How to play (there’s still time) and follow the Sunday Million 14th Anniversary

March 20, 2020inPoker

The Sunday million 14th Anniversary is now just hours away.

The biggest ever Sunday Million starts this Sunday 22 March

If you’re still wondering what makes this event special, it starts with the record setting $12.5 million guaranteed prize pool, which makes it the biggest event ever held on PokerStars.

Then there’s the fact that someone must win it. And when they do, they’ll become a millionaire.

(The players close behind will be in receipt of some fairly life changing money).

Then there are the thousands of other players behind them, likely to be making some of the biggest scores of their poker careers.

And amongst them all, the stories that emerge from that field.

Over the course of the past few week’s we’ve been building up to the event.

We’ve written about predictions (plus a story dedicated to explaining why it’s impossible to predict), we’ve created a timeline of the Sunday Million itself, as well as who will be streaming the event this weekend.

Plus, we’re making a last minute appeal to those players still cautiously waiting on the side-lines wondering if they should keep out or take a leap of faith and join an event which, this weekend, will be the centre of the poker universe.


Here’s a look at what you can catch up on ahead of the start on Sunday.

A Sunday Million timeline

The Sunday Million started way back in 2006. Now, 14 years later it’s almost unrecognisable. Here you can see the Sunday Million timeline for yourself how that transformation took place over more than a decade.

You can also check out our Sunday Million by the Numbers, for a complete stat overload.

Picks for the title

Picking a winner from a field of tends of thousands is laughably difficult. Pointless even. But that doesn’t stop some from trying. Here we go through some of the favourites to do well, and why they count as among the best in the game right now. You can see those picks in Part 1 and Part 2. Just remember, if they don’t win, we told you how difficult such predictions are. If they do win, well, we told you so…

How the bookmakers do it

Of course, picking a winner is nigh on impossible, as our colleagues over at BetStars explain in this article. Although they do go through the steps they take when pricing up an event like this, which makes a fascinating read.

Tips from former champs

Over the 14 years of the Sunday Million countless players have established their reputation by playing and winning The Milly. Here they give their tips on how to do well in the flagship tournament of the week.

Who will be streaming?

Even if you’re not playing (and we hope you do – more on that in a second) there will be plenty of opportunities to watch. Here we go through how to do that, with our own team of Twitch Streamers in action in the event itself, and on Twitch. Here’s how to follow them every step of the way.

Don’t just watch the Sunday Million… play it

Of course, there’s still time to play the Sunday Million. That goes for regulars, but also new players.

With all the fanfare, the build-up, and the money involved, it can sometimes seem like an event in which those on a limited bankroll are excluded.

Actually, the opposite is true.

About ten per cent of players qualify for the Sunday Million, and you can too.

That goes for first timers.

In fact we’ve put together an Ultimate Guide for anyone trying to play the Sunday Million for the first time (your timing is perfect).

It shows you how to get past the obstacles you might previously assumed to be in your way. Whether that’s the buy in, the aggro players waiting around every corner, or crashing out before the bubble.

Ultimate Guide to playing the Sunday Million for the first time

The Ultimate Guide to playing the Sunday Million for the first time tackles some common obstacles facing new players

Here’s what you’ll find …

CHAPTER #1: How to pick the best satellite to win a Sunday Million seat

CHAPTER #2: How to play against aggressive players (and make yourself bully-proof!)

CHAPTER #3: How to change your luck (or how to play when card dead)

CHAPTER #4: How to start making the money (and stop bursting the bubble)

CHAPTER #5: How to be successful in the Sunday Million, using tips from the pros


The Sunday Million 14th Anniversary starts this Sunday at 13:00 ET.

That’s 5pm in the UK.

That’s 6pm across Europe.

There’s still time to win your seat, and to buy-in directly.

You can also re-enter for the first 24 hours of this year’s contest.

It will be big. And for some players, it will be life changing.

Good luck to everyone taking part.





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