LAPT6 Colombia: Roca galloping hard

June 08, 2013

Mayu Roca continues to tear things up at the outer tables. He’s flirting with about a million in chips after getting massive river value out of Miguel Velasco for a second time today. Roca’s stack puts him just off the pace set by chip leader German Arias.

Really, Velasco was just paying Roca back with Roca’s own chips. The two players have been battling quite a bit today. Velasco got the best of their previous encounter when he check-raise shoved a 2♦5♥7♦ for 131,000 with Q♦9♦. Roca, who had bet 20,000 holding unimproved A♣10♥, called the shove. The Q♣ on the turn gave Velasco the hand when the river blanked out.

Overall, however, Roca seems ascendant. That may be troublesome for Arias if the two wind up on the same table after the next table break. Arias hasn’t done a lot of big talking today, but he did recently eliminate Edwin Aparicio in 19th place. Aparicio had the button with ace-six. Arias defended his big blind with jack-three. He flopped one trey and turned another. When the river ace came, Aparicio wasn’t able to get away from his hand. The elimination restored Arias’ stack to his starting count of about 1 million.

Other than that, Level 20 has been the level of the short stacks. Luis Hernan Esquivel got a few small double-ups. Gemologist Eduardo Akl did as well, after the got all in on a 10♦6♥Q♠ flop with ace-queen and ran into Alejandro Arruabarrena’s pocket kings. The A♣ spiked on the turn, causing a jubilant Akl to shout and violently pound the table several times in celebration, spilling several chips onto the floor.

Akl wasn’t out of the woods, of course. A king or a jack on the river would have sunk him. The river 7♠ gave him the double-up. After the hand, an LAPT floor supervisor warned Akl that any similar future outbursts would result in a penalty for excessive celebration. Akl is now effectively carrying a yellow card.

The players are now stretching their legs on the first break of the day. After four eliminations in Level 19, the short stacks had their way in Level 20. We’ll see what happens in Level 21 when play resumes in 15 minutes.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog. He surprised all of the LatAm media last night by going berserk in the media room when the U.S. Men’s National Team scored in stoppage time for a heart-stopping 2-1 WCQ victory over Jamaica.

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