LAPT8 Brazil: Lopes leaves, Kawauti KO’d; Henrique still ahead with six left

November 29, 2015

Soon after they resumed play following the first break of the day, the blinds were 50K/100K with a 10K ante when leader Afonse Henrique opened for 250,000 from early position, then Andrés Herrera made a three-bet from the big blind to 680,000 — more than half his stack.

Henrique thought a long while, looking up several times across the table at Herrera, then finally let go of his hand.

On the next hand Henrique was raising again — once more to 250,000, this time from under the gun — and once again Herrera reraised him, this time from the small blind for 550,000.

It folded back to Henrique who spent some time counting out chips, then put out a big reraise — enough to put Herrera all in, and the latter called.

Henrique: A♠8♦
Herrera: 3♣3♥

The dealer put out the flop — A♣10♥K♠ — and the crowd reacted with a shout at the sight of the ace. The first knockout of the final table appeared imminent, with the 7♠ seeming to bring that moment even closer.

Then came the river… the 3♠! That produced a much louder response, as “gmcrafter” had spiked a set to survive. That bumped Herrera all of the way up to 3.28 million, while Henrique was still the leader with 4.635 million.

A couple of hands later Gustavo Lopes opened with an all-in push for 340,000 from late position, and Herrera called from the cutoff.

Lopes tabled 10♠9♦ while Herrera had that dominated with A♣10♥, then the A♥4♣7♠ flop put Herrera even further in front. The 8♦ landed on the turn — earning a reaction from the crowd noting the open-ended straight draw — but the river was the 2♦ and Lopes was eliminated in eighth (R$85,730).

Final Table-Grand Finale-LAPT-BSOP-MILLION-2015-9854.jpg

Gustavo Lopes – 8th place
Soon after that both Alexandre Rivero and Ricardo Chauriye saw their preflop all-ins go uncalled, Then Bruno Kawauti saw his push of 350,000 get called by two players — Herrera (button) and Henrique (big blind).

The flop came 2♥7♣4♣, and a leading bet from Henrique pushed Herrera out. Kawauti showed his A♦K♠, but he was way behind as Henrique had flopped two pair with 7♦4♦.

The K♦ turn gave Kawauti some hope, but the river was the Q♠ and he departed in seventh (R$120,700).

Final Table-Grand Finale-LAPT-BSOP-MILLION-2015-9886.jpg

Bruno Kawauti – 7th place
The final six then made it to the end of Level 30. Here’s how the counts look as they move to Level 31, where the blinds are 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante:

1. Afonso Henrique (Brazil) — 5,900,000
2. Andrés Herrera (Chile) — 2,925,000
3. Yuri Martins (Brazil) — 1,350,000
4. Ricardo Chauriye (Chile) — 1,110,000
5. Carlos Alves (Brazil) — 1,010,000
6. Alexandre Rivero (Brazil) — 520,000

As we post, both Chauriye and Rivero were all in again, again seeing their preflop shoves get through. Henrique is still the man to beat with six left.

Photography from LAPT8 Brazil by Carlos Monti. You can also follow the action in Spanish here and in Portuguese here.

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