Improve your decision making with Liv Boeree’s latest TED talk

October 01, 2018

It’s been observed more than a few times that poker and life have a lot in common. As Team Pro Liv Boeree explains in her latest TED talk, you can draw some important life lessons from the game when it comes to making decisions.

Liv Boeree talks with TED

“Like poker, life is also a game of skill and luck,” Boeree says at the start of the talk. “And when it comes to the biggest things we care about — health, wealth, and relationships — these outcomes don’t only depend on the quality of our decision making, but also on the roll of life’s dice.”

How, then, can we evaluate the quality of our life strategies? How do we learn to quantify the difference between being lucky and being good? And how can we tell when we should study a problem carefully and when we can just go with our gut?

There’s an 85 percent chance that all the answers are right here in this five-minute talk:


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