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January 16, 2019inNews

A game where flushes beat full houses, you flop more sets, and no more pocket deuces. 6+ Hold’em launches today. It’s the newest poker variant to appear on PokerStars, and the most talked about game in the poker world. We call it 6+ Hold’em. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT 6+ HOLD’EM That’s our version of short deck hold’em. Below you’ll find details of how to play, and where to play it.

6+ will appeal to regular players, as well as high rollers, and anyone who follows the game (and wants to see what all the fuss is about). “6+ is an exciting poker variant that often produces big hands and a lot of action”, said Chris Straghalis, Director of Poker Product at PokerStars. “While the format has proven popular with high stakes players, the range of stakes available on PokerStars and similarities to hold’em mean that it should appeal to those who may want to try a new game but don’t want something too different. We’re looking forward to seeing what people think.”  

What makes 6+ Hold’em different?

The first thing to note is that all cards lower than a six are removed from the deck. The game is also played with what’s known as a “Button Blind”. While all players post an ante, only one blind is posted, and that’s by the player on the button.

6+ Hold’em is played six-handed and uses a Button Blind – a unique feature to PokerStars

This is the same format used in the high stakes short deck games. PokerStars is the only place that uses that format online.  

Differences in 6+ Hold’em play

With fewer cards in the deck that obviously means a few difference to regular hold’em. For instance, with only nine cards for each suit, a flush in 6+ Hold’em beats a full house. You’ll also notice you flop sets a lot more – 17% of the time to be exact (as opposed to 11.8% in regular hold’em). You’ll also make more full houses. That’ll seem great to start with, but you’ll quickly discover that 6+ Hold’em hands get big fast. And what about straights? Aces can be played high or low, which makes the lowest possible straight: A-6-7-8-9.  

Learn 6+ Hold’em strategies

You might already be thinking that 6+ require some shifts in strategy. That’s why PokerStars School has a variety of articles that’ll help you get started. That includes hand rankings, pre and post-flop play, and other 6+ hold’em tips. And if you’re not already a member of PokerStars School, you can sign up for free.

In 6+Hold’em flushes beat full houses, and the lowest straight is A-6-7-8-9

Meanwhile there are plenty of ways to play and improve. 6+ Hold’em is available on PokerStars at all stakes, for real and play money, and you can play it on desktop or mobile.  

Watch and learn from the pros

Over the next couple of weeks, you can also watch PokerStars Ambassadors hosting special multi-camera streams on Twitch. They’ll be showcasing 6+ Hold’em games, and detailing their own progress. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT 6+ HOLD’EM In the meantime, get started now by checking out the 6+ tab in the PokerStars lobby. Games are available now. Try it, and let us know what you think.



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