LAPT6 Colombia: Flight of the Angel

June 06, 2013

At the start of Day 1a, I wrote a post about Juan Pablo Angel, the striker for Atletico Nacional who was in today’s field. He busted out somewhere around the second break and presumably is already home, in bed, resting up for a morning training session tomorrow with Thierry Henry.

There’s another Angel in the field, however. He’s a guy whose game was sharp enough to earn a spot as a Team PokerStars Pro and who won the High Roller event at LAPT5 Colombia last year. You’ve probably heard about him in this space before.


Guillen mens business

All day, Angel Guillen’s chip count has been climbing. He started with 15,000 chips and quickly increased to 40,000. Then he was up to 50,000. A few levels later, 70,000. By the time he got broken to the feature table (his fourth table of the day), Guillen was flirting with 100,000.

Guillen’s spot at the feature table is what some might call “undesirable”. Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez is to Guillen’s left; Amos Ben is to Fernandez’s left. Yet a big pot played out of position against a different player at the table has propelled Guillen to the top of the counts.

The hand developed slowly. After some pre-flop action, Guillen and one opponent were heads-up to a 10-K-2 flop that both checked. Guillen was playing from the blinds and bet the turn when it came a second 10. His opponent called. On the river 6, Guillen made a large bet.

Guillen’s opponent instantly and loudly announced all in; Guillen called just as quickly, though much more quietly. His opponent showed down K-6, for kings and tens with a 6 kicker. Guillen quietly flipped over Q-10 for trip tens. He had his opponent well-covered and increased to about 140,000 by dragging the pot.

Guillen and Fernandez exchanged some quiet words while Guillen’s dispatched opponent departed for the rail. He stopped and asked me something. I have no idea if it was Spanish or Portuguese. I asked him to repeat himself and eventually understood that he wanted to re-enter tomorrow. I gave him the appropriate information (I hope) and expect to see him tomorrow.

I don’t expect to see Guillen tomorrow. He’s a patient and skilled player who is unlikely to dust off a stack of 140,000 in the last 75 minutes of the night. Right now Angel is flying high. As long as he keeps it up he’ll have earned himself a day off tomorrow.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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