Introducing Grand Tour: Win cash bounties in Turbo KO sprints to the finish line

April 30, 2020inPoker

PokerStars Grand Tour game

Race in quick 4-handed KO “sprints” to the finish line and start winning from the very first hand…

Today is the beginning of a Grand Tour on PokerStars…

It’s a new game in which you sprint your way to the finish line at hyper-turbo speed.

You can win bounties from the very first hand, not after hours spent grinding your way to the bubble.

And it has a buy-in low enough to play more, when you want, and with a better chance of logging off with money in your bankroll… even if you fall short of the finish line.

And all for a buy-in of one dollar. And about as much time as it takes you to read this guide how to play.

So if you’re interested there’s no time to lose.

Here’s what to do next…

The Grand Tour home page…

Guide to How PokerStars Grand Tour Works

Think of Grand Tour as a marathon made up of six cycling themed “sprints”. And with cash to win around every corner.

There are six of these sprints. They’re played as 4-handed hyper-turbo Spin & KOs using a progressive KO format.

For every player you KO you win cash, and you play until you’re the last of the four players standing. If you’re eliminated you keep the bounties you win no matter what.

Let’s assume you emerge the winner… What happens then?

Prizes Increase as You Progress

Now you advance to the next sprint. Only now your own bounty value has increased, and the stakes are higher than in the previous round.

You’ll be up against players who’ve also got this far, or who choose to buy-in at this higher level. But your goal remains the same – to keep KO-ing players and reach the next sprint.

Because if you keep this up to the final sixth stage, you’ll be playing not only for everyone else’s bounty, but your own bounty too. Crossing the finish line ahead of everyone else should leave you up between $100 and $150.

Not bad for a $1 buy-in, and about an hour of your time.

KO players to win their bounties, which you cash in even if you’re eliminated…

The 3 ways Grand Tour helps your game

You now know how to play. But here’s what’s in it for you…

Start winning more often: The Spin & KO format means you can win cash bounties from the very first hand. And because Grand Tour is about bounties not prize pools, there’s no need to play into the early hours to reach the distant bubble, or for super-human patience waiting for the right moment in a cash game.

More playing, less waiting: Because Grand Tour is played 4-handed, you’re never more than a moment away from being involved. And to be doubly sure, they’re played at hyper-turbo speed so they’re fast, and done in a matter of minutes. It means you can either play more sprints or leave yourself more time for those other real life obligations.

Play for as little as one dollar: Grand Tour buy-ins start at just $1, which you can turn into something like $100-$150 in less than an hour. But if you want to skip the early stages you can. Join a later sprint for $2, $5, $12, $25 and $60. The higher the buy-in the closer to the finish line you start.

And remember… even if you fall short of this final spot, you still win cash for every player you KO.

So even if you don’t reach the final stages, and even if you only play for a short time, you have more chances of winning money with every KO.

But there are other advantages too…

The more players you KO the more your bounties increase…

Boost Your Confidence and Bankroll

So, it’s a game fitting into the time you have, and the bankroll you have. And because of the KO format you can win cash without spending hours chasing one big prize.

Suddenly you’re stepping away from the trials of long empty-handed sessions derailed by a single bad beat…

You’re swapping them for short, fun bursts of poker, played at high speed. Plus, a better chance of logging off with some mojo in your bankroll.

That’s a confidence boost to put a smile on the face of any poker player. Especially one who hasn’t been up playing all night.

To put it another way… you get your daily poker fix without missing out on all those other things life sends your way.

There’s one more potentially life-changing bonus too. More about that in just a second…

Win your own bounty by crossing the finish line first in the last of six sprints…

Start Playing Grand Tour Now

You can play Grand Tour from today on PokerStars, in both real and play money. Click on the Grand Tour tab in the lobby. You can’t miss it.

Then play a sprint and see how you get on.

Remember, Grand Tour is poker on your terms…

  • New Spin & KOs increase your chances of winning more often
  • 4-handed hyper-turbo sprints help you fit poker into the time you have
  • The $1 buy-in lets new players, or those with smaller bankrolls, get involved

And don’t forget… if you win a sprint you can wait until you’re next online to play on. You don’t need to play all the sprints in one go. They wait for you, not the other way around.

One more thing…

One More Life-Changing Bonus

Before you head over the PokerStars lobby to see for yourself, there’s one more bonus feature to tell you about… It’s a potentially life changing one too.

As you’ve just read, every time you KO a player you win their bounty. That bounty is split in two: half you keep, the other half increases your own bounty value.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

Spin up the Bounties You Win

The portion you win when you KO someone is then put through a multiplier.

Now, if you’ve played Spin & Go’s before you’ll know how multipliers work.

At the start of a Spin & Go the “spin” determines whether or not the prize pool is multiplied, and by how much. It can super-charge a prize pool far beyond the original total.

Well in Grand Tour this same multiplier happens every time you KO a player.

Each bounty you win has the potential to spin you up to an even bigger payout, to many times the original value.

How many times?

Well you’ll find more details on the Grand Tour homepage. But the maximum (depending on the stakes you play) is $100,000.

Not a bad return for a few minutes of poker.

Start playing Grand Tour on PokerStars from today

How to Find Out More

So you know how to play Grand Tour, and why. For where, you can head over to the PokerStars lobby and click on the Grand Tour tab.

For details on all the prizes available, check out the PokerStars Grand Tour homepage. That’s where you’ll also find a link taking you directly to the Grand Tour tab.

And you can get an example of how in Grand Tour you can win big, and win fast, by reading about the first to do just that.

So get logged in and playing.

Then let us know what you think.



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