Here’s how to get hold of the new Jack-in-the-box Throwable on PokerStars

March 15, 2021inPoker

It’s another Throwables day on PokerStars. A chance to add another animated stress reliever to your playing experience.

Today it’s all about a jack-in-the-box. How and when you use it is entirely down to you.

But how to get it is what we’ll get to here.

And like all the others, it’s simple.

Simply lose a hand with pocket tens or better.

Let’s face it, we’ve all done that.

So lose a hand holding pocket tens, jacks, queens, kings of aces. And then, by way of consolation, the jack in the box will be added to your growing Throwables inventory.

Jack-in-the-box throwable

And you can do that from today.

And remember, if you don’t want to see these animated objects flying across your table, you can switch them off in your account settings.

For everyone else, keep an eye out for those big pocket pairs.



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