It’s a shame about Ray

October 30, 2005

The Merrion is a little less colourful than it has been.

Ray Coburn, the green-haired, Skittles-munching PokerStars qualifier from New Jersey has just departed in in 14th place. He was in the big blind with an ace-nine and David Pomroy, on the button, made approximately the ninth pre-flop raise of the round. Ray moved in, Pomroy called. He had queens and there was no help.

David Pomroy, the chip leader, accounts for Ray Coburn

Ray takes home €9,900 for his troubles. That’s a lot of candy.

Michael Slevin was 15th. The Wexford man moved in with a pair of fours on a low flop, but Henric Olander called with two overcards and a flush draw. He hit a king and that was that.

Thomas Brandt exited in 16th place. His ace-two wasn’t good enough to beat jacks.


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