LAPT8 Panama: Four left, Kazemipur and Iermolcheva dominate

May 12, 2015

Shakeeb Kazemipur had a monopoly on final table eliminations and dealt one more before Olga Iermolcheva joined him.


Deadly Iermolchehva
With A♣7♦, Kazemipur raised to 85,000 from the cutoff and Iermolcheva called from the button with 8♣8♥. Salas moved all-in for 500,000 with 5♦5♥ from the small blind and Kazemipur called.

Iermolcheva folded her eights and Salas was flipping for his tournament life.

There was an ace in the window and a seven on the turn. The final board read A♠Q♥4♦7♠K♠ and the final table shrunk again.

Salas won $39,760 for the 6th place finish while Kazemipur’s stack went back up to 3.1 million.


Damian Salas
Then Kazemipur took a chunk out of Lincourt and Iermolcheva finished him off.

Kazemipur raised to 85,000 from the cutoff and Lincourt called from the big blind. The flop came 7♥3♦5♥ and both players checked.

An 8♦ came on the turn and Lincourt check-called a 150,000 bet. A J♠ fell on the river, Lincourt bet 200,000 and Kazemipur snap-called.

Lincourt turned over 8♥2♥ but Kazemipur had him beat with K♥J♥.

The hand left Lincourt with around 400,000 while Kazemipur was up to 3.3 million.

Then Kazemipur doubled up Francisco Rocha.

Rocha moved all-in for 370,000 from the small blind and Kazemipur called from the big.


Rocha and Kazemipur
Kazemipur showed K♣Q♦ and Rocha was in the lead with A♦10♣. The board ran 5♣6♥2♦4♦9♣ and Rocha doubled up to 800,000 while Kazemipur went back down to about 3 million.

Lincourt moved all-in for 380,000 from under-the-gun the following hand and Iermolcheva re-shoved from the small blind. The big blind folded and players tabled their hands.

Lincourt showed 7♥5♥ and Iermolcheva turned over 9♦9♣.

“Oh baby!” Lincourt shouted after the flop came 6♥7♠8♥.


Francois Lincourt
Lincourt flopped a straight flush draw but hit a full house instead.

The turn was a 6♦ and a 6♠ came on the river.

Lincourt had sixes full of sevens but Iermolcheva’s sixes were full of nines. Iermolcheva dealt her first final table elimination and Lincourt won $50,740 for finishing 5th.

After the elimination Iermolcheva was up to 2.995 million while Kazemipur was still in the lead with 3.115 million.

Tullio Bertoli has been hanging steady with 1.45 million while Rocha is the short stack with 755,000.


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All photos are snapped by Carlos Monti and all words are clacked by Alexander Villegas.


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