Jemmert1983 jams the win and $92,530 in the 2/16 Super Tuesday event

February 17, 2010


Well, hello there. We usually only see each other on Sundays and during special events like WCOOP and SCOOP, but it’s nice to be here on a Tuesday night. Errr, actually, it’s Wednesday morning, but Super Tuesday does run well into the night/morning hours.

It is exciting to begin to bring you the big Tuesday action from PokerStars. The Super Tuesday offers players a $250K guarantee for a $1000 + $50 buy-in, which means quite a few of the members of Team PokerStars join high stakes players from around the globe to compete in the event each week (including this week Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden, who finished an excellent third despite sitting down to play just an hour or so after finishing his long shift at EPT Copenhagen). But Super Tuesday is not just for the big boys; players can satellite their way in for a fraction of the buy-in. Anyone has a chance to compete in this choice tournament and take down the top prize, one that usually nears the $100K mark.

The event has been gaining popularity of late. This week found 487 interested players, and when the buy-ins were tallied, the prize pool soared well past the guarantee and landed at $487,000. Super!

After seven hours, there were two tables still running and much caution was applied as the final table neared. Two PokerStars Pros were still in the mix, though Alvaro “VARICO” Blanco, a member of the Team PokerStars Online team representing Madrid, struggled with a short stack. However, he was able to double through Team Nordics’ Lodden to stay alive, and he did it again through Dan “Wretchy” Martin. Well into the eighth hour of play, TheJaguar1 was eliminated in 11th place, and hand-for-hand play began. A few rounds into action, greener_tree pushed all-in preflop with pocket threes, and Wretchy was there with A♦ K♦. The board came 7♣ 10♣ 9♦ 4♠ K♥, and greener_tree was out in tenth place with $5,844.00.


Johnny Lodden: played Super Tuesday after bagging up at EPT Copenhagen day 1A!

Midway through Level 31, with blinds at 3,200/6,400 with an 800 ante, the final table was set, with seat assignments and chip counts as follows:

Seat 1: VARICO (316,006 in chips)
Seat 2: xMAESTROx (142,244 in chips)
Seat 3: Aduobe4 (119,107 in chips)
Seat 4: Sir_winalot9 (669,671 in chips)
Seat 5: nzaczac06 (126,052 in chips)
Seat 6: johnnylodden (239,468 in chips)
Seat 7: Wretchy (283,145 in chips)
Seat 8: Jemmert1983 (254,416 in chips)
Seat 9: Jossel2008 (284,891 in chips)

Super Tuesday 02.16.10.JPG

The second hand produced serious action, as Lodden raised and xMAESTROx pushed all-in for his last 137,444. Lodden called with pocket queens, and xMAESTROx needed improvement on the A♦ J♦. The flop of 6♣ J♠ 5♦ brought hope with the pair of jacks for xMAESTROx, but nothing further came on the 9♠ turn or 4♠ river. The queens held up, which sent xMAESTROx out in ninth place with $8,084.20.

The shortest stack at the table, nzaczac06, made a preflop raise with A♥ J♣, and when Jemmert1983 reraised all-in from the big blind, nzaczac06 called for his/her tournament life. Jemmert1983 dominated with A♣ K♣, and that hand remained the best as the board produced 5♠ 6♠ 8♦ A♦ A♠. That left nzaczac06 out of the game in eighth place with $10,957.50.

Next on the short-stack list was Aduobe4, who looked down at A♠ K♣ in the big blind and pushed all-in. Original raiser Lodden called, and Jemmert1983 got out of the way. Lodden then showed pocket tens, and as the board quickly came 5♦ 7♥ 5♠ 5♣ 2♠, Lodden’s hand became a full house. Aduobe4 was eliminated from the tournament with $15,827.50 as consolation for the seventh place finish.

A serious hand then developed as Wretchy, Jemmert1983, and VARICO went to see a flop of K♦ 4♠ J♥. They all checked to the 3♠ turn, but that card prompted Jemmert1983 to bet out. VARICO raised to 44,000, but Wretchy came over the top all-in for 263,909. Jemmert1983 reraised to isolate, at which point VARICO folded and typed “lol” in the chat box. Wretchy showed that he risked his tournament life with K♠ Q♠, but the top pair was outdone by the K♣ J♣ and two pair of Jemmert1983. The 7♣ rolled off on the river to end the hand, and Dan “Wretchy” Martin was gone in sixth place, which was worth a payout of $20,697.50.

At the nine-hour break, Lodden led the pack with 767,291 chips, but Jemmert1983 was close behind with 755,731. Sir_winalot9 was in third with more than 600K, while Jossel2008 struggled with little more than 200K, and VARICO was in trouble with less than 60K. But on the first hand after break, VARICO doubled through Jossel2008 to stay alive when his sevens held up to A-K. A few rounds later, he doubled again, this time with Q-J over the K-Q of Lodden. The double-ups continued when Jossel2008 stayed alive with pocket eights over the pocket sixes of Lodden.

Each time VARICO doubled up it was the source of chatter from the players, as they joked about how many times his tournament life had been saved. And as he again sat in short-stacked position, it was time for another attempt. Jemmert1983 started the hand with a raise, but VARICO reraised all-in with pocket nines. Jemmert1983 called with A♥ J♦. The flop couldn’t have been better for VARICO when it came A♦ J♣ 9♠ to provide the set over the two pair of Jemmert1983. The 3♥ on the turn changed nothing, but the A♣ hit on the river to give Jemmert1983 the full house. No more saves were available for Team PokerStars Online pro Alvaro “VARICO” Blanco, who finished the tournament in fifth place with $26,785.00.

Play slowed a bit, and Jossel2008 as one of the two ultra-short stacks finally found a place to move, doing it preflop with K♣ Q♥. Jemmert made the call with pocket tens, and the race was on. The two watched the board blank with 8♣ 4♠ 5♥ 6♠ 2♠, and Jossel2008 left the tournament in fourth place with $37,986.00 from the PokerStars cashier.

One very short-stacked player remained, and it was Lodden. He looked down at A♣ 9♦ and decided to raise, but when Sir_winalot9 reraised, Lodden fought back with an all-in reraise for his last 249,062 chips. Sir_winalot9 called and showed pocket nines. The virtual dealer didn’t give them much to be excited about, as the replay shows:

RSS readers click through to see replay

And with that, Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden was eliminated in third place with $49,917.50. As we mentioned earlier, the fight for this tournament took on another level of dedication and passion for the game with the knowledge that Lodden just finished Day 1A of the EPT Copenhagen event before he logged on to play the Super Tuesday. There was a joke in the earlier chat about Lodden using his timebank during an attempted nap, so he truly must have been awake all night trying to win this tournament. While he clearly sought victory, a third place finish, especially under such circumstances, is truly a solid accomplishment.

The two remaining players went into heads-up action with the following counts:

Seat 4: Sir_winalot9 (1100088 in chips)
Seat 8: Jemmert1983 (1334912 in chips)

Throughout the duel, Jemmert1983 jammed nearly each hand, coming through with an aggression that left little room for Sir_winalot9 to move. On the 15th hand of heads-up play, tension was high. A raise and reraise took the two players to the 2♥ Q♦ 10♥ flop, at which point Jemmert1983 bet, Sir_winalot9 check-raised, and Jemmert1983 called. The J♥ on the turn prompted an all-in move from Sir_winalot9 holding pocket aces, but Jemmert1983 quickly called with pocket queens and showed the set. The 7♠ came on the river to end the hand, and Sir_winalot9 was forced to accept second place and the $68,180.00 that went with it.

And the winner of the February 16th Super Tuesday event was Jemmert1983. Along with the title, Jemmert1983 received $92,530.00 for the victory. Congratulations!

Super Tuesday Results for 02/16/10:

1st place: Jemmert1983 ($92,530.00)
2nd place: Sir_winalot9 ($68,180.00)
3rd place: Team Pro Johnny “johnnylodden” Lodden ($49,917.50)
4th place: Jossel2008 ($37,986.00)
5th place: Team Pro Alvaro “VARICO” Blanco ($26,785.00)
6th place: Wretchy ($20,697.50)
7th place: Aduobe4 ($15,827.50)
8th place: nzaczac06 ($10,957.50)
9th place: xMAESTROx ($8,084.20)

Tuesdays on PokerStars are fast becoming the place to be. As well as the Super Tuesday, it’s also the night where the stars come out to play. Team Pro Tuesdays feature some of the world’s greatest players (do names like Negreanu, Eastgate, Grospellier, and Cada ring a bell?) chatting and playing a variety of tournaments and cash games. Check here for information about the Outlast the Pro tournaments. And don’t forget to check for satellites each week for the Super Tuesday event, where anyone can win a seat into the $250K weekly tournament.


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