jenbizzle sizzles, wins 5/26/15 Super Tuesday to collect $76K

May 27, 2015

What a wild two weeks-plus it has been here at PokerStars, culminating with yesterday’s finale of the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker. More than $76.5 million was won in the 138 tournaments of this year’s SCOOP, while the Super Tuesday — the $1,050 no-limit hold’em tournament that is itself a weekly marquee event on PokerStars — took a hiatus in the interim.

But with the last SCOOP having been scooped, the Super Tuesday was back in action this week with a field of 408 runners — smaller than average, but still good for a $408,000 prize pool that topped the $400K guarantee. It would take nearly 11 hours for that group to play down to a winner, with the U.K.’s jenbizzle coming out on top to win a $78,295.20 first prize after coming back heads-up versus Tudor “a.S.e High” Purice.


They were approaching the tourney’s six-hour mark when they blasted through the money bubble, and as the field shrunk down from 54 it was DaNuts90 grabbing the chip lead and building upon it as the night wore on.

Just over an hour later they were already down to 18 players, with DaNuts90 still the chip leader with just over 290,000, ahead of jenbizzle in second position with a little under 245,000.

It would take just about an hour more to play down to nine. keyhell (18th), norfair18 (17th), and tinchoarce (16th) were the next out, each earning $3,672. dadowiec (15th) followed, then after slipping in the counts DaNuts90 (14th) fell followed by gogo7104 (13th), with those three taking away $4,488 apiece. Don Marato (12th), RLOG (11th), and arxigos (10th) were then successively eliminated, with each of them finding $5,304 added to their PokerStars accounts after their busts.

The break coming at the tournament’s eight-hour coincided with the start of the final table, and after a five-minute rest the last nine players were back at it with jknack10 the new chip leader.


Seat 1: Us_Alex (Russia) — 196,486
Seat 2: Andy “andyh26” Holman (United Kingdom) — 42,916
Seat 3: Tudor “a.S.e High” Purice (Romania) — 239,714
Seat 4: dasman13 (Netherlands) — 69,066
Seat 5: jknack10 (Canada) — 451,444
Seat 6: moumaife84 (Denmark) — 140,684
Seat 7: schulle1 (Germany) — 127,682
Seat 8: jenbizzle (United Kingdom) — 417,002
Seat 9: SHiiPTHATiSH (Costa Rica) — 355,006

Nearly half an hour went by before the first final table elimination, coming in a hand that began with Us_Alex opening with a min-raise to 12,800 from under the gun. Tudor “a.S.e High” Purice next reraised to 67,403 from a couple of seats over, then dasman13 called all in for just over 39,000. It folded back around to Us_Alex who called, putting both of the others at risk.

Us_Alex: A♠9♠
a.S.e High: J♦J♠
dasman13: A♥K♦

The 3♦3♣Q♦7♦8♥ board meant Purice’s hand remained best, while dasman13 hit the rail in ninth.

Just three hands later a moumaife84 open-pushed from early position and it folded to Andy “andyh26” Holman who called all in for just over 13,000 after having posted the small blind. moumaife84 had A♥K♦ and the edge versus Holman’s 10♥5♠, and five cards later — 9♥5♥7♠A♠3♣ — Holman’s flopped five had been beaten by moumaife84’s turned ace, and Holman was done in eighth.

It was just a few minutes later that the next knockout came. After schulle1 opened for the minimum to 12,800 from UTG and got two callers in Us_Alex (cutoff) and Tudor “a.S.e High” Purice (button). The flop came A♦7♠4♦, and it checked around to Purice who bet 23,688. schulle1 then check-raised all in for 64,399, and after Us_Alex folded, Purice called.

schulle1 had A♠J♥ for aces while Purice had K♦Q♦ for a flush draw. The 9♣ turn was okay for schulle1, but the 7♦ fell on fifth street to complete the flush and schulle1 was shot down in seventh.

The remaining six played well into the tournament’s 10th hour, then with the blinds at 5,000/10,000 it was SHiiPTHATiSH opening from early position with a big raise to 80,000 that left about 3,800 behind, moumaife84 reraising all in over that from the big blind, and SHiiPTHATiSH calling to be at risk. moumaife84 had A♦9♣ versus the 10♠9♣ of SHiiPTHATiSH, and after the board came A♣2♣10♦3♦A♠, moumaife84’s trip aces beat SHiiPTHATiSH’s two pair to send the latter away in sixth.

A few minutes later moumaife84 opened for 24,840 (a little over 2x) from UTG, jknack10 called from the big blind, and the flop came 9♣K♦3♥. jknack10 checked, moumaife84 bet almost 24,000, and jknack10 called. The turn was the 4♦, and this time jknack10 shoved all in for just under 87,000 and moumaife84 was the one calling.

jknack10 had 9♦8♦ for nines, but moumaife84 held A♦A♥ and after the 4♠ completed the board, jknack10’s tournament run had ended in fifth.

Next to go would be Us_Alex in fourth. After jenbizzle shoved from UTG, Us_Alex called all in from the button for almost 140,000 (not quite 10 BBs), and the blinds folded. jenbizzle had A♣K♠ and Us_Alex was hoping 10♣10♥ would hold. But the community cards came 2♦5♠Q♥K♦5♦ to give jenbizzle the better two pair and reduce the field to three.

A short while after that Tudor “a.S.e High” Purice was the big leader with nearly 1.5 million while jenbizzle sat with just over 415,000 and moumaife84 just south of 125,000. Soon moumaife84 was open-raising all in with that short stack from the button (a little less than nine BBs) with K♦7♣, but ran smack into Purice’s A♦A♠. Then the board brought the other two aces, coming 6♠A♥7♠A♣8♣, giving a.S.e High quads and knocking moumaife84 out in third.

Tudor “a.S.e High” Purice enjoyed a hefty chip lead to start heads-up play with about 1.63 million to jenbizzle’s stack of just over 407,000.


Tudor “a.S.e High” Purice
About 15 minutes later Purice still had about the same lead, but then jenbizzle won a few pots to chip up and was sitting at just over 700,000 when a key hand between the pair took place.

With the blinds 9,000/18,000, jenbizzle limped in from the button, Purice raised big to make it 63,000 to go, and jenbizzle called. The flop came 10♥7♠A♣. Purice led for 58,725 and jenbizzle called. The turn was the 2♥, and this time a.S.e High bet 103,565. jenbizzle called again.

The river brought the Q♣ and an all-in push by Purice, and after pausing a couple of beats jenbizzle called with the 473,613 that was left. Purice showed J♣2♦ for deuces (fifth pair), while jenbizzle turned over J♦10♠ for tens (third pair) to win the pot and take over the chip lead.

The pair had been chatty throughout their duel, and the conversation picked up again after that hand.

a.S.e High: lol that was really really bad
a.S.e High: on your part, I mean
a.S.e High: 😀
jenbizzle: i wanted to snap but i didnt wanna look dumb if i was wrong 
a.S.e High: its ok
a.S.e High: it happened anyway
a.S.e High: bad river

A few hands laster jenbizzle was sitting on a bit more than 1.6 million versus a.S.e High’s 430,000. Then with the blinds at 10,000/20,000, Purice raised to 43,000, jenbizzle made a big covering three-bet, and a.S.e High called all in with the 384,847 he had left.

jenbizzle: 9♣9♥
a.S.e High: A♣10♦

The board would bring an ace, but not after also bringing a nine, coming 8♦6♥9♦K♥A♦ to give jenbizzle a set and this week’s Super Tuesday title.

Congratulations to jenbizzle for topping a field of 408 and winning a handsome $78,295.20 first prize as the Super Tuesday swings back into action.

5/26/15 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 408
Prize pool: $408,000.00
Places paid: 54

1. jenbizzle (United Kingdom) — $78,295.20
2. Tudor “a.S.e High” Purice (Romania) — $58,140.00
3. moumaife84 (Denmark) — $42,840.00
4. Us_Alex (Russia) — $32,640.00
5. jknack10 (Canada) — $22,848.00
6. SHiiPTHATiSH (Costa Rica) — $17,340.00
7. schulle1 (Germany) — $13,260.00
8. Andy “andyh26” Holman (United Kingdom) — $9,180.00
9. dasman13 (Netherlands) — $6,772.80

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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