jricardosc collects 1/20/15 Super Tuesday win, $112K

January 21, 2015

There’s been a boom of late in Brazil for poker, indeed across all of South America. The recently concluded LAPT Bahamas event came close to breaking records for the Latin American Poker Tour, with only last season’s Brazil stop exceeding it in terms of prize pool and first prize awarded. Meanwhile the rest of the Season 8 schedule for this year was recently announced, appropriately culminating with a Grand Final in Sao Paulo.

Speaking of Brazil, three of this week’s Super Tuesday final table players were from the country, with this week’s winner jricardosc taking away a big first prize of $112,455 for topping a field of 595 players. jricardosc led much of the way during the tourney’s latter hours, enjoying the chip lead when the cash bubble burst, when the final table began, and most importantly, after the last hand was dealt.


It would take just over six hours for that big field to be carved down to 73 players and hand-for-hand play began across the nine remaining tables.

Just a few hands later came one in which three players were each eliminated on separate tables — Taylor “tRaMp$d0PrAy” Paur, Hamashmid, and Malaka$tyle. Of the three Malaka$tyle had the fewest chips going into the hand and unfortunately finished out of the money while the other two secured min-cashes of $1,963.50.

Meanwhile as noted at the top of the counts sat jricardosc of Brazil who’d been leading the way for some time. jricardosc would continue to be the pace-setter for the next hour-and-a-half as the field further shrunk and the $595,000 prize pool began to be divided among the cashers.

Among those hitting the rail were Paul “padjes” Berende (60th, $2,082.50), Brian “brianm15” England (57th, $2,082.50), Aaron “aguskb” Gustavson (54th, $2,380), Dominik “Bounatirou” Nitsche (44th, $2,677.50), Sebastian “bassysaffari” Saffari (42nd, $2,677.50), Kyle “KJulius10” Julius (34th, $2,975), José “GoToCa$hier” Quintas (30th, $2,975), Jeremy “00psiedaisy” Fitzpatrick (29th, $2,975), Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford (28th, $2,975), Andoni “Pollopopeye” Larrabe (23rd, $3,570), and Jannick ” EDWARDHOPPER” Wrang (19th, $3,570).

By the time they were approaching eight-hour mark jricardosc would finally slip back to the middle of the pack, and with 18 left yummylemons of Mexico — who just final tabled the Sunday Millions two days ago (finishing seventh) — held the top spot as the only player with over 300,000.

Johan “busto_soon” Van Til (18th), MrKloutt (17th), and gkamei09 (16th) were the next eliminated, each earning $4,760.


Johan “busto_soon” Van Til

Rasmus “RasA86” Agerskov (15th), huangzuyao (14th), and Niall “firaldo87” Farrell (13th) followed, picking up $5,950 apiece.


Niall “firaldo87” Farrell

Christian “weichhart” Weichart (12th) went out next, exactly duplicating a 12th-place finish by him in the latest Sunday Million. Then rosemarie209 (11th) and Sunday Million final tablist yummylemons (10th) were the next out, like Weichart earning $7,140.

During the knockouts of those nine, jricardosc would rise back to the top of the counts by building a stack of over 585,000, and as one of three Brazilians left would start the final table with the lead.


Seat 1: Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins (Brazil) — 327,710
Seat 2: Moonmirppa (Finland) — 310,172
Seat 3: swonnny (Canada) — 197,810
Seat 4: jricardosc (Brazil) — 585,937
Seat 5: João Mathias “joaoMathias” Baumgarten (Brazil) — 326,032
Seat 6: cwirek1982 (Poland) — 583,129
Seat 7: leplato (Malta) — 188,669
Seat 8: Gerritss (Netherlands) — 336,241
Seat 9: dirty.brasil (Canada) — 119,300

Soon after the final table began it was leader jricardosc raising 3x from the small blind to 36,000, countryman João Mathias “joaoMathias” Baumgarten shoving from the big blind for almost 290,000, and jricardosc calling. Baumgarten had A♠9♠ but was behind jricardosc’s A♦J♣, and will no help from the community cards Baumgarten went out in ninth in the last hand before the 10-hour break.


João Mathias “joaoMathias” Baumgarten

Shortly after play resumed swonny lost a big preflop all-in with pocket kings versus laplato’s A♥10♠ when both an ace and a ten came among the community cards. Down to less than a small blind, swonny would be knocked out by dirty.brasil in the next hand to finish eighth.

The very next hand saw leplato min-raise, then Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins reraise-shove for just over 260,000 (about 22 big blinds) and leplato call. Martins had pocket tens but had run into the pocket aces of leplato, and five cards later they were down to six.


Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins

Three hands after that leplato was knocking out another player, sending Moonmirppa to the rail in sixth after the latter open-shoved a 15-big blind stack with K♥K♠ but leplato once again had been dealt A♦A♥. A ten-high runout meant a sixth-place finish for Moonmirppa and a new chip leader in leplato.

Half an hour later Gerritss was the next to go in fifth after a two-hand sequence. The first saw Gerritss knocked back to less than four big blinds after losing a preflop all-in with A♥J♠ versus cwirek1982’s A♦K♦. Then on the next hand Gerritss was at risk with Q♥3♥ versus dirty.brasil’s A♦9♥, and five cards later was on the rail.

A short while later they’d moved past the 11-hour mark when cwirek1982 min-raised to 40,000 from under the gun, jricardosc reraised to 88,888 from the big blind, cwirek1982 pushed all in for just over 700,000, and jricardosc called. cwirek1982 had A♣Q♣ and jricardosc K♥K♣. The flop came 6♥K♦3♥ to give jricardosc a set of kings, and while the A♦ turn gave cwirek1982 a pair it was too little too late as jricardosc had already clinched the hand to send cwirek1982 out in fourth.

The remaining three played on a short while longer, then paused the tourney to discuss a possible deal with jricardosc the big stack with about 1.93 million, leplato next with about 565,000, and dirty.brasil third with just under 475,000. Numbers were presented but no terms could be agreed upon, and after a few minutes of discussion play was resumed once more.

Before long it the blinds were 12,500/25,000 when leplato opened from the small blind to 60,245 and dirty.brasil called. The flop came 5♣8♦10♦, leplato led for 64,245, dirty.brasil shoved all in for 513,618, and leplato called leaving about 225,000 behind.

dirty.brasil had 9♦7♣ for an open-ended straight draw while leplato had top pair with A♠10♠. The turn was the Q♠ and river the 3♦, and dirty.brasil was out in third.

With that hand leplato had almost 1.39 million to begin heads-up play, not too far behind jricardosc’s stack of just over 1.58 million. There was a little more deal talk as they played their first hands:

jricardosc: deal
leplato: now that we are here let s play !
leplato: gl
jricardosc: half and half

The conversation ended there, with the only dialogue thereafter between the pair coming in the form of checks, bets, raises, and folds.

leplato soon chipped up to seize the lead from jricardosc, building up to a nearly 3-to-1 chip advantage. Then came a hand that saw the pair raise back and forth on a 2♦5♣7♠ flop until jricardosc was all in with K♥7♣ versus leplato’s 6♠4♠. The turn was the 6♣ and river the 7♦, and with trips jricardosc took the pot and the chip lead.

They made it to the 12-hour mark, then just a few minutes after that leplato was down to just over 700,000 when making a 2x button raise to 70,000. jricardosc reraised back to 140,000, leplato shoved, and jricardosc called.

jricardosc: A♦3♠
leplato: A♣10♦

Each player had an ace and leplato the preflop edge, but a 3♦9♥3♣ flop suddenly swung the advantage jricardosc’s way, giving the latter trips. The 2♣ on the turn then made the full house-making river 9♣ no matter, and jricardosc had won.

Congratulations to jricardosc for capturing this week’s Super Tuesday title for Brazil and a $112K-plus first prize.

1/20/15 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 595
Prize pool: $595,000.00
Places paid: 72

1. jricardosc (Brazil) — $112,455.00
2. leplato (Malta) — $82,407.50
3. dirty.brasil (Canada) — $60,690.00
4. cwirek1982 (Poland) — $45,815.00
5. Gerritss (Netherlands) — $32,130.00
6. Moonmirppa (Finland) — $25,287.50
7. Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins (Brazil) — $19,337.50
8. swonnny (Canada) — $13,387.50
9. João Mathias “joaoMathias” Baumgarten (Brazil) — $9,103.50

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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