LAPT6 Colombia: Winter is coming

June 06, 2013

Outside the Allegre Casino, Medellin may be the City of Eternal Spring. Inside the casino, however, it’s a war between summer and winter.

A player flagged me down as I was walking among the tables on the main section of the floor. I know my Spanish isn’t the best but I always give it a shot before I decide, “Yo no entiendo.” Sometimes I can puzzle out or even understand what players ask me, but this gentleman’s pace of speech was far, far too fast for me to keep up. I busted out my trusty phrase.

He smiled and switched over to English. “It’s very hot in here. Is there anything you can do about it?”

Across three seasons, the climate has been a pitched battle at the Casino Allegre. The half of the casino in which the LAPT Main Event takes place consists of three sections: the poker room, a converted section of the gaming floor, and a back area. The back area looks like it used to be part of the gaming floor, but at some point after the building was initially constructed, part of the gaming floor was walled off to create a private office and the “back area”, with just a narrow twenty-foot hallway connecting the two to the main gaming floor.


Conditions on the main floor are approaching Hawaiian (minus the rain)

That, of course, is the problem.

By cordoning off a portion of the gaming floor with walls, the air flow of the HVAC system has been disrupted. It’s created two micro-climates: a slightly uncomfortably warm main section up front, and “LAPT Norway” in the rear. The media members are housed in the rear (lucky us) as are five tournament tables.

I tried to explain the situation to the rapid-fire Spanish-speaker. I pointed out the floor fans that the LAPT staff use to try to blow some of the Arctic air out of the back section, down the narrow hallway, and out onto the main gaming floor. He nodded wearily as he fanned his shirt but he didn’t seem to want to accept the situtation.

“It’s just so hot out here,” he said. I was certainly sympathetic to his point. Yesterday, every single person who came into the back area immediately remarked upon how frigid it was compared to the main floor, which was comfortable though not cool. Today the situation in the back is slightly better (slightly) but the situation up front is a bit warmer.


LAPT media: not quite as cold as yesterday

Yesterday none of the five tables in the back were in use. Today they’re all in use, adding the heat from 50 players to the wintry air back here. I’m really hoping that these tables are last to break because I don’t want to see how cold it might get without them.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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