The Chilean watched as his aces held through the 8♦7♠2♥3♣3♠ runout, sending his opponent to the rail and himself up the leaderboard. –WOC

3:56pm: Same seat – what are the chances?
Level 4 – Blinds 100/200 (25 ante)

We can confirm that Mario Lopez has indeed bought back in and is having another shot at winning his third LAPT title.

Here’s the weird thing – we have over 200 players in the room right and dozens of tables, but somehow Lopez has wound up sitting in the exact same seat he busted from just 20 minutes ago. Let’s hope it’s luckier for him this time around. –JS

3:50pm: Updating the rest of action
Level 4 – Blinds 100/200 (25 ante)

While the PokerStars blog’s main focus this weekend will be on the LAPT9 Chile Main Event, there are over a dozen side events taking place over the next few days. A few of those events will start up later today but the ‘Ladies NLH’ event started simultaneously with this Day 1B flight at 12pm.

That field is almost down to the final table and Daniela Horno, who bagged and advanced through last night’s Main Event flight, was on the rail to take in the action. The Chilean has two LAPT scores from Vina del Mar based Main Events, including a final table run in Season 4. Today though, she’s here as a fan, enjoying a day off while checking in on some friends in that ‘Ladies NLH’ event.

Horno will certainly be a headlining player come tomorrow’s 12 PM restart, as she’s coming back with 73,000 but until then, good luck to the ladies playing for an LAPT9 Chile title. –WOC


Horno (right) yesterday on Day 1A
3:40pm: Lopez busts again – will he fire another bullet?
Level 4 – Blinds 100/200 (25 ante)

Two-time LAPT champ Mario Lopez has just been felted from Day 1B. The executioner was Lewis Osvaldo, who is almost certainly one of the chip leaders right now.

The flop was all sevens – the 7♠7♥7♣ – followed by the 9♥ turn. Here’s where we picked up the action.

There was already a considerable amount in the pot by this point, then Osvaldo bet and Lopez shoved for around 15,000. Osvaldo snap-called.

Lewis Osvaldo K♠K♦
Mario Lopez Q♥Q♣

The 4♥ wasn’t the lady Lopez was looking for, and he made his exit. He can still buy-in again up until the end of Level 6 though. Osualdo now has around 90,000 already. –JS

3:35pm: Leo Fernandez – welcome to the party
Level 4 – Blinds 100/200 (25 ante)

Team PokerStars Pro and proud Argentinian Leo Fernandez is now in the field here on Day 1B. He just picked up a small pot over at his table, but he’s down a little from the start of play with 17,000. –JS


Leo Fernandez on Day 1B
3:25pm: Lost in translation…
Level 4 – Blinds 100/200 (25 ante)

We won’t lie, most of the table talk throughout the last two days has been lost in translation and that’s somewhat expected when your throw an American and a Britt in the middle of Chile. Luckily for us, we finally heard some English at Table 13, as a player tried to explain what “The night is young.” meant to Fabian Ortiz.

The two-time LAPT champion speaks better English than we do Spanish but the phrase didn’t register with the Argentinian, so we attempted to step in to attempt to translate. After a few ridiculous hand gestures, we finally reverted back to 8th grade Spanish class and said, “Noche largo.”

Ortiz and the rest of the Spanish speaking table laughed and while we might not have been able to explain the phrase in the best way, this Day 1B session is certainly young. We’re working through Level 4 and so far, just over 225 players have joined the action. –WOC

3:15pm: Raising the stakes
Level 4 – Blinds 100/200 (25 ante)

The blinds have gone up – kind of. We’re still playing 100/200, but now with a 25 ante. –JS

3:05pm: Bravo gets back to starting
Level 3 – Blinds 100/200

The first few levels of yesterday’s Day 1A flight didn’t bring much action but players seem to have flipped the script today. We picked up action on a central table with a player limping and Fernando Araujo putting in a raise to 1,200. One player called but when action got to Pablo Bravo, who was in the big blind, he upped the price to play again.

The short stack moved all-in for just over 8,000 and after the limper folded, Araujo called to attempt to score the knockout. The late position player folded and Araujo needed his pocket jacks to hold to send Bravo, who held K♥7♥ to the rail.

He wasn’t going anywhere though, as the K♦Q♥7♣8♥Q♠ runout got him back up to a 20,000 chip starting stack and brought a quick eye-roll from Araujo. The Brazilian is still well stacked with 27,000 but he would have liked his pocket pair to hold. It didn’t and the early trend of Day 1B action looks to be continuing towards Level 4 and the PokerStars blog will be here all day to follow that action. –WOC

2:50pm: Cantos can’t beat all the fours
Level 3 – Blinds 100/200

Jorge Cantos is coming off a deep run in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event but after failing to get much traction during yesterday’s Day 1A session, the second LAPT stop of the season isn’t going as well. His 1B flight looks to have gotten off to a shaky start as well, as Cantos just ran into quads, as Francisco Barraza just turned all the sixes to take in a decently sized pot.

Action was picked up on a board of 6♥3♥2♣6♦J♥ and after he checked from the blinds, Cantos faced a bet of 7,000. He counted down his stack and eventually called, only to see Barraza table 6♣6♠ for turned quads. Cantos couldn’t beat four-of-a-kind and when the dust settled, was playing just below a starting stack.

Barraza is now playing more than two starting stacks, working 44,000 midway through Level 3. –WOC

2:38pm: Chacra is outta here
Level 3 – Blinds 100/200

We’ve just lost Pablo Chacra from Day 1B. The player from Argentina has now busted on both days – but as it’s unlimited re-entries, it may not be the last we see of him.

The hand that felted him was against Lewis Osualdo. With the board reading 7♠A♠3♠10♣, Osualdo bet 2,500 and Chacra shoved for his last 12,500. Osualdo counted out calling chips (in this case two blue 5K chips) and eventually threw them in. Chacra turned over A♥K♥, which was trailing Osualdo’s A♣3♦.

The 8♠ hit the river and Chacra hit the rail, for the second time in two days. –JS

2:25pm: “Ricampechano” multi-tabling through Level 3
Level 3 – Blinds 100/200

Early Day 1 action is relatively slow and even though we’ve seen some sizable pots play out through the first two levels, Ricardo Gisanz has elected to multi-table through the first few levels of this 1B flight. He’s currently playing on PokerStars, where he grinds under the name “Ricampechano” and a few minutes ago, the Chilean had to juggle winning hands on both platforms.


Ricardo ‘Ricampechano’ Gisanz at work
Gisanz jumped back and forth from his laptop to the table, taking in the Level 3 pot and also in the cash game he was playing online. We’ll keep an eye on Gisanz progress through this Day 1B flight and we imagine a few more players could find themselves multi-tabling on PokerStars throughout the rest of this LAPT9 Chile series. –WOC

2:15pm: Lopez looks for third title
Level 3 – Blinds 100/200

We just mentioned that defending LAPT Chile champion Oscar Alache has taken his seat and that means that all three two-time LAPT winners that were mentioned yesterday have returned for Day 1B. Alache headlines that group as the Chilean is not only the defending champion of this event but also the LAPT Season 8 Player of the Year.

Fabian Ortiz won in Chile during Season 2 and then added a second title in Panama in 2014, while his fellow Argentinian Mario Lopez has bee on a tear over the last two years. Ortiz won at Vina del Mar in 2014 and then claimed another LAPT title in Uruguay in September of last year, with those wins bookending a EPT Estrellas Main Event win this past summer.

Can lightning strike twice for each of those two Argentinians in Chile? We’ll have to wait and see but Lopez is in a tough spot, seated next to another experienced countryman in Pablo Chacra. They’ll certainly be players to watch throughout this event and Lopez, along with the other two-time winners, will look to make LAPT history this weekend. –WOC


Mario Lopez (right) sat next to Pablo Chacra
2:05pm: A few notables
Level 2 – Blinds 75/150

Here’s our shortlist of notable-name stacks from the first two levels – we’re sure this list will grow throughout the day as we get to know the field better. –JS

Player Country Chips
Irina Petrova Russia 37000
Renata Teixeira Brazil 24000
Jorge Cantos Argentina 22000
Francisco Benitez Uruguay 20000
Pablo Chacra Argentina 17500
Bruno Kawauti Brazil 16000
Fabian Ortiz Argentina 15000
Mario Lopez Argentina 14000
Pablo Tavitian Argentina 7000

2pm: First break of the day
Level 2 – Blinds 75/150

The players have gone on a 15-minute break – we’ll have a few of the notable chip counts for you momentarily. –JS

1:50pm: Alache arrives
Level 2 – Blinds 75/150

Defending champ and one of only four two-time LAPT winners, Oscar Alache, has entered the building. His Day 1A didn’t quite go to plan – he had about 60,000 and was among the chip leaders but lost a huge pot to Fernando Reines which made his opponent the chip leader.

Alache, Fabian Ortiz, and Mario Lopez are all trying to become the first player to win three LAPTs. –JS

1:45pm: Petrova looks to join pair in Day 2
Level 2 – Blinds 75/150

During yesterday’s Day 1A session, we saw a handful of women attempt to survive the ten levels to get to Day 2. In the end, only two were able to do so and today, Irina Petrova will try to do the same. Over the last year, the Russian has recorded stops across the European Poker Tour, including a final table run in a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure side event earlier this year.

She’s a long way from home but so was Andrius Bielskis, who hails from Lithuania and ended Day 1A with a ton of chips. Petrova will now try to regain the European form in South America, to not only advance to Day 2 but also record her first career LAPT score in the process.

It’s going well – right now she’s our chip leader. –WOC


Irina Petrova in action today
1:35pm: Tavitian hoping to repeat past glory
Level 2 – Blinds 75/150

Argentina’s Pablo Tavitian knows a thing or two about poker here in Viña del Mar. He won the biggest ever event here back on Season 6 of the LAPT, winning the Chile stop for $184,220. At the final table, he had to defeat two-time LAPT champ Jose Barbero – no easy feat, I can assure you.

He’s in the field today and will be looking to get off to a good start on Day 1B. –JS

1:25pm: LOT. OF. ACTION.
Level 2 – Blinds 75/150

Wow, this has been a crazy day of play so far. Usually the first few levels are quite conservative – nobody wants to go home after an hour of play, after all – but LAPT9 Chile Day 1B has been the opposite.

Walking around I can see tons of short-stacks already. The blinds are only 75/150 and the starting stack was 20,000!

In one sick hand, Juan Pablo Lucero secured a double up (albeit only to 17,000) when his pocket sixes pipped his opponent’s flopped set to the post. His 6♥6♦ was up against his opponent’s J♥10♦ on a J♠9♠Q♣J♣6♣ board – meaning a miracle river gave him the win, and crushed the other player down to just 1,400. –JS

1:15pm: Schafer rivers Ortiz to say alive
Level 2 – Blinds 75/150

“I got an all-in and double up.” I said, to which my colleague Jack Stanton replied, “Already!?”

Yes, all-in, call and double up just a few minutes into Level 2 and two-time LAPT winner Fabian Ortiz was the one shipping that double as his flopped top pair couldn’t hold. Action was picked up on a board of 9♣8♠2♠ and after a flurry of raises Claudio Schafer’s 7,975 chip short stack got in the middle.

He held Q♠10♠ and he’d need to hit to stay alive against Ortiz’s K♥9♠. The Argentinian held top pair and a spade blocker but after the 3♣ fell on the turn, he’d cut out the necessary chips to pay the bet, as the A♠ completed the board and Schafer’s flush.

Our Spanish to English translator might not be turned on just yet (we’ll wait until the PokerStars Brazil guysto hit the floor for that) but Ortiz did not look impressed by the river, a card that dropped him back to a starting stack and pushed Schafer up near 16,000. –WOC

1:05pm: The theme of Day 1B so far
Level 2 – Blinds 75/150

Big bets – that’s the trend I keep noticing as I walk around the room and familiarize myself with the players. In one hand, I saw a c-bet of 1,025 into a 775 pot. In another, a flop bet of 3,200 into an 1,800 chip pot.

If the action continues like this throughout the day, there’s going to be some crazy action. Don’t go anywhere. –JS

1pm: Wow – that was fast
Level 2 – Blinds 75/150

We’re still getting to know the field and find out exactly who’s playing, but we’ve already gone through Level 1. The blinds are now 75/150. –JS

12:35pm: Riera ignoring LAPT fashion trend
Level 1 – Blinds 50/100

If we’ve noticed one thing about Chilean or South American poker players, it’s that they love their sunglasses. From well known names like Bruno Politano and Damian Salas to stone amateurs, seemingly every table in the room has a a few players behind some stylish shades.

Table 4 is currently eight-handed and the only player that seems to have missed the sunglass memo is Oscar Riera. He’s sans sunglasses but that doesn’t mean that he’s at a disadvantage, as the Argentinian has taken in a few pots throughout the last orbit to move himself near the 25,000 chip mark.

While the rest of his table hides behind their shades, Riera is going to attempt to make his way through this Day 1B flight the old fashioned way. –WOC

12:20pm: Chacra’s back; waiting on Alache
Level 1 – Blinds 50/100

Pablo Chacra is back again today, after his Day 1A didn’t run as hot as he would have liked. He was short-stacked for most of it, so is probably thrilled to see 20,000 in chips back in front of him once again.

We’re expecting to see a lot of the departed Day 1A players here today – notably LAPT Player of the Year Oscar Alache, who just happens to be the defending champ. He assured us that both he – and his mum, Bernardita Orrego – will be back in play on Day 1B.

I asked Oscar last night why his mum is playing in her first LAPT. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,2 he said. –JS

12:10pm: Better luck for Renata Teixeira
Level 1 – Blinds 50/100

While it wasn’t entirely reported yesterday, Renata Teixeira had a rough Day 1A session. The Season 8 LAPT Chile runner up was crippled after a blind versus blind encounter, where her opponent held 8-deuce off-suit to her pocket threes, and from that point treaded water until she was sent to the rail.

Early in this Day 1A session, Teixeira is back in the action, looking to run better than yesterday. She’ll have to wait though, as her table is only three-handed and waiting for a fourth to get the cards in the air. We’ll certainly follow the Brazilian’s action throughout this Day 1B flight and we imagine we’ll see the player that bested her last year, Oscar Alache, later today as well. — WOC

12:05pm: Ortiz is back for more
Level 1 – Blinds 50/100

Two-time LAPT champ Fabian Ortiz is back in the mix today on Day 1B. He’ll be looking for a better run than he had yesterday – a day which saw him, Mario Lopez, and Oscar Alache (AKA all of the two-time winners here in Chile) bust before the end of the day.

The Argentine is looking as sharp as ever, so we hope things run smoothly for him today. –JS


Ortiz on the felt on Day 1B
12pm: Cards are in the air
Level 1 – Blinds 50/100

Play has kicked off here at Day 1B – the room’s not quite full yet but we already see plenty of familiar faces that played yesterday. Stay tuned. –JS

11:40am: Day 1B all set to launch

After an action packed Day 1A session, the PokerStars blog is back for what should be another exciting starting flight. Day 1B of the LAPT9 Chile $1,500 Main Event will likely crush yesterday’s number of 258 players, creating a massive starting flight that is sure to be filled with big name players from across Latin America.

Again, just as a reminder to player and fans alike, Vina del Mar is our host this weekend and after a LAPT player party last night and 24 hours in Chile, we may never leave. Luckily, we have work for the next few days to keep us busy and over the next 12 hours, we’ll bring you all the updates from this second and final LAPT9 Chile starting flight.

Those updates will start when cards get in the air at 12 PM, so stay tuned for all the LAPT9 Chile action…

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at LAPT9 Chile: Will O’Connor and Jack Stanton. Photos by Carlos Monti. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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