instigator85 stirs up 8/7/12 Super Tuesday win for $88K

August 08, 2012

Super Tuesday logo.pngIt’s that time of week again. Super Tuesday time, that is, the weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold’em tourney on PokerStars.

Tonight’s tourney was the 30th Super Tuesday of 2012. The average field for the Super Tuesday so far this year has been just over 419 entrants, meaning the average prize pool has been a little more than $419,000. The smallest field this year has been 334 (in early July), while the largest was a whopping 540 players back on March 20th.

This week’s turnout of 460 was above the average, then, with the $460,000 prize pool easily exceeding the tourney’s $300K guarantee. The top 54 finishers would divide those riches, with a handsome first prize of $88,274 awaiting the winner barring any final-table deals.

It took about three hours and 15 minutes for the field to be reduced to 200 players, with Benjamin “delaney_kid” Delaney having emerged as the early leader with nearly 50,000, well ahead of Calvin “cal42688” Anderson in second with just over 32,000.

About an hour later they were down to 100, with Hanss980, lesmian, and 8r0k34$$ having moved to the top of the counts. Meanwhile a couple of Team PokerStars Pros were still with chips as well, with Jose “Nacho” Barbero sitting with an average stack and Liv Boeree down to just over 10,000.

Boeree would soon commit those chips with 9♠9♣ and was hoping to hold versus the aptly named LetsFlipIt who held A♦J♠. But an ace fell on the turn to sink Boeree in 92nd.

About an hour later they’d reached the cash bubble, with 55 players remaining and Barbero still among them in the middle of the pack. It would be LetsFlipIt again scoring a knockout, this time taking out BWFCLEE after the latter went all in for just over four big blinds with A♣Q♣ and was against LetsFlipIt’s A♦4♦. The flop came A♥K♦4♥ to pair LetsFlipIt twice, and when BWFCLEE couldn’t catch up they were in the money.

The short stacks soon followed BWFCLEE to the rail, with Benny “toweliestar” Spindler (50th), and Mike “SirWatts” Watson (49th) among them. They were soon joined by Jose “Nacho” Barbero. Down to his last 10 big blinds, Barbero took his chances with K♠Q♣ but ran into Leanod’s K♣K♦, and when Nacho’s hand didn’t improve he was out in 46th. Like the other initial cashers, Barbero earned $2,300 for his finish.


Team PokerStars Pro Jose “Nacho” Barbero

By the time they were approaching the seven-hour mark the field had shrunk to 18. Among those not quite making the final two tables were Paul “Paolo69” Foltyn (43rd, $2,530), villepn (40th, $2,530), Benjamin “delaney_kid” Delaney (36th, $2,760), mr. ibiza (31st, $2,760), Hernán “HN Kakaroto” Novik (27th, $3,220), LetsFlipIt (25th, $3,220), and C. Darwin2 (20th, $3,220).

It would take about an hour more to get down to the final nine. seyfieren (18th), Nakkehai (17th), and Hanss980 (16th) each earned $4,140 for their finishes. NCSU2012 (15th), Calvin “cal42688” Anderson (14th), and Fredde1980 (13th) all took away $5,060. And Leanod (12th), FOZINHO (11th), and 8r0k34$$ (10th) made $5,980 apiece.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: liutas.a (Lithuania) — 715,464
Seat 2: kevvybrown (Canada) — 317,366
Seat 3: lesmian (Poland) — 179,534
Seat 4: MH-Diebels (Germany) — 371,805
Seat 5: MistheMan (Canada) — 89,122
Seat 6: instigator85 (Russia) — 312,842
Seat 7: kartt (Brazil) — 44,046
Seat 8: thierr18 (Canada) — 86,694
Seat 9: FrenchDawg (Canada) — 183,127

Four Canadians made this week’s Super Tuesday final table, although all were chasing the lone German, MH-Diebels, who held the chip lead with nine left.

It was soon after the final table began when the first elimination occurred. The blinds were 2,800/5,600, and one of the Canadians, FrenchDawg, opened with a raise from middle position to 11,200. kevvybrown then reraised to 25,165 from the cutoff. It folded back to FrenchDawg who paused several seconds, then pushed all in for 164,852 total and kevvybrown snap-called.

FrenchDawg turned over 9♣9♠, but kevvybrown had A♠A♣, and after the board came 3♣4♥Q♠J♦K♥, FrenchDawg was out in ninth.

About an orbit-and-a-half later the blinds had moved up to 3,200/6,400 when lesmian open-shoved from early position for 61,612, then instigator85 reraised all in over the top from the cutoff, forcing folds from the remaining players. lesmian had 8♥8♠, but instigator85 had a better pair with Q♥Q♦.

The community cards formed a full house, coming 7♦7♣9♦9♣7♠. That meant lesmian was playing the board while instigator had made a better boat, thereby eliminating lesmian in eighth.

Soon thierr18 was down to just a little over 37,000, and opened with a raise to 32,000 (five big blinds) to leave just a few chips behind. liutas.a then reraised for the minimum from a seat over, and when it folded back thierr18 called.

thierr18 had A♠9♣ and needed help verus liutas.a’s 10♠10♦. But the community cards came K♦Q♦6♦7♦8♥, giving liutas.a a flush and sending thierr18 railward in seventh.

The remaining six made it to the nine-hour break, and shortly after the blinds were 4,000/8,000 when MistheMan open-pushed for 105,266 from early position and got a single caller in instigator85 from one seat over.

MistheMan had 7♥7♣ and instigator A♦Q♦, and when the flop came K♠Q♣9♠ MistheMan was suddenly looking for one of the two remaining sevens to survive. But the turn was the 2♣ and river the 9♥, and they were down to five.

About 10 minutes later kartt had slipped to just 9,584 — not much more than a big blind — when kevvybrown opened for 16,188 from under the gun. It folded to kartt in the small blind who pushed all in to call, and liutas.a called as well from the big blind.

liutas.a and kevvybrown then checked after each post-flop street as the board came 5♣Q♠J♣, then 3♠, then 7♠. liutas.a showed 2♥2♦, and when kevvybrown and kartt both mucked, liutas.a claimed the pot while kartt went out in fifth.

Soon the blinds were 4,500/9,000 when kevvybrown raised to 18,188 from UTG, then instigator85 reraised to 52,345 from the small blind. It folded back to kevvybrown who pushed all in for 351,503 total and instigator85 called.

instigator85: 10♠10♥
kevvybrown: 3♣3♥

The board rolled out A♠J♠4♥J♥Q♦, and instigator85’s better pair held to send kevvybrown — the last of the Canadians — out in fourth.

That big, crucial pot catapulted instigator85 in front with more than 1.59 million, with liutas.a in second with just over 545,000 and MH-Diebels in third with about 160,000.

Just a half-dozen hands later, MH-Diebels open-raised all in for 143,699 from the button and liutas.a called from the big blind. MH-Diebels had A♥5♠ while liutas.a had the better kicker with A♠7♣. The board came 6♥8♦Q♦4♣2♣, meaning the kickers played and MH-Diebels’ run had ended in third.

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Heads-up play began with instigator85 way ahead with 1,705,357 to liutas.a’s 594,643. The pair would battle for nearly 15 minutes, during which stretch instigator85 managed to whittle liutas.a down to just over 300,000 as the blinds rose to 5,000/10,000. Finally the end arrived.

In the final hand, liutas.a opened for 20,000 from the button, then instigator85 made it 50,000 to go. liutas.a then pushed all in and instigator85 called.

As happened in the last elimination hand, both players had an ace, but this time liutas.a was the one who was outkicked, turning over A♦4♥ to instigator85’s A♠K♠. The flop came 10♦9♦K♣ to give instigator85 an even better advantage, and the 3♥ on the turn made the 5♠ no matter.

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Congratulations to instigator85 for outlasting another tough — and above-average sized — field to win this week’s Super Tuesday and a better than $88K score!

Super Tuesday results for 8/7/12:
1st: instigator85 (Russia) — $88,274
2nd: liutas.a (Lithuania) — $65,550
3rd: MH-Diebels (Germany) — $48,300
4th: kevvybrown (Canada) — $36,800
5th: kartt (Brazil) — $25,760
6th: MistheMan (Canada) — $19,550
7th: thierr18 (Canada) — $14,950
8th: lesmian (Poland) — $10,350
9th: FrenchDawg (Canada) — $7,636

We’re just a few more Super Tuesdays away from the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker which begins September 2nd. Check out this overview of the upcoming WCOOP which includes the full (and newly finalized) schedule.


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