Does this sound familiar to you? Enthusiastic anticipation – you’re looking forward to that special online poker tournament that caught your eye. There’ll be thousands of players, nice deep starting stacks, blind increases on the slower side and a mouth-watering guaranteed prize pool. You plan your day around it, allowing for your “deep run” that’ll take you well over 8 hours right into the money and beyond. And you have to make sure you’re wide awake and alert for the final table too, right?

But somehow every attempt to increase your stack is thwarted. You either have to back down from your chip-gaining attempts, or you suffer “bad beat” after “bad beat” from players you might deem to be both ridiculously lucky and completely unskilled. You eventually find yourself alarmingly short-stacked as the tournament rolls on and the blinds relentlessly increase. So all you can is try and catch a pair, an ace or some suited connectors, shove it all in and hope for the best.

Yuck – it doesn’t go your way. So you suddenly find yourself tossed out of the tournament, side-lined, a mere spectator, and a railbird. Hmm, what now? You didn’t have a Plan B; you had the whole day set around Plan A. Luck? That’s it. No luck today, maybe next time.

But the fact is that, as is true in most human activities, the cream rises to the top. The results of poker tournaments are not purely random. The skill element wins through in the end. The poker leagues and prize money lists show that very clearly. Of course with the money places being greatly outnumbered by the number of starters, you have to be able to handle the inevitable bust-outs. But winning tournament players are unfazed, knowing that they will reach the pay-outs more often than the law of averages would suggest.


So, how to make that progression to be a successful tournament player? Well it just so happens that looking at how to win a big tourney is the subject of this Saturday’s live training session at PokerSchoolOnline. We will be reviewing the play by poker school member ‘QueenBee902’ who managed to walk away with the top prize of over $11,000 in Event14 of MicroMillions 8 that had a buy-in of just $3.30. And with MicroMillions 10 now running, it sounds like the perfect way to prepare for what is always a mega-popular series. Join Saturday’s live poker training session here.

Oh, by the way, PokerSchoolOnline are offering you the chance to win one of 100 x $22 tournament tickets that you can use to play the MicroMillions 10 Main Event. Find out more about our MicroMillions Mission here.


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