LAPT6 Colombia: Four kings shepherd Pastor out the door

June 09, 2013

Sometimes the cards break your way, everyone folds to your bluffs and pays off your monsters, and life is grand. Other times, you run into kings twice in the first orbit of a big buy-in final table and find yourself standing at the cage, waiting to collect 8th-place money as the first player out.

Such is the fate of Juan Manuel Pastor today.

Pastor started Day 4 in short-stack territory, with about 15 big blinds. He grabbed the blinds and antes once with a pre-flop raise, which was enough to protect his stack from total annihilation when he rans pocket 10s into Miguel Moscoso’s pocket kings a few hands later. The kings held up, forcing Pastor to pay off 625,000 to double up Moscoso.

That left Pastor with 70,000. Two hands later he found himself in the 40,000-chip big blind. He would obviously have gone all in with whatever he was dealt, but he had to be happy to at least squeeze out an ace, A♥2♥. He was much less happy to see that his ace was drawing against pocket kings again, this time held by Alejandro Arrubarrena. Pastor rolled his eyes and sighed when he saw Arrubarrena’s kings. He paired the flop with the wrong card: 4♠10♣2♠. It never got better from there.

Pastor stood up and shook the hand of each other player at the table, but he was so dejected that he headed to the cage without remembering to bring his card capper with him. When I offered it to him, he thanked me with another sigh.

It has to be tough to come into the casino all excited about making a final table and having the opportunity to play for big money and then run into monster hands twice. Pastor will walk away with COP 22,840,000, but I imagine the few hands that he played at the final table are going to leave a bad taste in his mouth for quite a while.

Seven players remain. Mayu Roca is still the short stack.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog. He ate “cerdo dos veces” for dinner last night and it was wonderful.

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