Huge ROI wins for Bounty Builder Series players

February 04, 2020inPoker

If there’s one thing better than a big win, it’s a big win from a tiny entry fee.

This is a round up of the weekend’s biggest ROI results. A chance to feel inspired by the success of players who took the road less trodden, and got paid for it.

If you’re not familiar with ROI, here’s how it’s calculated:

Total prize / buy-in = ROI

It’s a relatively straightforward formula that tells you how much a player earned compared to the amount they initially invested.

This weekend, players scored huge ROIs in the Bounty Builder Series, as well as in lower stakes regular Bounty Builder games.


‘Wolldroppow’ and ‘Meitz4’ gain huge satellite wins in BBS 007

With a total of 20,041 entries, the $22 Bounty Builder 007 event smashed its guarantee, reaching a total prize pool of over $400k.

Wolldroppow’ from Germany won the event, earning $16,489 for first place, plus an additional $9,598 in bounties for a total of $26,087 in winnings.

Wolldroppow’ gained entry via a $7.50 satellite, making their a 3,477 ROI for the tournament.

Canadian player ‘Meitz4’ came third in the same event, earning a total of $16,402 including bounties. They gained entry via an even lower priced $2.85 satellite. This gave us out top ROI of the weekend – a whopping 5,754 percent.

To reiterate and reaffirm the meaning of ROI, this means that ‘Meitz4’ earned 5,754x their buy-in in the Bounty Builder Series 007.


‘T021TP’ earns huge ROI in Bounty Builder 006

One of the biggest cashes of the weekend went to Russian reg ‘T021TP’. They earned a total of $68,239 for finishing first place in the $215 Bounty Builder 006 event. This included $23,467 in knockout prizes.

The event already had a guarantee of $500k, but in the end the total prize pool reached a dramatic $730k from 3,654 entries.

T021TP’ gained their entry by winning a $27.50 satellite, giving them a total ROI of 2,480% – huge when you consider the buy-in level and what that actually amounted to.


Huge ROI at the low stakes

At first glance, the most impressive satellite victories are those with the biggest prizes. Yet the low stakes success stories are just as interesting to the trained mind.

_Aggelos_789’ from Greece managed to achieve an incredible multiple on their buy-in. They came second in the $11 Bounty Builder tournament at the weekend, earning $6,384.

Not the biggest score, but technically one of the top wins of the weekend when you consider that ‘_Aggelos_789’ earned all this from a $1.45 satellite. Their total ROI for the tournament is 4,401 percent.


Top five ROI wins from the weekend

Player Country Tournament Satellite cost Total prize (placed) ROI (%)
Meitz4 Canada Bounty Builder 007: $22 NLHE (8-Max) $2.85 $16,402.63 (1st) 5754
_Aggelos_789 Greece Bounty Builder $11 $1.45 $6,384.3 (2nd) 4401
Wolldroppow Germany Bounty Builder 007: $22 NLHE (8-Max) $7.50 $26,087.32 (1st) 3477
T021TP Russia Bounty Builder 006: $215 NLHE (8-Max) $27.50 $68,239.55 (1st) 2480
Kreayshawn Russia Bounty Builder 008: $109 NLHE (Turbo) $5.50 $7,587.58 (5th) 1378
kagapov10 Lithuania SundayStorm $3.75 $5,102.48 (4th) 1359
senia138 Ukraine SundayMillion $1.10 $862.1 (109th) 782
A_Angel_10 Chile SundayMillion $15.00 $11,207.2 (8th) 746
Greeg23 United Kingdom Hot $22 $2.85 $1,711.23 (5th) 599
taboliklol RU Bounty Builder 002: $11 NLHE (6-Max) $0.55 $299.1 (30th) 542



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