“Ladies and gentlemen, THAT’S how you play poker” – a Twitch round-up

July 24, 2018

“In 22 seconds he’ll click call with kings.”

That was Benjamin ‘Spraggy’ Spragg’s read on the situation after rivering a full house and overbet-jamming in a $3.30 Micro Millions event. He was wrong. His opponent didn’t call after 22 seconds…

But call he did, and with pocket kings to boot. “That’s it. I’m quitting,” said his co-host Fintan ‘easywithaces’ Hand. “I can’t deal with how smug he’s going to be!”

Fintan can’t handle the smugness

Was Spraggy smug? You decide.


He was certainly feeling good after claiming a bounty from one Matt Staples:

Not everything went right for Spraggy this weekend though. At the final table of the Big $27, this happened:

And then there was ‘lawrjohn1998’s avatar photo whilst playing in the Twitch invitational:

Things didn’t go entirely smooth for Fintan Hand either. Take this piece of ‘FintJUSTICE’ for example:

Perhaps the weirdest beat of all fell to Jaime Staples though. Of all the hands you expect an opponent to call a five-bet shove with, this isn’t one of them:

Nevermind guys. A new week of tournaments and streaming is among us, so to tune in and watch these clips as they happen live, head to the links below:

PokerStars Twitch channel
Spraggy Twitch channel
Fintan Twitch channel
Jaime Staples Twitch channel


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