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January 22, 2006

If you have ever read PokerStars blog before, perhaps from a previous tournament in any country around the world, you will have heard us talk about “commentator’s curse” – a strange phenomenon that seems to ensure a player will be eliminated from a tournament the minute the report on how great they are playing is filed.

In Copenhagen, it has just been taken to a new level. Karin Lundgren has just hit the rail before I even managed to put pen to paper, or finger to key. But her story was in the pipeline – and here’s the picture taken to illustrate it.

Karin Lundgren: our 20th place finisher

She was one of three women remaining in the tournament and was going to take pride of place in a short piece about that trio. So, apologies Karin, if you’re reading this. I hope the 47,000 Kroner prize for 20th place softened the blow.

Anina Gundesen, the PokerStars qualifier from Odense, Denmark, still continues to turn her $13 re-buy prize into something considerably larger. She also deserves an apology: I have not yet managed to take a photo that is in focus of her all day. Here’s the latest blurred attempt, but perhaps it will help stave off the curse.

Anina Gundesen: PokerStars qualifier continuing to make good

Xuyen “Bad Girl” Pham is hidden behind a monstrous stack of chips and, mercifully for her, out of my camera’s range. She is looking very good indeed, however, for a top-placed finish here, whatever I might write about her.


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