It’s a Mads world

January 22, 2006

Mads Andersen is running away with this. Here are his chips. Understand now why they’re difficult to count?

We’re down to two tables, with the players remaining as follows:
Xuyen “Bad Girl” Pham
Mads Andersen
Philip Hilm
Edgar Skjervold
Adam Nilsson (PokerStars qualifier)
Johan Bergquist
Lennart Nystrom
Anina Gundersen (PokerStars qualifier)
Hans Eskildsen
Christer Johansson
Edgar Skjevold
Per Andersen
Markus Gonsalves (PokerStars qualifier)
Shek Chi Chung
Mark Naalden

The three PokerStars qualifiers are still battling, with Adam Nilsson, below, on a table with Bad Girl, Mads and Edgar Skjervold, who knocked out Doug Protz in a massive coup earlier (Doug had queens, Edgar had king-jack and made a flush).

Adam Nilsson

Ram Vaswani, the last remaining Hendon Mobster (of the two that made the trip), went out around about 18th place, just after Noah Boeken.


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