LAPT8 Uruguay: Day 1b springs to action

September 19, 2015

It’s another beautiful spring day in Punta del Este, but a couple hundred people will try to spend all of it inside the Conrad Hotel’s convention center.

It’s a goal that they’re all forking over at least $3,300 to try and achieve.

Day 1b of LAPT8 Uruguay is about to start and while it’s the final starting flight of the tournament, players have the opportunity to rebuy as many times as their bankroll will allow.

While a few of the Day 1a bustees will take a another shot today, we’re expecting a lot of fresh faces.

There are 29 faces we’re not expecting to see in the field today though, they’re the 29 Day 1a survivors.

Leading that pack is LAPT6 Peru champion, Patricio Rojas, with 133,100.


Patricio Rojas
Rojas nearly made the final table again in Peru this season but was knocked out on the bubble. Now he has another chip lead and will be looking to make a different final table in a different country.

Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez also made it through the day as well as Renata Teixeira, Oscar Alache, Ale Braga and LAPT7 Player of the Year, Horacio Nicolas.


Renata Teixeira
Those players will be able to enjoy the brisk but beautiful spring day while everyone else tries to join them for Day 2 tomorrow.

Yesterday saw 91 entries and we lost about two-thirds of that field after 10 levels of play.

All those eliminated are welcome back for another shot though and tournament staff is expecting a far bigger field today. Once again, play will consist of 10, one-hour levels with a 15-minute break after every two levels.

Then, after level 6, players will get a 75-minute dinner break.

Late registration will stay open throughout the dinner break but will close once level 7 begins.

But for now, players will start play with 20,000 chips and 50/100 blinds.

Cards are about to hit the felt and they won’t stop until long after the sun goes down and we have our official LAPT8 Uruguay field.


Photography from LAPT8 Uruguay by Carlos Monti. You can also follow the action in Spanish and in Portuguese.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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