Jack Wu dominates ACOP Platinum Series XII

March 29, 2016

Last week, the ‘PokerStars LIVE Macau’ poker room completed ACOP Platinum Series XII attracting festival totals of 725 players and more than HK$2.8 million in prize money.

Taiwanese poker pro Jack Wu had a monster week with 2 wins and 3 final tables. Wu biggest victory was in the HK$5,500 Main Event where he defeated a 241-player field for the HK$260,850 top prize.

jack_wu_winner_29mar16_22.jpgJack Wu
In total, 27 players cashed for a share of the HK$1,087,030 prize pool in the two-day event.

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang and Sparrow Cheung both made deep runs but ultimately fell in 19th and 24th place. Ultimately, it was American Duy Ho as the last man standing in the way of Wu’s first main event title and that challenge would last just 15 minutes.

The critical hand came with both players going through a series of pre-flop raises that put Wu all-in with A♦9♥ — dominating Ho’s A♥8♦.

The hand would hold as the board ran J♠7♥Q♦4♠2♠ leaving Ho crippled with 100,000 chips remaining, while Wu’s double up soared his stack to 2.3m.

The very next was another predictable all-in pre-flop.

Wu: A♥K♠
Ho: 8♣9♥

Ho appeared in good shape for a double up on the flop of 2♠8♥J♥ for a pair of eights but the turn and river of Q♣ and 10♣ respectively gave Wu the nut straight to clinch the title.

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The incredible week was particularly satisfying for Wu who has never had a live event win despite plenty of cashes since 2012. Now the 33-year old has two titles in just a single week. Wu’s results now climb him up from No. 136 to No. 5 on the Asia Player of the Year rankings.


1. Jack Wu (Chinese Taipei) HK$260,850
2. Duy Ho (USA) HK$168,380
3. Jiaxiu Liu (China) HK$108,600
4. Chin Yu Pai (Chinese Taipei) HK$87,000
5. Alex Lee (Singapore) HK$68,500
6. Taiping Chen (China) HK$54,400
7. Chuwen Zhou (China) HK$43,500
8. Chao Li (China) HK$35,300
9. Li Chen (China) HK$27,200

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The next special event at PokerStars LIVE Macau is ACOP Platinum Series XIII which takes place from April 19-24. For more information please visit www.PokerStarsLIVEMacau.com

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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