P1M Guarantee- March: A dominating victory for Wang-Ping Yuan

March 13, 2016

It was a big day for Taiwanese player Wang-Ping Yuan aka Wayne who overcame a field of 361 entries at the P1M Guarantee Main Event to claim the trophy and the P332,648 first place cash prize.

Yuan’s run to the finish line began with him scalping many players prior to entering the final table. One of his first victims was Filipino player Felicitas Soriano just before the bubble. When the bubble burst with Korea’s Shin Haeng Lee falling to fellow countryman Seung Soo Jeon, Yuan proceeded to rail Filipino player Patrick de Jesus with a lucky trips landing on the river. Two rounds later, he delivered Korea’s In Sin a shattering blow with his 2♦4♦ landing two pairs against Sin’s 6♦6♣.

At the final table, Yuan entered with a dominating lead, and immediately increased past 1M in chips after winning three hands, all nearly back-to-back, and without a showdown. With such a massive arsenal, Yuan delivered the first casualty of the final table by eliminating Chinese player Yongqi Ren in 9th place with a full house, and minutes after, he sent Filipino player Edwin Marzan packing in 8th place. This sent him to around 2.5M in chips.

It didn’t all go his way though, Yuan doubled up Korean player Soo Jo Kim, and then watched as other players started getting in on the action. Jeon fell next, in 7th place, when his aces was cracked by UK’s Dave Colclough, and then USA’s Seyedomid Hadipour got the best of a coin flip against Ronald Dimaano (6th place). Hadipour’s big slick bested Dimaano’s ladies when a king graced on the river.

Looking for some payback, Yuan called Kim’s all in preflop and his A♥10♥ did well as it gave him the nut flush and his chips back. Kim was out in 5th place. But Yuan’s climb didn’t last. At four-handed, the tides changed up with Yuan all in against Colclough. Yuan had A♠K♦ and Colclough had A♦A♥. Colclough’s aces were good to the end and he took the chip lead. Then there was Hadipour. He railed Stanilav Malkov in 4th place and followed it up with a massive double up against Yuan with his K♦K♥. Hadipour jumped into the chip lead with 2.5M chips.

Action continued to be fast and furious with Yuan determined to get back in the game. He doubled up through Colclough and went up to 1.5M chips with his K♦6♦ winning against Colclough’s J♠7♠. He doubled up again in a showdown against the big stacked Hadipour with his A♦J♣ dominating Hadipour’s A♠3♠. With 3M chips in his arsenal, he eliminated Colclough in 3rd place with his pocket tens landing a set and burning Colclough’s pocket queens.

At heads up, Yuan had a 7:1 chip advantage and was looking assured to deliver his fifth and final knockout. It happened in the just the fourth hand. Hadipour went all in with Q♣J♦ but it was no good against Yuan’s A♥10♠ with the board running 4♦3♥2♥5♠Q♦ for a victorious straight.

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Final Table Payouts:
1st Wang Ping Yuan – Taiwan P332,648
2nd Seyedomid Hadipour – USA – P212,400
3rd- Dave Colclough – UK – P134,500
4th Stanislav Malkov – Russia – P106,200
5th Soo Jo Kim – Korea – P77,900
6th Ronald Dimaano – Philippines -P63,700
7th Seung Soo Jeon – Korea – P49,600
8th Edwin Marzan – Philippines – P41,800
9th Yongqi Ren – China – P34,000

*The top five finishers each received a seat to the Manila Megastack 5. Seats are worth P25,000 each.


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