LAPT8 Brazil: Random draws, random deals; A-K spells end for Akkari

November 27, 2015

Just as the randomness of a hold’em hand being dealt can produce interesting juxtapositions and curious results, so, too, can the randomness of a start-of-day seat draw produce some interesting consquences.

Looking over today’s chart before play began, Table 97 here in the “azul” (blue) section where the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final is playing out was one that caught our eye.

At that table were seated two of the shortest stacks — and two of the strongest players — left among the 202 still in the field, Nicolas “PKaiser” Fierro and Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari. So, too, were two-time LAPT winner and LAPT Season 8 POY leader Oscar Alache and $16 million-plus tourney earner (and LAPT first-timer) Brian Rast, both of whom sported above average chips to start play today.

A “stacked” table, so to speak, one worthy of a photo. The always amiable Akkari let us know he could have drawn better, being short himself and having champions with chips to his left.

Grand Finale-LAPT-BSOP-MILLION-2015-9031.jpg

Akkari, with Alache and Rast to his left
On one of those early hands it was Akkari pushing his last 12,000 or so all in over an early-position open from Jalser Rener Padilha, and when the blinds folded back to Padilha he called the shove.

Akkari quietly showed his ace-king, and Padilha provided a stark contrast when audibly demonstrating his disappointment while tabling ace-queen.

But there remained still further randomness before the results could be felt, coming in the form of five community cards.

One of the first three was a queen — good for Padilha, bad for Akkari. Then the turn continued that pattern by producing yet another queen, as well as a shout of pleasure from Padilha.

Trips for Padilha meant a trip to the exit for Akkari. He smilingly shook hands with the several formidable foes around the table before departing. And before he even had a chance to challenge them.

Situated on a far corner of the tables in play, Table 97 is the next due to break. Again the players will be randomly scattered about, like so many cards being shuffled.

Photography from LAPT8 Brazil by Carlos Monti. You can also follow the action in Spanish here and in Portuguese here.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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