“I love Sundays!” Georgios “GeoManousos” Sotiropoulos on his Sunday Million win

February 24, 2015

About four months ago I sent some questions off to a Super Tuesday winner who was having something of a breakthrough year. Georgios “GeoManousos” Sotiropoulos had finished second in the EPT Main Event in Prague a few months earlier and since then had moved to Vienna, turned pro, and begun to concentrate solely on making a living using the talents that were electrifying the online world. In short he was loving life, and loving the game that his father, ever-present either on the actual or virtual rail, taught him to play.

So on getting to work on Monday morning I can’t say I was that surprised to see that GeoManousos had done it again. This time it was the Sunday Million, and a first prize in excess of $200,000. The Greek pro was simply picking up where he’d left off, and when asked was pretty clear how he felt about it.

“I love Sundays!”

It’s true. Whether you’re an amateur, a veteran or a new pro like Sotiropoulos, there’s nothing like winning the biggest event of the week.

“The Sunday Million was the only online tournament I never final tabled on PokerStars!” said Sotiropoulos. “Since I started playing poker, and online poker, my dream was to final table this tournament. So for me it’s by far the best result I ever had in poker, and a dream come true!”


Georgios Sotiropoulos in Deauville, where he won a side event earlier this month

If the number of exclamation marks hadn’t already given it away, Sotiropoulos was delighted to do as well as he did. For many players Sunday Majors are part of the ritual. The Sunday Million is the event they aim to win each week. It may even take a while. But that’s no reason not to go a little nuts when the plan finally works.

“The last Sunday I missed I think it was in summer when I was in Vegas,” he said, before explaining how the Million win had come on the heels of a good start to the weekend.

“This Sunday was special one, because on Saturday I won the Big 55 and I was playing until 9am or so. I was extremely tired when I finished, so I went to the bed straight after that. I woke up at 7pm, ate something quickly and then started the Sunday session, playing almost every tournament with buy in of more than $50.”

That can make for a long day, with frustration just as likely as the thrill of a deep run, the sort of result that Sotiropoulos loves, calling the experience as well as the enjoyment of them “priceless”. But in victory there is also another kind of satisfaction.

“I am happy with how I played,” said Sotiropoulos. “I made a questionable fold on the river with the second nut flush, but I think I was right. We will see on the replay! I am also extremely happy with my ICM decisions.”

On that Sotiropoulos was adamant. More experience has made him better able to approach that part of game with confidence.

“I have worked a lot with my calculations, so I am a high experienced player on those ICM situations. It’s really important, especially when you final table a tournament like the Sunday million. The prizes are so big, and I saw many experienced players make majors ICM mistakes.”

Thankfully, reaching final tables provides good practice, and this time, as Sunday night turned into Monday morning, it left Sotiropoulos with a first prize of $211,024. Cue a call from his father, and a few words in celebration.

Which you might say is becoming the routine after these big wins. A few fist pumps, a chat with Dad and some sleep before starting all over again. Then there’s our routine, which will no doubt involve getting in touch with Sotiropoulos again before too long.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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