LAPT6 Colombia: Latecomers and early-goers

June 08, 2013

I’m no poker pro. Thanks to Black Friday I’m hardly even a recreational player anymore. I suppose there could be some strategy or some excuses as to why players can’t show up on time for the later stages of multi-day tournaments. Maybe. Or maybe they’re just tough to wake up or stayed out too late last night.

Regardless, four players were late for the start of Day 3. While Mayu Roca, Andre Carmona, and Luis Hernan Esquivel all showed up within twenty minutes of the start of play, Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez remains absent 45 minutes into the level.

That hasn’t stopped players from busting out. First to go was Daniel Barahona, whose queen-nine caught a great turn card against Miguel Moscoso’s ace-ten, only to get run down by a rivered straight, 6♦5♦7♥9♥8♥.

Barahona’s elimination allowed Day 3 short stack Carlos Velasco Araujo to slide up one spot to a 23rd-place finish (not that Araujo received any more money than he would have for 24th). Araujo shoved A♣K♦ pre-flop for 47,000 after Juan Carlos Burguillos opened for 25,000. Chip leader German Arias called, as did Burguillos. Burguillos open-foldec pocket 8s to a bet from Arias on a 6♣K♥J♣ flop. Arias showed J♥J♦ for yet another flopped set, a real trend for him in this tournament. Araujo was drawing live after a third club hit the turn, but the board paired on the river to send him on his way.

Burguillos himself was the next out. His under-the-gun all-in shove for 92,000 with A♠6♠ couldn’t get past Mariano Ojeda Gomez in the small blind, who isolated with pocket 8s. Burguillos completely missed a 10-high board.

On one of the outer tables, Mayu Roca took a big chunk out of Miguel Velasco with a masterfully played pair of aces. Roca had position on Velasco for a 5♦10♥5♥ flop. He flat-called Velasco’s bet of 25,000. Velasco, sensing something might be amiss, slowed down on the 7♠ turn. He checked, then called a bet of 50,000. The river double-paired the board with the 7♣. Velasco checked again. Roca took about 45 seconds before settling on a bet of 118,000 that Velasco snap-called. When Roca turned up his aces, Velasco flashed the 10♠ and then helicoptered his cards into the muck. He’s still alive but his stack is hurting. Roca, meanwhile, is approaching 700,000.

By the time all that was done, Fernandez finally showed up, with about 10 minutes left in the level. Maybe that was his plan all along – get a leg up on the field by showing up after the first few eliminations.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog. He surprised all of the LatAm media last night by going berserk in the media room when the U.S. Men’s National Team scored in stoppage time for a heart-stopping 2-1 WCQ victory over Jamaica.

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