Introducing a new theme to the PokerStars VR world

November 28, 2019inPoker

How are you at espionage?

What about operating virtual shoulder mounted weaponry?

Whether the answer is “great!” or “I’m not sure but I’d love to try” you might like to try out the new theme introduced on PokerStars VR this week.

A first look at the new Spies theme

Based around “Spies,” it features some of the most intense challenges, set within a new spy-themed virtual reality world.

You’ll face your opposition at a table located deep within a super villain’s lair, located inside an active volcano at the summit of a snow-capped mountain (you can do that in VR). And there’s plenty of new apparel, props and gadgets to mess around with along the way.

Interact and play the VRPT

A duck. Incognito

And because it’s a spy theme, there are the forces of good vs evil to contend with. Depending on which you choose.

You can interact with both as you unravel the secrets of the lair (items are colour coded black or white to denote good or evil). That including exploding bubble gum, shoulder mounted weaponry (you can do that in VR too) and even laser lipstick.

And to keep the action on the table as dramatic as the action off it, the Spies theme will also host the next stop in the inaugural PokerStars Virtual Reality Poker Tour (VRPT) starting this Friday, and ending this Sunday December 1.

Key highlights to look forward to include:

A VRPT bracelet: Taste is irrelevant in the VR world

The VR PT is the first of its kind and open to players everywhere. Here’s what’s instore.

November 29 Millionaire Maker, a 100K chip buy-in event

November 30 Main Event with a 5 million chip buy-in event

December 1 Ultra High Roller a 25 million buy-in event

If you win you’ll be the first ever recipient of a PokerStars VRPT bracelet. That’ll make your VR avatar sparkle in a way no one else’s will. You’ll also earn points for the Player of the Year leader board.

But remember, seats for these events are expected to full up quickly. So, sign up now by registering in Discord in the VRPT channel.

Get a sneak peek tonight

To get an early look at the new Spies theme, tune into Twitch later today (8pm CET, 7pm UK, 2pm ET) to see Ben Spragg, Georgina James and Joe Stapleton, plus a few others, battle it out.

Remember that one of the best things about PokerStars VR, aside from being able to throw rubber ducks at opponents, is that it’s free to play, from anywhere in the (real) world. Including (most parts of) the United States.

All you need is a headset. And with Black Friday on the way, it’s a good time to get your hands on one for a little less than expected.

Once you do that you can create a PokerStars account and be firing off shoulder mounted weapons in no time at all.

Become our first PS VR Ambassador

If you hadn’t heard, PokerStars is also still on the lookout for a PokerStars VR ambassador.

You can read more about that vacancy here.

PokerStars VR is available on Oculus’ all-in-one VR system, Oculus Quest, as well as Viveport and Steam.



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