How to migrate your PokerStars account to the new Ontario site

June 27, 2022inPoker

From June 28 2022, residents of Ontario will be required to migrate their account to the new Ontario site. It’s a simple process, and you’ll be able to log on to the new site using your existing username and password.

Follow these five steps to migrate your account and get started on PokerStars Ontario.

Step 1 – Open up your usual PokerStars account. A message will pop up stating that Ontario residents will now play at Have a read of the pop up and click the “Okay, move to” button.

Step 2 – Once you have clicked the button to move over to, you’ll see a confirmation appear. This explains that you’ll use the same username and password to continue using your account (see below image).

Step 3 – Log out of PokerStars, or continue on to to confirm the migration. When you log back in, the software will update and be ready to use. If you’re playing poker on mobile, you’ll need to download the PokerStars Ontario platform. Next, log on to the new Ontario site.

Step 4 – Finally, read and confirm that you accept the new End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy. You can check the boxes individually or select them all using the slider, as shown below.

This is the final step to open your account.

Step 5 – Once opened, you’ll be asked to verify your Ontario account. You can do this using a variety of documents, including utility bills, bank statements, insurance documents, correspondences from local authorities or letters from financial institutions. A full list of accepted documents is available in the Ontario migration FAQ, linked below.

FAQ about Ontario migration

One of the main concerns for account holders is their PokerStars balance. Let’s make it clear – you won’t lose any of your balance or the value of your rewards. All funds, T$, tournament tickets, and Star Coins will be converted to Canadian dollars and automatically transferred when you log in to your Ontario account.

Remember, migration is mandatory for all account holders living in Ontario. If you have any further questions, check out the full FAQ about the Ontario migration.



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