Introducing our new app: Poker Dojo

May 26, 2020inPoker

If you’re new to poker, based in the UK or United States, and looking for a way to get better fast? We have something to help get you into fighting shape.

Try Poker Dojo from today

It’s a super-engaging poker mini game app that teaches you essential bits that any poker savvy player should know, like hand rankings, hand strength and how to assess an all in decision.

It’s the ideal place to learn and practice — like having an expert poker teacher just a tap away on your phone.

That’s why we called it Poker Dojo, and you can access it from today on iOS and Android, and soon directly on the web.

Here’s what you’ll find when you get there…


This collection of fast, engaging games in Poker Dojo is designed to challenge your poker know-how.

They’re fun, and easy to get stuck into.

You can learn how to crush your friends in the Dojo leaderboards and later at the table.

The games will teach you to recognise and make strong hands, make tough value decisions under pressure, and test your courage when the big all-in decision comes flying at you.

It’s a great way to spend a few minutes learning, or just having some fun with it.

If you’re serious about learning more about the game, or sharpening your skills, poker Dojo is a super fun place to start. It’s a game in its’ own right, but also a steppingstone to becoming a more competent player.

Here’s a bit more detail about some of those games…


The mini games currently testing your skills are:

Grid Poker

Here you select five cards on the grid to make a poker hand. Your challenge is to score as many points as possible before time runs out! The stronger the hand, the more points you score. Repeatedly selecting the same hand type will decrease its value, so you also need to go for a variety of hands, not just the strongest!

Think it sounds easy? Hand recognition at speed can pay dividends in those vital situations at the table.

Strongest Hand

In this game you face two different challenges…

Picking the best hand out of three or rating your hand in a typical situation, with bonus points based on the outcome.

To start you are shown three different hands – either before, during or after the community cards are dealt. You then have to pick the strongest hand, the one which has the highest chance to win.

Of course, real poker is never that straight forward.

The best hand on the flop doesn’t always stay that way by the river – but the game will primarily reward you for making correct decisions.

All-in or fold

Then there is the All-in or Fold game.

Your challenge is simple. Fold until you are confident enough in your hand to go all in against an unseen hand.

You decide when you think your hand is strong enough to go all-in with. But don’t forget that the clock never stops, so act quickly.

Survive as many all ins as you can to increase your score.

There are three mini-games to try on the news Poker Dojo app


If you’re new to the game and want a fun way to get the hang of some poker basics, Poker Dojo will get you started.

All three games practice the type of skills that are essential when starting out in poker. So not only are they fun to play, you’re learning at the same time!

Check out the Poker Dojo app from today. It’s available in all the usual places: Apple App Store and Google Play Store (UK and US only). Give it a try and see what you think.




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