LAPT7 Chile: Sbrissa sunk, Tavitian trying; 18 left

March 22, 2014

As Level 22 came to a close three more knockouts occurred in rapid succession. Indeed, everything is in rapid succession so far today, including the devouring of sandwiches during the most recent break by your humble scribbler and his colleagues.

Thiago Nishijima — a.k.a. “XTheDecanoX” on PokerStars — was down to his last 200,000 or so fichas when he committed with 3♠3♥ but ran into Johann Ibanez’s A♠A♦.

The board came K♣6♥4♣10♣J♦ to knock out Nishijima in 21st ($6,220).


Thiago Nishijima

Then Oliver Gordon of Canada was all in and at risk with 6♠6♣ versus Mario Lopez’s A♥K♥. The Q♠A♣J♣ flop paired Lopez, and after the 8♠ turn and 9♠ river, Gordon was gone in 20th ($7,140).


Oliver Gordon

And just as players were about to go to break, Victor Sbrissa fell in 19th ($7,140), ending the LAPT6 Brazil champion’s quest to match Nacho Barbero’s LAPT record of two Main Event titles.

Sbrissa’s last hand saw the Brazilian in a bad spot with his last 230,000 in the middle preflop with A♠5♠ against Robert Lipkin’s A♦9♠. The 2♦6♣10♥8♦10♠ run out didn’t do it for the Brazilian who didn’t return from the break.


Victor Sbrissa

Among the final 18 remain several intriguing storylines, not the least of which being last year’s LAPT Chile champion Pablo Tavitian’s continued presence among the field.

The Argentinian endured a chip loss near the end of Level 22 when an all-in Rafael Pardo’s 9♦8♣ outran his A♠10♥ after two eights came on board. That hand left Tavitian short going to the break and near the bottom of the counts with 18 left.

The break is already over — rapidly so, natch — and play continues here in Viña del Mar.

Photography from LAPT7 Chile by Carlos Monti. Follow live streaming coverage throughout LAPT7 Chile in Spanish at PokerStars or via Facebook as well as in Portuguese, also at PokerStars or via Facebook.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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