Introducing PokerStars Community

August 23, 2021inPoker

There’s a new way for you to get answers to PokerStars related questions you might have or ask questions about anything and everything to do with playing on PokerStars.

It’s called the PokerStars Community, and you might even have already seen links to it while you play in the Lobby or on The Rail.

It’s available to .com and .EU players, and it’s a space for you and other players to discuss PokerStars products, and all the little details that go with them.

You might have a question about how to access a product, or why the rules are a certain way, or something as where to find certain features. Provided it’s not account related (for privacy reasons) you can ask the community.

And because it’s a community we want as many people to be involved as possible, so that answers to questions help other players with the same query, and where players like you can give feedback or share thoughts and ideas about PokerStars products.

If you do you can earn badges and points on the community leader board for every post you make, every reply, every question… that sort of thing.

So if you have a question or comment on anything related to PokerStars products, or you just want a casual discussion on something poker related, you can find the PokerStars Community on The Rail on the PokerStars client, or go straight to it here. We’ll see you there.




PokerStars staff

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