LAPT6 Colombia: Roca rocks out

June 09, 2013

Mayu Roca is no longer the short stack.

Roca played only one hand at today’s final table. He waited patiently for a shoving hand. It took him long enough to find one that Juan Manuel Pastor played two hands and busted out in 8th place. Yet with the blind approaching and the antes whittling away Roca’s starting count of 360,000, Roca couldn’t wait forever.

A small ace, A♠ 3♥, was enough for Roca to commit his stack pre-flop. Miguel Moscoso, newly rich with most of Pastor’s chips, squeezed out pocket treys and took on Roca. As happened with Pastor, the small ace failed to get there. The board rolled out 6♣Q♥9♥4♦4♣, allowing Moscoso to add Roca’s chips to Pastor’s chips in Moscoso’s stack.

7th place pays out COP 30,530,000, about 7.7 million pesos more than 8th place paid to Pastor. By exercising patience, and with a little bit of luck, Roca earned himself an extra $4,000. That probably won’t take the sting out of elimination, but given the size of Roca’s stack to start the day, an improvement on an 8th-place finish is reason to be happy.

Six players remain. Miguel Velasco is still the chip leader; Team PokerStars Pro Cristian “El Grillo” de Leon is the new short stack, though he has more than 800,000 in chips with blinds still at 20k-40k.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog. He ate “cerdo dos veces” for dinner last night and it was wonderful.

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