LAPT7 Peru: Fast-paced poker; 29 remain

October 18, 2014

The pace has been muy rápido during the early going on Day 3 of the LAPT Peru Grand Final. They’ve just completed the second level of the day, and already the starting group of 45 has been whittled to 29.


Action proceeds on Day 3

Before the first hour had completed an even 10 players had fallen, including the Canadian Thomas Lefort (38th), Guilerme Moura (37th) of Brazil (who’d avoided an earlier knockout shortly before), and the player who’d entered yesterday with the overall chip lead with 233 left, Henry Zapana.

Zapana’s last hand saw him all in against David Perez Bautista for his last 100,000 or so following an ace-high flop. It was top-top for Zapana who had A♠K♦, while Bautista had a second pair of jacks with Q♠J♣. But the turn brought a queen and a second pair for Zapana’s opponent, and the Peruvian was sent railward in 36th.

The next level went similarly, with Fernando Suaya (35th), Eduardo Bernal (34th), and Antonio Luft (33rd) next going out.


Antonio Luft

Lucas Cortijo (32nd) then made the walk out of the poker room to visit the cashier’s desk. Cortijo had committed his last 250,000 or so with A♣K♦, but needed help versus Jakub Kyrian’s K♣K♥. A 6♠2♦J♥9♣5♣ board provided no such improvement for the Argentinian, and Cortijo was out.

Mauricio Abreu (31st) and Rodrigo MacLean (30th) then followed, the latter’s K♠J♦ proving no match against Marcos Exterkotter’s 9♥9♠.

Meanwhile during those first two hours start-of-day leader Nacho Barbero came back to the pack, presenting sitting with a little under 600,000. As Level 23 begins, Gilmar Gallegos looks to be leading the way now with close to 1.2 million, with both Daniel Campodonico and Jakub Kyrian next in line hovering at 1 million.

Photography from LAPT7 Peru by Carlos Monti. Check out the start-to-finish live streaming coverage (in both Spanish and Portuguese) at Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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