LAPT8 Panama: The rail ratio

May 11, 2015

Rule 2a of sub-section III on rails reads: The size of a rail is inversely proportional to the amount of tables left.

Play has gotten down to the final three tables and tournament staff has had to whip out the ropes to keep spectators at bay.

A large group of those spectators are Brazilians, cheering on their two remaining countrymen.

One of those Brazilians is Fernando Brunca Garcia, who was the Brazilian Series of Poker Player of the Year back in 2013.


In that year, Garcia won multiple Pot-Limit Omaha events and took down the Sao Paolo High Roller for $123,035.

While PLO is Garcia’s specialty, he’s no stranger to NLHE at the LAPT.

In 2013, Garcia scored an LAPT Main Event cash right here in Panama.

In that event, Garcia finished 19th and won $4,900. Now Garcia is in the final 20 and is guaranteed $8,660, he needs to survive one more elimination to beat his LAPT record.

On the other side of the tournament area is a different type of rail, a television rail.


Tullio Bertoli’s television rail.
They’re all seated around a television showing the feature table live stream. The feature table set up isn’t conducive to rail birds, so a large group of Tullio Bertoli fans have set up at a table to watch their fellow Venezuelan play.

Leading the pack is Tullio’s older brother, Jesus Bertoli.

Jesus knows what his little brother is going through since he made an LAPT final table himself back in season one.

The group recently exploded when Tullio doubled up.

Tullio moved all-in for 313,000 with Q♥Q♣ and got called by A♦A♠. The flop came 2♠10♦K♠ and the crowd started calling for a queen. The turn acquiesced with a Q♦.


They cheered for a few seconds but then fell silent, hoping the river would bring anything but a jack.

The river was an 8♠ and they continued their celebration.

Tullio Bertoli is now up to about 600,000.


Tullio Bertoli
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All photos are snapped by Carlos Monti and all words are clacked by Alexander Villegas.


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