LAPT5 Colombia: Centerpiece

August 12, 2012

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lapt-promo.gifNo long words today. No fancy metaphors or Medellin-related anecdotes. The central focus of today is poker. Some time in the next 8 to 12 hours, somebody is going to win 284.7 million Colombian Pesos – about $159,000.

The final table is roped off, with a spectator gallery set up in space formerly occupied by poker tables. TVPokerPro, a Brazilian endeavor of Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari, has cameras set up to stream the final table live. Chip bags are out on the table. All we need now are our eight players:

Seat 1: Raul Paez (1,734,000) (Spain)
Seat 2: Hernan Villa (568,000) (Colombia)
Seat 3: Robbie Renehan (561,000) (Ireland)
Seat 4: Ruben Ospina (1,165,000) (Colombia)
Seat 5: Weider Vanegas (1,152,000) (Colombia)
Seat 6: Jayr Fregona (286,000) (Brazil)
Seat 7: Luis Herrera (549,000) (Colombia)
Seat 8: Cristian Velasquez (672,000) (Colombia)

When we stopped last night, there were rougly 35 minutes remaining in Level 24 (15k-30k). That makes the average stack of 832,500 equivalent to about 28 big blinds. More importantly for them, the shortest four stacks all have fewer than 20 big blinds. Look for them to three-bet all in early and often.

The smart money is on Raul Paez today, the man with the most chips and also the most tournament poker experience. But don’t count out Ruben Ospina, who led this tournament after Day 1 and again after Day 2. He starts Day 4 second in chips and with position on Paez.

Play is scheduled to begin at noon local time (GMT-5). Grab a seat – we’re making a poker champion in Medellin today.



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