LAPT8 Peru: Vamplew vanquished as five fall in early going

July 20, 2015

Five of the final 32 — all short stacks to start the day — have been sent railward in the early going here at the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event, with the day’s shortest stack to start, EPT/UKIPT champion David Vamplew, the first to go.


David Vamplew
It was the very first hand that David Vamplew all in for just under eight blinds with A♠J♥ and getting called by Ricardo Chauriye who held A♦5♦. A flop of Q♠K♦10♦ made Broadway for Vamplew, but the J♦ on the turn made a flush for Chauriye, ending the Scottish pro’s day early in 32nd for $4,760.

Alejandro Cabello of Peru next fell in 31st, having made the pay jump. Cabello committed his chips with Q♣Q♠ against Chadi Moustapha’s J♣J♦, but the J♥ fell among the community cards to send Cabello to the cashier’s desk.

The Chilean Mauricio Cottin followed him in 30th to claim the same prize after his 4♠4♥ failed to hold against Chauriye’s A♥Q♥ following a preflop push. Then Juan Diego Marsano of Peru went out in 29th, getting all in following a J♣8♠Q♥ flop with K♦10♥ for a straight draw against Mario Alejandro’s Q♣10♥ for top pair, then watching the board complete with a couple of blanks.

Then after Level 19 had begun and they crossed the day’s half-hour mark, Holden Filartiga of Paraguay became the 28th-place finisher. Each of those latter four players each collected $5,580 for their efforts.

Meanwhile start-of-day leader Andres Herrera continues to lead, with Chauriye charging after picking off a couple of those short stacks.

Photography from LAPT8 Peru by Carlos Monti. You can also follow the action in Spanish here and in Portuguese here.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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