LAPT6 Colombia: Bite-sized updates

June 07, 2013

The field is making an ordered push towards the dinner break in about an hour. The most exciting thing that’s happened since I last posted is the start of the Colombia-Argentina World Cup qualifier, so let’s just get to a couple of quick hits:

TRIPLE-UP OF THE HOUR: Pablo Gonzalez got himself all in pre-flop against two opponents. Pablo had A♣A♦; a player who had him covered showed down K♣K♦; and the shortest of the three players showed A♥Q♦. The case ace found its way to a rainbow flop, 8♦7♥A♠, pretty much deciding the hand in favor of Gonzalez. He eliminated the short stack and tripled himself up to about 130,000.

OFFSIDES OF THE HOUR: In the first 15 minutes, Colombia had a goal waved off for offsides in its World Cup qualifying match against Argentina. This wouldn’t be too noteworthy but for the absolute roar that went up just outside the Allegre Casino. When I investigated, I found at least 500 people seated, standing and generally crowded around every bar and restaurant on the upper level of the Premium Plaza mall.

Let’s just say I know where I’m spending the dinner break.


A small glimpse of the legions of fans watching the game

FEATURE TABLE OF THE HOUR: The feature table, currently being streamed at, is loaded with chips. Four players have double the average or more. Team Pros Angel Guillen and Cristian de Leon are the draw, but it’s possible that a monsterstacken could emerge before the dinner break. LAPT5 Colombia champion Robbie Renehan is hanging tough at the table with a stack of just less than 100,000.

A short stack just busted off the feature table with pocket 10s all in against pocket aces. A ten hit the flop; an ace hit the river. The roar from the feature table area was significantly subdued compared to the roar from outside the casino.

QUIET AMERICAN OF THE HOUR: I haven’t paid much attention to American ex-pat Brent Sheirbon today, but he’s quietly worked his stack up to about 370,000. “Not bad,” I told him. “Could be worse,” he agreed.

TEAM PRO STATUS CHECK OF THE HOUR: Team Pro Nacho Barbero is still out. That hasn’t changed. His companions in poker arms – Leo Fernandez, Angel Guillen and Cristian de Leon – remain in contention. Fernandez is quietly grinding behind 170,000. Guillen and de Leon each have between 300,000 and 350,000. Fernandez and the absent Andre Akkari both made the final table at the last LAPT event in Brazil. Is it possible another dual-Team Pro final table is in the works?

EASY LISTENING OF THE HOUR: The music is marginally better today. The 80s power balled “I Remember You” by Skid Row isn’t going to win any music awards, but it’s better than Air Supply or Foreigner.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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